Cover versions

This section deals with Vangelis' music, as performed and/or recorded by other artists.

There are many different reasons for a musician to play and release the works of another musician (covering). It can be a tribute, plain theft to cash in on his success while not paying for the recording rights, or an attempt to enhance the music or to provide a different view on it.

The fact is shops in many countries are flooded with CDs and other media containing music by Vangelis that is not performed by him but by other artists. In other words, these CDs do not contain the original recordings as created by Vangelis.

Often in music - and especially in the case of Vangelis - the performance is an integral part of the piece of music. When someone buys a CD and plays it back home and it appears to be the intended music (or close to it) but not the intended performance, one can be very disappointed or even totally uninterested.

There can however be good things about making a cover. When done in another context such as pop, a song can become a worldwide hit (Donna Summer's State Of Independence) or it can provide a fresh view on a famous composition with pleasing effect (e.g. Vassilis Saleas' celebrated adaptation).

What follows here is a brief overview of some of the more famous (or infamous) covers of Vangelis available.

Vassilis Saleas: Orama

The most recommended album of cover music is no doubt "Orama" from Greece's clarinet virtuoso Vassilis Saleas. He released, under the guidance of Vangelis himself a complete album with famous pieces composed by Vangelis, played on a clarinet. The arrangements are new, professional and fresh, while the clarinet performance is undoubtedly virtuoso. Released in 1996, initially only available in Greece but later distributed worldwide. This album has quickly become rather popular amongst the fans.

In 2001 Vassilis Saleas released another album of cover music called "Fasma". Most of the music comes from different composers but it included two pieces by Vangelis not featured on "Orama".

There is also a double CD release in 2001 of Vassilis performing a live concert at Constantinople in Turkey. It featured four pieces from Vangelis.

Donna Summer

Very short after the Jon and Vangelis album "The Friends Of Mr Cairo" was released, Donna Summer recorded a cover version of its track "State of Independence", scoring a big hit with it. It was produced by Quincy Jones featuring an all star choir including Kenny Loggins, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

It was remixed and released again in 1996, having some success in the Dance charts.

Ed Starink (aka Star Inc./Starlight Orchestra)

Ed Starink in the '80s

Nobody released as many cover versions albums as Dutch synthesizer player Ed Starink. Starink was educated as classical concert pianist but also played bass and guitar earlier in his career. Eventually he ended up re recording many different synthesizer tracks by artists like Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Jan Hammer, but also pop songs from bands like OMD, Kraftwerk or movie scores by composers like John Williams, John Barry and Ennio Morricone.

Starink has also composed his own music but the albums that came out were never as commercially successful as his cover albums. His compositions are rather experimental and often not as accessible as the music he recreated. He released albums called "Cristallin", "Moods - Synthesizer seasons", "The Synthfony album" and more.

Starink's studio was without a doubt one of the most impressive synthesizer studios in the Benelux, ranging from the earliest to the latest technology in synthesizers, but somewhere in the nineties he moved the south of France where he lives and records his music now. He has vowed not to re record any more popular synthesizer hits and works on the release of his next solo album.

Ed Starink in 2005

His cover versions albums were published under numerous names. Most successfully as "Synthesizer Greatest" (Volumes 1 to 6, plus a part 7 in Spain), "Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes" (French versions of Greatest, part 1 to 12), "Synthesizer Spectacular" or the artist specific albums like "Twilight, the Magic of Vangelis" and "1492 Conquest of Paradise - Music of Vangelis" by "Space 2000", better known as "Conquest of Paradise 2000". The quite misleadingly marketed "Space 2000" album probably caused more misunderstandings about the origin of its recordings than any other cover album did before.

Starink's cover versions are admired by some, but avoided or even detested by others. The more offensive aspect of some of his releases is the total lack of indication that the albums were played by an artist other than Vangelis. Those albums are sold to look like regular compilation albums, and thus can provide the unsuspecting customer with a rather false start into the "genre".

