The film


Sadly, the movie seems to have hardly left French soil, even though two of the most famous actors: Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno play the lead charactors. This romantic comedy deals with two characters, as unlikely a pair as they come, falling for eachother as events on an airport continue to put them together.

The music

Some good advice: Give this score some time! It may seem like a lot of background music at first, but it has a lot going on beneath the surface, and has been known to earn its attention, respect and admiration with time...

Although the album opens with beats and an up tempo piece, we mostly get to see finally Serra's softer side again, a lighter romantic touch that has probably been missing since "Le Grand Blue". Lots of piano and strings help out creating the mood, but there's always enough variation, a soft beat to break the pace, a lush harmonica to relax the senses, or an acoustic guitar to add some Mediterranean passion...

The album is strongly thematic. Although it may not seem so evident at first, many of the tracks are based on a set of similar motifs being revisited in various shapes throughout the album.

One of the major themes is presented in the shape of two very different songs, and they surprisingly seems to be one of the album's strongest points! "I will Let Go", performed by Malia with a deep, Anastacia like voice is a slow, contemplating ballad, with a very slight R&B flavor, moving between a melancholy and optimism. The very same melody is used in an almost counterpart song "Vas Adelante", performed by Clementine Celarié, where the optimism takes a frivolous lead and the melancholy seems a distant factor from the soon to be past. Driving, energetic, latino or Southern American influenced, it's almost impossible not to get caught in the flow. The song lasts well over eight minutes, which is good news: listen to the song and then try to say you ever want the party to end!

A version of the soundtrack was released in Germany with the title "Jetlag".

Released in 2002
East West . . . 0927-49394-2

     1. Runway 31 R                       2:59
     2. Malia: I Will Let Go              3:52
     3. The Mystery of a Woman's Bag      2:10
     4. The Gold Brush                    2:41
     5. A Kiss in the Spa                 1:09
     6. Rose in the Lift                  1:39
     7. Dangerous Sergio                  0:29
     8. Woozright                         0:50
     9. Munich Flight Boarding            2:45
    10. By The Pool                       2:08
    11. Behind the Bathroom Door          0:48
    12. Felix Culpa                       0:52
    13. Flying to Mexico                  4:00
    14. Bakom                             2:01
    15. The Blue Shutters                 1:58
    16. Yoratention                       1:07
    17. No More Make-up                   2:29
    18. Clémentine Célarié: Vas Adelante  8:43
[The track durations are not officially listed on CD or booklet]



This soundtrack again was promoted by a single, containing the Clémentine Célarié song "Vas Adelante", written of course with Serra, based on the movie's main theme. One of the most driving energetic movie songs to grace the screen, and as it seems, promoted by the industry, but sadly not picked up by radio or the public, who don't know what they're missing.

The promo single comes with only one track, and it's identical to the version on the album.

East West PR03632