The album

A few years after the release and rerelease of "The Soundtracks", there is a new compilation album, this time solely focussing on the Luc Besson movies. Therefore the Goldeneye tracks are removed, and tracks from "The Messenger" and one extra from "The Fifth Element" have been added.

The disk is a "copy control" disk, not technically a CD as it violates specifications in order to make it more difficult to copy or create MP3 files. It also means it can give problems playing on some CD players, computers, etc.

The music


This one has very few differences from the previous compilation albums, but it's great to have a selection of all the Besson music together. For now, only, as this CD is released while Serra and Besson are already working on their next collaborative effort.

If compilation albums are there to give people a jump start, this will certainly do its job.

Released in 2005
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   1.  Alcool                            2:25
   2.  Ruines part 2                     1:09
   3.  Speedway                          3:38
   4.  It's only mystery                 4:33
   5.  The big blue overture             4:43
   6.  La raya                           2:02
   7.  Let Them Try                      3:20
   8.  My Lady Blue                      4:08
   9.  Rico's gang suicide               2:43
   10. The free side                     3:41
   11. The dark side of time             4:23
   12. The snake                         4:51
   13. Iguana dance                      4:35
   14. Noon                              4:00
   15. Hey little angel                  4:22
   16. The diva dance (radio cosmos mix) 3:33
   17. Five millenia later               2:40
   18. Little light of love              4:50
   19. Talk to him                       2:31
   20. My heart calling                  4:23