Starink has however gained some respect with the group of people who admire his clever use of equipment and fancy production techniques, as well as his polished way of reworking the old classics. Most Vangelis fans are disappointed however by the (apparent) lack of human expression in the performance and a cold approach of the material.

Starink also worked as "A Close Call" together with Bert van Breda of BR Music. On the "The music of Vangelis O. Papathanassiou" album he used Demis Roussos' vocals to replace Jon Anderson on some of the famous Jon & Vangelis tracks. Starink also performed arranging duties and produced several of Roussos' later albums.

New American Orchestra

When Blade Runner was released in 1982, Vangelis suddenly decided his original score was not to be released. This "orchestra" re recorded it because the film company wanted to fill the obvious commercial gap that was created. The sound could far from match the eerie dark atmosphere Vangelis had created, but was all that was available until some original tracks were released on Themes (1989) and later a complete official album finally saw the light in 1994. The end titles were also released on 7" single.

The same "Orchestra" also recorded some tracks from the Bounty, which can be found on a film music compilation album.

John Williams

Famous Hollywood film composer John Williams (Star Wars, Jaws, Schindler's List) composed the official theme for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA. This was released on the album "Summon the Heroes" (aka "the Sound of Glory") on which he conducts the Boston Pops Orchestra playing more "Olympic" music. Included are orchestral performances of "Chariots of Fire" and "Conquest Of Paradise".

"Conquest of Paradise" sounds rather silly, stripped from its original bombast and continuity, and burdened with some unnecessary changes to its melody. "Chariots of Fire" is altered more constructively, with trumpets opening with a fanfare version of the theme, then building into a sound closer to the original version. The melodies are played by wind instruments and strings. There's even a synth player credited for the trademark baseline.


Reasonably successful with their own music as "Nova" (Aurora) and "Peru" (Africa), these Dutch synthesists have also released albums with cover versions of synthesizer and film music, including by Vangelis. Their most recent cover-albums are called "Conquest of paradise" part one and two. Very deceptive as you can see. It is not very clear from the sleeve that these are not played by the original artists.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Released a cover version LP of Chariots of Fire in the UK. One side contained most tracks of Vangelis' album, the other side contained covers of other film music, played by this orchestra.

Erny Watts

Also released a cover version LP of Chariots of Fire.

Russel B (aka Synthesizer Orchestra)

Awful synthesizer sounds playing cold and simplistic cover versions of synthesizer music including tracks by Vangelis, releasing it under various names.

Gino Marinello Orchestra

This orchestra (synths only) covers many "romantic" and "electronic" artists, producing clumsy versions on cheap synths, simplified arrangements, totally cold and simplified performances, filled with mistakes.


On the CD "Moodfood by Moodswings" (1992) the Jon and Vangelis song "State of Independence" was sung by Chryssie Hynde of the Pretenders. The track is called "Spiritual High (State of Independence) Part II". Parts I and III have no Vangelis relation.

Arja Saijonmaa

This female Finish singer recorded a version of Conquest of Paradise in Swedish, called "Till Dagens Ljus" (Untill dawn). It was released on her album "Bara Du Kommer", which was promoted using mainly this song. The lyrics where written by Per Lindberg.

Klaus Schulze

German electronic music Klaus Schulze recorded a cover version of "Conquest of Paradise" shortly after the late success of Vangelis' single. The recording sounds a lot like Vangelis' original. There is no typical "Schulze" input. Word among Schulze fans is that he recorded it against his will after his record company made him financial offers that were hard to refuse. The single was released in Germany and didn't sell very well.

L'Orchestra Electronique

Performed a CD called "Genius, the music of Vangelis", one of the countless cover CDs. This one catches extra attention by the nice artwork that looks like a real Vangelis CD. Of course the real performers are not credited on the front. It even goes as far as including a real picture of the real Vangelis in its booklet. The music, as usual, is pointless: re recordings that try to imitate, but sound weaker and sometimes a bit wrong. The track list has a few titles wrong (a common phenomenon on these kind of CDs) including "The Will of the World" (Wind), "Circles" (Five...) and "To an Unknown Man". And the artwork contains semi quotes from the Rutger Hauer Speech from Blade Runner that Vangelis included on the soundtrack album. Anyway, a pointless album, with nice art designs and a genuine picture for the collection.


