Demis Roussos

More about vocalist Demis Roussos, who collaborated with Vangelis in the '60s, 70's and '80s.

"The Roussos Phenomenon"

(taken from the l.p. "Happy to be Demis Roussos" Mercury SRM-1-1086)

A world-reknown astrologist once explained the theme of Demis Roussos' life in the following terms:

"Though a child of Greece, Demis Roussos had to leave the place of his birth in order to find the artistic success promised to him by the stars."

And so, it was that in 1968, whilst en route to London, Demis was forced to remain in Paris by the tumultuous turn of events which swept through the city in May of that year. Just two months later, the public were to discover his exceptional, even unique voice with the song "Rain and Tears", now a multi-million seller.

The fame of this remarkably gifted man had been prophesied in his astrological configuration where "the magnificent trigonal Sun, Uranus in Gemini, and Jupiter in ascendance over Libra, preside over his birth." Thus the union of the Sun with Uranus, the master of the tides in the 9th House (that of travel) predisposes Demis to communicate his Art throughout the world. And Libra in ascendance confers upon him a perfectly original talent which perhaps astonishes but never leaves one indifferent.

The path of Demis' career confirms this prophecy. From Rio to Tokyo, from Montreal to Teheran, Demis has sung in more that 35 countries, given over 1,000 concerts, sold millions of albums, received countless gold-record awards and has throughout the world conquered the hearts of the people who flock to see him.

Demis has blended the musicial influences, both Folk and Religious, recalled from a childhood spent by the shores of the Mediterranean and expresses them in musical consonances which combine the traditional-oriental with the western-pop.

It is this synthesis which has produced such successes as "She Came Up From the North", "We Shall Dance", "My Friend the Wind", "Island of Love", "Time", "Adagio", and more currently, "Eleni".

The son of Mercury and Venus, Demis shows a flair for costume and an appetite for pleasure. But underneath this free and easy style, is concealed a great sensitivity and humility.

"From the union of Venus with Saturn to the square formed by Mercury and Neptune, a certain bitterness tinges his joy and triumphs."

And if Mars in Leo enables Demis to stand proudly before Life and to possess the energy needed to triumph over obstacles, it also allows him to overcome his own fears.

Demis is indeed an exceptional human-being and yet his only ambition is to offer to his fellows a moment of relaxation and the joy of sharing the music which he loves. / related artists / Demis Roussos / More on Roussos