The film


Luc Besson's first 100% English language film is an ultrastylish triller/action/drama, located in New York. The story centres on two main characters, Mathilda, a little girl whose family has just been murdered by an immensely corrupt cop, and excentric Italian hitman "Leon", who unwillingly ends up taking care of Mathilda when she has nowhere else to go. Leon is emotionally immature, while Mathilda developed far beyond her own age. The circumstances lead them into a strange relationship, while Mathilda aspires to become a "cleaner" herself.

It may not be a very realistic premise, but a stunningly perfect script, overwhelming acting performances (lead by brilliantly over-the-top Gary Oldman as the corrupt cop), amazing cinematografy and cleverly choreographed action scenes make this one of the most powerfull films of the nineties.

The music

The music for this film is a dark but breathtaking mix of impressive symphonic textures, electronic percussion and ambiance sounds, setting the perfect mood for an honoust but grandiose tale with a big tragedy hidden in its core.

A few important themes are the centre of most of the tracks, all slow, haunting and dramatic, with tense orchestration.

Serra wrote a song, "Hey Little Angel", but the film ended up using a Sting song for the endtitles instead. Serra's song however, a pop rendition of the films' "Can I have a Word with You" theme is present as a bonustrack on some of the released CDs, and can also be heard on the "Musiques Des Films" compilation album.

At the time there was also a special release of this album, packaged in a special foldout cardboard case, seemingly printed in very limited numbers. Later, the CD (version with "Hey Little Angel") was also sold as part of a package with a VHS tape (SECAM, widescreen, English language with French subtitles) and several still photographs of the movie.

Released in 1994
Columbia . . . COL 477693 2
Epic / Sony Records . . . ESCA 6121 (Japan)

    1. Noon                                   4:00
    2. Cute Name                              3:25
    3. Ballad for Mathilda                    2:14
    4. What's Happening Out There             3:03
    5. A Bird in New York                     1:19
    6. She Is Dead                            1:32
    7. Fatman                                 5:11
    8. Leon the Cleaner                       1:48
    9. Can I have a Word With You             1:12
    10. The Game is Over                      1:35
    11. Feel The Breath                       3:20
    12. Room 4602                             1:17
    13. Very Special Delivery                 2:44
    14. When Leon Does His Best               2:09
    15. Back On The Crime Scene               2:34
    16. Birds Of Storm                        1:36
    17. Tony The IBM                          1:56
    18. How Do You Know It's Love?            1:29
    19. The Fight (part 1: The Swat Squad)    1:29
    20. The Fight (part 2: Bring Me Everyone) 4:30
    21. The Fight (part 3: The Big Weapon)    3:04
    22. The Fight (part 4: One Is Alive)      3:10
    23. Two Ways Out                          3:08

    ====== Plus on some CDs:
    24. Hey Little Angel                      4:22



The bonus track "Hey Little Angel" was released on CD single, in France, with "Ballad for Mathilda" as second track. On the backside is noted a strange thanks: Special thanks to my mysterious "sister V".

Released in 1994
Columbia . . . COL 661066 1