Italian soprano, based in Canada, made a complete album (and did live performances) of only Vangelis tracks. The CD called "Like a Dream" (2004) originally contained 13 tracks, but "Conquest of Paradise" and "Chariots of Fire" were removed from the album's later prints. The music is sort of ambient, with Giaria's high pitched singing. All tracks sound the same, and are all painfully restrained, avoiding any form of dynamics.

Edward Simoni

German pan pipe player Edward Simoni had a big hit with "Pan-Traume", a track on an album with the same title. Although it is completely credited as his own composition, it's easy to recognize the chorus as the distinct melody of Vangelis' famous "Hymne" from the 1978 Opera Sauvage album. As both Simoni and his manager deny that it is a Vangelis composition it would technically not be a cover version. But the word "plagiarism" is not too farfetched in a case like this, which makes that this piece belongs in this list.

Simoni also did a version of Conquest of Paradise, but it is a more literal translation and Vangelis was properly credited.

Christophe Lebled

A happy exception to the rule that cover versions can't be interesting. Initially only available as a digital download, later released on CD in France (minus the vocal track "Come To Me") this album "Tribute To Vangelis" (2011) by Jon Anderson collaborator Christophe Lebled is a popular release among Vangelis fans. Christophe has managed to find new ways to explore 11 of Vangelis' best known tracks, and treats them with dignity, while creatively re-envisioning them. With its Warm instrumentation and lush soundscapes, these recordings are a very pleasant way to rediscover the melodies you already love. The only drawback might be the quantized style of performance, but this is well made up for with its impeccable production. This is worth your attention!


