The film

Jean Reno, Ryoko Hirosue and Michel Muller star in this French action comedy about an ex commando now working for the French police. Luc Besson produced and wrote this fairly succesful French "Hollywood style" popcorn movie, while Gérard Krawczyk directed it.

The music


Serra's work for the movie was apparently completely orchestral. Nice to know, but what a shame that so little of it drips over on this album. Never before did an Eric Serra album contain so little of his score work. Luckily his collaborator, Schultheis has a compatible style and their efforts together make at least a weak attempt to pull this CD out of the "songtrack" hell that so many soundtrack releases these days are part of. Sadly an attempt to strenghten the link between the album and the film by means of additional dialogues and excerpts from the film only adds to the confusion and leaves the listener completely baffled to what he is listening to.

Combining contrasting musical styles can be an art on its own, but as this album proves it can also result in a pile of unpleasant garbage that just sits there to annoy you. Those who like to listen to the pop songs - most of which are so "hip" that they are destined to become outdated within a few days after their release - will be annoyed by Serra's sweet but crafty themes or by Schultheis' aural score experiments. But those who go for the score parts will find way too little - and even fragmentaric - material that is constantly interupted by another "interlude" from the film or a loud poptrack trying to chart its way to the top even before the scoretrack has properly started. Finally, those who are purely looking for the Serra related tracks to complete their collection will find that they get less than 14 minutes of related fragments for their well earned money.

Why bother....

Released in 2001
Universal . . . 016 444-2
 1.  Intro                          "Wasabi" [Hubert, Momo]                   0:10
 2.  Eric Serra                     "Shakoto" & "Narita Smurf"                3:12
 3.  Interlude                      "Qu'est-ce qu'elle a dit?" [Yumi, Hubert] 0:06
 4.  Da Brat                        "Fa All y'all" [remix]                    3:12
 5.  Eric Serra                     "Song to Miko"                            1:30
 6.  Nadia Fares                    "Follow Me" [Generique fin]               4:18
 7.  Interlude                      "200 millions de $" [Momo, Hubert]        0:17
 8.  Eric Serra                     "Hub's bank"                              2:33
 9.  Julien Schultheis              "Tokyo drive"                             2:14
 10. Eric Serra                     "Miko's Testimony"                        1:05
 11. Interlude                      "Tru" [Yumi, Hubert]                      0:42
 12. Julien Schultheis              "Killer Golf"                             1:23
 13. Eric Serra                     "Miss San"                                1:25
 14. Interlude                      "Personne ne bouge" [Momo]                0:04
 15. Dax Riders                     "Real Fonky time"                         3:32
 16. Nadia Fares                    "Prefection"                              5:24
 17. Interlude                      "Grenade" [Momo, Hubert]                  0:07
 18. Maidi Roth & Frank Pilant      "Techno Metal" [Generique Debut]          3:41
 19. Julien Schultheis              "A Picture of Miko"                       1:10
 20. Interlude                      "Shopping" [Momo]                         0:05
 21. Prodigy                        "Voodoo Veople" [Haiti Island Remix]      5:21
 22. Eric Serra & Julien Schultheis "Kyoto Gardens"                           1:49
 23. Interlude                      "Une Vraie Pucelle" [Momo]                0:06
 24. Julien Schultheis              "Shooting Game"                           1:28
 25. Interlude                      "Banque" [Momo, Hubert]                   0:23
 26. Julien Schultheis              "Have a Receipt"                          2:25
 27. Eric Serra                     "Miko's Ashes"                            1:34