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Eric Serra
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Eric Serra's magnificent official web-site. With a wonderful design and full of information (although mostly in French), pictures, goodies, this is as good as official artists web-sites get. Check it out regularly for all the latest.

A tribute to Eric Serra

Alessandro Reis made this big fan site full of content, resources, information. A must for the fans. The design is based on Club Internet's first Eric Serra site and some of the contents come from other places on the web, but the web site is unmissable because of its size. It's available in English and Portuguese.

Child of Babylon

A regularly updated site created in Eric Serra's homeland France by Dominic 'Verzon' Villeneuve. Presented both in English and French languages. With an up to date news section, discography, discussion forum(!), etc. But some of the descriptions were plagiarized (though slightly edited) from Serra Online!

Burst Into The Light

Another big fan site in English, beautifully made. Sadly it is almost never updated, but most certainly worth to be checked out.

Le Monde de Melies

A large site in French, connected to a Luc Besson site, with some special resources and interviews.

Traxzone - Serra section

A section on the French Traxzone site about Serra with some special pictures and a long interview.

Internet Movie Database - Serra section

Serra's section in the giant internet movie database.,+Eric

Cyber Film - Serra section

An interview with Serra in the Polish language.

Scorelogue - Serra interview

Eric Serra interview from the American perspective, about the Messenger.

Film scouts - Serra section

A few links on Serra related items, including some quicktime interview excerpts.


A great Polish site with texts in both Polish and English, about the "Leon" movie. It also has a decent section about Eric Serra.

Eric Serra - Histoire d'une Rencontre

A French page recounting the meeting of a group of French students with Eric Serra.

Eric Serra - ???

A Polish site, but all the contents were copied from this site.

Movie Music UK - Eric Serra

Serra's entry at a filmmusic website in the UK.

Eric Serra Serra: Tous mes trucs!

An interview with Serra in French, with a picture.

Eric Serra - Korean page

For those who can read Korean! A page about Serra.

Eric Serra - fan page

A fan writes about Serra in French.

Bofilms - Eric Serra

Serra's section at Bofilms with links, a discography list, bio and pictures.

3X+ web - Eric Serra

French site that has a small Eric Serra interview in their archive.

Rotten Tomatoes - Eric Serra

Site that measures tomatoes thrown at artists... Serra has a section.

Japanese page

A Japanese page with text and a unique picture.

Le Cinema de Jean Reno - Eric Serra

A web site about films with Jean Reno, it also has a section about Serra.