  • Milva - I'll Find My Way Home on "Unverkennbar" (1983), in addition to tracks on "Ich Hab Keine Angst", see "appearances" section
  • Nana Moskouri - Missing
  • Elaine Paige - Missing
  • Ben Liebrant - Pulsar (=Pulstar)
  • Koto - Various tracks
  • Hypnosis - Pulstar/Blade Runner Endtitles (the last one historically bad)
  • The Shadows - Missing, Chariots of Fire
  • Trance Opera - Chariots of Fire (House in 150BPM)
  • Trance Opera - "Conquest of Paradise" techno version
  • Jane Olivor - Race to the End (Roussos+Vangelis version of CoF)
  • Thijs van Leer - China
  • Joe Kenyon - Hymne
  • Electric Playground Orchestra - To the Unknown Man (Incl. misleading "Original version" indication)
  • Assembled Multitude - Chariots of Fire
  • De Blanc - Chariots of Fire
  • Press Agency - Hymne (1986, known in Italy for Barilla commercials)
  • Academy Film Orchestra - Chariots Of Fire
  • Hollywood Studio Orchestra - Chariots of Fire
  • Richard Clayderman - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "One World of Music" (1993) or CD "Concerto for You" (1999) or CD "Chansons D'Amore" (1999)
  • Jan Vayne - Conquest of Paradise
  • James Last - Missing
  • Metropole Orchestra - Chariots of Fire/Conquest of Paradise
  • Free the Spirit - Love Theme from Blade Runner
  • Luis Lobos - Chariots of Fire
  • Jon Ice (Fire Games) - Antarctica (house)
  • Orchestre Dotore - Pulstar
  • Electronic Orchestra - Various
  • Circle of Enlightenment - Various on coveralbum
  • Project Pitchfork - I'll Find my way Home (Industrial, on album "Chakra Red")
  • Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project (VSOP) - Conquest of Paradise
  • Trans Atlantic Air Waves - Pulstar
  • Claudio Simonetti - Blade Runner End titles (hard version, on "X-terror Files" album)
  • Lorie Line - Hymne (on Threads of Love)
  • Future Grip - Blade Runner (techno)
  • Eric Robertson - Chariots of Fire (on "Movie Themes")
  • M.A.S.S. - various Vangelis compositions on "the Music of Jon Vangelis"
  • Nancy Boyd - State of Independence (with Ed Starink!)
  • Liona Boyed - L'Enfant (on "Persona", produced by (the) Michael Kamen)
  • Tyrell Brothers - End Titles from Blade Runner Club mix (on
  • Gouryella - Tenshi, uncredited, but steals melody from Light & Shadow (on CD single releases)
  • Paul Mauriat - I Want To Live (AC song, released as single)
  • Russ Freeman - Hymne (on "Holiday", a Xmas CD)
  • Elpida - Valley of sadness (AC), as "Pelagoc i agkalia sou"
  • The Synthesizer Workshop - coveralbum with various tracks
  • Angèle Dubeau - Chariots of Fire on violin (album: Berceuses & Jeux Interdits)
  • Virtual Reality - various tracks (album: Music of Vangelis & Jean Michel Jarre)
  • Zamfir - played "Chariots of Fire" (CD "Master Serie" 1996) and "Love Theme from Missing"
  • Michel Bayan - "Antarctica" and "Sauvage" on "Collage 1", "Ignacio" on "Collage 2" and "Ignacio part 2 / West Across the Ocean Sea" on "Collage V" album.
  • Celestial Voyagers - "Prelude" on "New Visions"
  • Sasha - Chung Kuo (revisited), a 12" release from 1991
  • Allegro Milano - various tracks on "The Hits of Vangelis" and on "Conquest of Paradise"
  • Al Bano Carrisi - sings melody of Conquest of Paradise on "Notte di buon natale" (album "Il Nuovo Concerto")
  • Andora - "Blade Runner" (8 remixes on a single)
  • Jane Olivor - "Race to the End" (on "In Concert", 1982)
  • Pulstar McLane - "Pulstar" (on "Explosion", 1978)
  • Sally Harmon - "Hymn" (on "Stop & Smell the Roses", 1998)
  • Space 1999 / Harry Vander - "H&H / Chariots" (as medley on "Electronic Film music").
  • The Tyrel Orchestra (Luis Carlos Esteban) - "Memories of Green" on "Interpretations"
  • Countdown Orchestra - "Chariots of Fire"
  • City of Prague Philharmonic - "Conquest of paradise" on CD "Classic Greek Film music"
  • James Fitzpatrick and City of Prague Philharmonic - "Eternal Alexander" and "Across The Mountains" on CD "Epics"
  • Mark Ayres - "Blade Runner", "Missing" and "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Classic Greek Film Music", "Opera Sauvage" on CD "Cinema Cafe", "The Bounty" on CD "Music from the Films of Mel Gibson"
  • The Mandarin Group - "Chariots of Fire" on "Historia Universal del siglo XX"
  • Ana Belén - "I'll Find my Way Home" as "Cada mañana a las seis" on the album "Géminis"
  • The Syntherchestra - Chariots of Fire (12" release)
