The film

A comedy by first time director Richard Berry (who also acts in the movie, as Jaques).

Etienne, who believes he has found the love of his life in Laure, but has to agree to a date, to be held after no less than five months time. He has to use this time to prepare to be the perfect man for her.

The music


Instead of a solo score, Serra created the music together with composers Sébastien Cortella and Stéphane Brossollet. Cortella created the softer, more atmospheric parts of the score, while Brossollet created strong rhythms and added funk and a touch of trip hop to the wide spectrum of music in this movie. Serra however composed and arranged some pop songs, and produced the entire work. It was recorded in Serra's X-Plorians studio.

The entire score does feel like a Serra score, mostly the more pop/dance side of him with lots of electronics. However, there are a few orchestral phrases that stick out like little gems. There's even a track very reminiscent of a certain part of "le Grand Blue". The large number of vocal pop songs do seem to interfere with the overall mood of the album, despite the fact that Brossollet's prominent beats already diverted towards the dance floor. Some however might say that the score interferes with the mood of the pop songs instead. It's just a matter of perspective. The album has lots of perspectives and will certainly test the listeners' wide scales in taste to their limits.

Interesting to note is that this is Serra's first album to appear on the Polydor label, part of the Universal group.

Released in 2001
Polydor . . . 549 792-2
   1.  M.C. Papa Noel               4:51
   2.  The Designers                0:57
   3.  Real Eyes                    3:19
   4.  Conrad                       2:20
   5.  Les Jonquilles De Kurtz      1:37
   6.  Lola Lit                     3:30
   7.  Taxi Girls In Soho           1:24
   8.  Eiffel Kurtz                 2:28
   9.  Farfouillettes               2:32
   10. Les Colonnes De Buren        1:02
   11. Masse Seche                  2:30
   12. Digital Storm Lulu           3:08
   13. Laure Part Fachee            0:52
   14. Manpower Club                2:45
   15. Pluie Sur Buren              1:39
   16. 19 H 37                      2:05
   17. L'Arc Boutant                2:51
   18. It's In The Bag              1:15
   19. Time Weakens Love            3:19
   20. Je Rappellerai... Peut-Etre  0:59
   21. Panic On D-Day               2:13
   22. Baby-Joseph                  0:58
   23. Maman Noel                   1:06
   24  Sex Machine                  4:13 [actual time: 8:05]



There's a promo CD single for "Sex Machine", the cover of James Brown's famous song, arranged and produced by Eric Serra, performed by Sasha. There's only 1 track on the single, editted to a 3:54 duration.

Polydor 6940