  • Blue Nature - Return to Paradise (CD single)
  • Ween - "Japanese Cowboy" uses the melody of "Chariots of Fire" in a neo-country song
  • Kati Kovacs - "Conquest of Paradise" on her album "Love Game" (Hungarian lyrics and karaoke version)
  • Columbia Ballroom Orchestra - "Chariots of Fire" (on "Let's Dance Vol 4 - Latin Collection")
  • Floyd Cramer - "Hymne" in country style (on "Piano magic of")
  • Doc Powell - "Chariots of Fire" in jazz style (on "Don't Let The Smooth Jazz Fool Ya")
  • DJ KAMBEL - "Chariots of Hardcore" ("Chatiots of Fire" cover on Dancemania SPEED5)
  • Hana Zagorova - "A to by nebylo fer" (= Czech cover of "I'll find my Way Home")
  • Daniel Hulka - Conquest of Paradise (Czech no1 hit single)
  • Emile Pandolfi - "Chariots of Fire", on CD "By Request"
  • B-Tribe - "You Won't See Me Cry" uses the melody of "I'll Find My Way Home" played on guitar (on Maxi single and album "Fiesta Fatal!")
  • Neil Norman - "Blade Runner" as B side on "Indiana Jones et le temple maudit" 7" single
  • Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops - "Chariots of Fire" on "Hollywood's Greatest Hits"
  • Piccionaia - Chariots of Fire on 12" and CDmaxi, ZYX records
  • Progression - Mermaid's Dream, 4 Chariots of Fire techno versions on CDmaxi
  • Paradise Raver - Conquest of Paradise, 4 fast and insulting rave remixes
  • Lovemongers - State of Indepence, performed live, appeared only on bootleg "Now and Then"
  • Philip Everett - Various on CD "A Tribute to Vangelis & Jarre"
  • Chayanne - (from Puerto Rico), "Para tenerte otra vez" uses music from "I'll Find My Way Home" on the album "Chayanne" (1989)
  • 3 times 6 - "You can run (remix)", a remixed techno track using a large sample of "Elsewhere" (Direct)
  • Claudio Mozart Risponi and Angelino Albanese - Bladerunner (Love Theme-End Title Medley)(8:12)(120 BPM) Italo dance version on 12" single
  • Jon Ice - Theme from Antarctica, 3 Italo dance mixes on a 12" single (1991)
  • P.C. Naia - Chariots of Fire, Dance Mix / Dream Mix (on 12" single, 1986)
  • Nancy Eslin - Hymne played on harp (on "Celestial Shores" CD)
  • Drugaja Poroda - Chariots of Fire in 4 'different' 160 BPM techno mixes (on 12", 1995)
  • Mireille Mathieu - "Die Liebe zu dir" (Chariots of Fire), on 7" single in 1982
  • Nancy Enslin and Karyn List - Hymne (on "O Perfect Love and Other Wedding Songs", 1994)
  • Claude Challe - The Tao of Love (on Lover Dose 2CD)
  • James Horner - Chariots of Fire (used in score and on promotional OST album for "The Grinch")
  • Diary of Dreams - 'Bladerunner 2001 Remix' (Blade Runner end titles, available on "Accession Records Volume One" compilation)
  • Lightforce - "Fantasy" (Trance version of Hymne on the CD "Join Us")
  • Fausto Papetti - Love Theme from Blade Runner on "El Mundo De Fausto Papetti No.2"
  • Tommy Emmanuel - Theme from Missing on "TERRA FIRMA" CD
  • Orchestre Dottore - Pulstar (7" single)
  • Simonetti Horror Project - Blade Runner Endtitles on CD "Days of Confusion"
  • The Stars - various tracks incl. Chariots, Conquest, Pulstar, Hymne on CD "Vangelis Cover version"
  • Dalida - Quelques larmes de pluie (= Rain and Tears in French)
  • Donald Lautrec - Cinq heures du matin (= It's Five o Clock in French)
  • Paul Mauriat - I Want to Live
  • Project D - Chariots of Fire, Pulstar, I Hear you now on CD "The Synthesizer album"
  • Dana Atherton, Brian Withycombe and Terry Lester - Chariots of Fire on "Premiere Movie Themes on Piano"
  • Michel Bobaru - Chariots of Fire on Panflute, CD "TRANQUILITY"
  • Eva Urbanova - E Bello Sognar (=Like a Dream) and Ma T'amero (=March with Me), live Italian versions with orchestra, on CD "Koncert hvezd na Zofine"
  • Franco Battiato - Lacrime e Pioggia (Italian cover of Rain and Tears)
  • Taurus vs. Laurent - Blade Runner (8 remixes on CD maxi and 2 on CD single, of End titles tune)
  • Friedrich Schutter - Der Brief (7" single, cover version of Ignacio's main theme, as early as 1976, with a sappy letter in German being read over the music)
  • Ocobamba - Conquest of Paradise (on CD "Vuelo Por El Mundo")
  • Hi Revving Tongues - Rain and Tears (B side of 7" "Watermelon Man")
  • Spagna - Rain and tears, as well as a duet with Demis Roussos singing the same song, retitled "Tears of love" (on CD "Woman", 2002)
  • Space Music & McLane Explosion - Pulstar (on LP "Space Music", 1977)
  • Jon Ice - "Theme From Antartica" in various Italian trance mixes on 12"
  • Dana Winner - "Conquest of Paradise" as a song with English lyrics on "Unforgettable Too" (2002)
  • Kingsley Looker - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Timeless Piano Favorites - An Enchanted Evening" (1998)
  • Mad Dogs and Alley Cats - "Yanka" (part 1 & 2), based on Forminx "Jeronimo Yanka" on 12" maxi single
  • Morrissey / Mullen - Blade-Runner (8 minute funky disco version with improvisations based on Love Theme, 1982 on 12") (Morrissey is Dick Morrissey who also played sax on the original)
  • Bill van Dijk / ik blijf... Song version of Ignacio on 7" (1982)
  • Scooter - Pulstar, a dull disco / trance cover version on CD "The Stadium Techno Experience" (2003)
  • Wayne Bedrosian - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Jazzical class" (2002)
  • Canadian Bagpipes & American Brass - Chariots of Fire on selftitled album (2002)
  • The O'Neill Brothers - Chariots of Fire on CD "Ps I Love You" (2002)
  • Newell Oler - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Pianistic Indiscetions" (1999)
  • Marvin Goldstein - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Pianist Volume 3"
  • Jeffrey Michael - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Sailing to the Stars" (2002)
  • Sally Harmon - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Snap, Classical, Pop!, Vol. 1" (2000)
  • Leonard Fisher - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Magic Melodies" (1998)
  • Kurt Kunzat - "Chariots of Fire" on First Impression (1995)
  • Johnny Pearson - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Music & Romance" (1997)
  • Ferrante & Teicher - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "The Collection" (1998) and LIVE on "A Few of Our Favorites on Stage" (1993)
  • Peter Breiner & His Symphonic Pop Orchestra - "Chariots of Fire" in special orchestral arrangement on CD "Over the Rainbow" (1994)
  • Bronn Journey - acoustic guitar arrangement of "Chariots of Fire" on CD "A Time For Us" (1999)
  • The Ventures - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Stars on Guitars" (1998)
  • Laurindo Almeida - "Chariots of Fire" guitar arrangement of long Chariots of Fire track on album "Artistry in Rhythm" (1983)
  • Cecil Harding - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Greatest New Age Hits" (1996)
  • Louis Clark/BBC Concert Orchestra - "Chariots of Fire" on Hooked on Instrumental Classics (1994)
  • Floyd Cramer - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Special Songs of Love" (1988)
  • Acker Bilk - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Best of Acker Bilk" (1989)
  • Luis Cobos - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Oscars" (1995)
  • Jose Benjamin - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "30 Exitos: Grandes Temas Instrumentales Del Cine" (1997)
  • Royal Irish Rangers - "Chariots of Fire" on "Music on the March: 18 Military Favorites" (1999)
  • Tommy Scott - "Chariots of Fire" on CD "Tommy Scott's Pipes & Strings of Scotland, Vol. 3" (1995)
  • Roger Williams - "Theme from Chariots of Fire" on CD "Sentimental Journey" (1999)
  • Simion Luca - "Conquest of Paradise" on CD "Golden Panflute" (1998)
  • Waterloo - Im Land, das Ewigkeit heisst (= I'll Find My Way Home)
  • Gregorian - "I'll Find my Way Home" on "Masters of Chant chapter IV" (2003)
  • Rambow Minami - "To The Unknown Man", song with Japanese lyrics, released on LP (1982)
  • Remake - "Blade Runner" Remixes, 5 of them on a 12" single (1992)
  • I Quelli - "Lacrime e Pioggia" = Rain and Tears, released on compilation CD "The Showmen, I Ribelli, I Quelli, I Giganti"
  • Angele Dubeau Et La Pieta - playing "Chariots of Fire" with violins and piano on classical CD "Berceuses et Jeux Interdits"
  • Anastasi - "l'Enfant" on CD "Cinem Ocean" (1995)
  • Pepe Solera - "Chariots of Fire" on panflute, on CD "In a Gentle Way" (1991)
  • Ten Tenors - "Conquest of Paradise", CD Tenology (2005)
  • Blake - "Conquest of Paradise" on CD "Blake" (2007)
  • Blake - "Titans" on CD "Together" (2009)
  • Lefteris Zervas - 4 tracks "Conquest of Paradise", "Prelude", "28th Parallel" and "Song of the sea" on CD "Back to my Roots" (2010)
  • Man Parrish - Pulstar, internet download only (2011)

And much more, ......

Sheet music

For people to play Vangelis' music at home there is also were several releases of sheetmusic; the notes of Vangelis' music written in notes. And words, when applicable.

There were sheet music books for a selection of Ed Starink's successful "Synthesizer greatest" series of cover albums that included the music of To the Unknown Man and I'll Find my Way home, arranged for synthesizers, but quite simplified. Funny to note is that there also was also a "play along" release of Synthesizer Greatest, containing a number of the recordings of the series, but without the melody. The idea was to play along the melody yourself on your keyboard, from the accompanying sheet music

The Chariots of Fire score appeared in various sheet music books, but there also were also "official" sheetmusic releases, all arranged for piano: a simple notation of the theme (easy to play), a difficult version, and also a version of the long Chariots of Fire suite that is the B side of the LP or the last track on the CD. But it was incomplete, a big part of it was cut from the piece.

Interesting also is a string quartet arrangement for Hymne, the full score is for violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello.

Conquest of Paradise is featured as a full orchestral score in an American database, but it can only be requested for serious use by professional musicians.

The best item to get if you want to play Vangelis' music yourself is the official sheetmusic book called "Vangelis, the best of...". It contains piano arrangements of Alpha, Antarctica Echoes, Titles from Chariots of Fire, Closing Titles from the Bounty, Conquest of Paradise, Deliverance, Dervish D, Five Circles, Hymn, La Petite Fille de la Mer, l'Enfant, Main Theme from Missing, Memories of Green, Pulstar, So Long Ago So Clear, Theme From Antarctica and the Dragon. Released in 1998, and it's been spotted in shops in the USA, Italy, UK, Holland, etc.. Distributed by Carisch, ISBN 88-507-0034-2.


Another interesting phenomenon involves a number of films using cover versions of Vangelis' music for their score. "Nosferatu a Venice" is a famous example, featuring music from Mask throughout the production, but all of it re-recorded by another artist.

Several Bollywood productions from India also use selected melodies (or more) from Vangelis repertoire. There is, for instance a Hindi film called Koyla, in which large parts of the music are based on Vangelis' score for "1492, Conquest of Paradise". There are both pieces of the original recordings and re-recordings of it in the film. On the soundtrack album there are only re-recordings. Vangelis is not credited in this film. The credits for music go to Rajesh Roshan.

Another film using Vangelis' music is "Kaho na Pyar Hai", again composed by Rajesh Roshan, according to the credits. The film was released in January 2000 and features the Voices melody as a major recurring theme. There was also a song version with Hindi vocals called "Dil ne Dil ko pukara". A soundtrack album was released, but the Vangelis origin of the theme is nowhere credited on the album.

Conquest of Paradise again was also used on Indian film "Josh", composer Anu Malik quotes Vangelis' famous theme on the song "Hum to dil se Haare". / cover versions