Other Releases gallery

A gallery of images related to Vangelis' appearances on other artists' albums.

Single of Jon's "Change we Must" album, including Anderson interview track.

Anderson + orchestra including released and unreleased Vangelis songs, "Change we Must".

Milva sings German lyrics to Vangelis' famous tunes in "Ich hab Keine Angst".

Melina Mercouri's album featuring four Vangelis songs.

Vangelis compositions and production on Demis Roussos' "Magic" album.

Vangelis composed Jon Anderson's "Easier Said Than Done", here on a 7" single.

First CD release of the "Phos" album from a Socrates boxset. Vangelis produced and played.

Jon Anderson solo album, thanking Vangelis for his "energy".

The CD of "Encore, Travels with my Cello volume 2", featuring "Un Apres-Midi".

Alternative cover for "The Velocity of Love" on CD.

Suzanne Ciani's "The Velocity of Love" with Vangelis playing on the Yamaha CS80.

Patti Pravo's "Tanto" album on CD release. Distinct Vangelis sounds.

Vangelis arrangements and Guy Proteroe choirs. An unmistakable "Nemo"-studio sound on this Riccardo Cocciante album.

Milva's "Geheimnisse" features Vangelis written songs, arranged by him. German softpop with a slight Vangelis sound.

Music of Vangelis' hischoolband the Forminx was rereleased on an LP in '75 and on this CD in the 1999.

Claudio Baglioni's "E Tu..." album was arranged by and performed on by V.

Milva's "Tra Due Sogni" is the Italian version of "Geheimnisse" and this is a German print of it.

Vangelis played on 4 tracks on this George Romanos album "In Concert / studio".

Vangelis' wrote and performed "A Prayer" with Caballe and her daughter, released on this CD.

Vangelis wrote a song that was performed by Vicky Leandros with her band on her LP "Vicky".

"Let's Pretend" on this ABWH CD was based on an unreleased Jon & Vangelis song.

Vangelis arranged and produced some songs on Roussos' "Ainsi soit il" LP.

"Race to the End" was written and performed with Vangelis, and he arranged two other songs uncredited.

Ronny sang both part 1 and part 2 of "Compare me with the Rest" on this 12" single, written, performed and produced by Vangelis.

Rare Spanish 7" single of Vangelis safely hiding behind a pseudonym playing silly disco music.

Maria Farantouri's "17 songs" (or "17 Tragoudi" contains 3 songs composed by and performed with Vangelis).

Pop meets opera. Vangelis wrote and performed 2 songs for Montserrat Caballe to sing. Also released on CD single.

The "Formidable Forminx" from the "Ultimate Greek Pop" 5 CD set remains the most complete compilation available.

Vangelis' 60s highschool band the Forminx had a lot of hits, including this 7" single released with picturesleeve.

Vilma Lado sang with Vangelis as "Alpha Beta" on this early Seventies progressive rock single.

Vangelis produced, arranged and played on an album by 17 year old Mariangela, for which this rare 7" single was released.

Vangelis produced this rare single by Paul Labbey when he was part of Aphrodite's Child in France.

An old Greek jazz album on CD by "George Theodosiadis & The Jazz Orchestra" with Vangelis playing keyboards.

The Portuguese language version of Vangelis' "Because" composition, released only on this extremely rare 7" single.

The French language version of "Race To The End", released as a 7" single.

Jon & Vangelis wrote, Roussos and Vangelis performed this slow pop version of the "Chariots of Fire" melody.

Vangelis wrote this Chrisma song under his "Broadbacker" pseudonym.

The official Cosmos 2CD Collector's Edition contains "Comet part 16".

Panda worked with Vangelis in Nemo studio and pose against its outer wall on the sleeve.

Vangelis composed and Lefevre arranged "Stephanie" for the '70 Rose D'or awards.

"Pretty One" was composed by Vangelis and he can also be heard playing.

Vangelis arranged this single by French prog rock singer Dimitri in 1974.

Another single by Helen Banks with an unmistakable Vangelis sound from his French period in the 70s.

A promo version of Helen Banks' "Do you Know / Hazy Days" single with uncredited Vangelis input.

No credits for Vangelis on this obscure 7" single but his participation in at least the recording is most evident.

Vana, the voice from H&H sings an Aphrodite's Child hit + a new Vangelis composition, who also produced both.

Vangelis composed and performed a song by French progrock singer Francois Wertheimer.

Vangelis composed track "Qui T'a Fait Ca" ('74) released on this compilation CD.

Yet another band name by Vangelis with Silver Koulouris, Vangelis written the song "Tapata" under a pseudonym.

Vangelis performed on the single "Floating", with Silver Koulouris playing lute and guitar.

Vangelis composed and performed "Roxane's Veil", with Mae playing her sensual lead on violin.

Vangelis written a song "Days of Love" for his former Forminx band member Tassos.

Vangelis with opera diva Montserrat Caballe.

Vangelis and Maria Farantouri together, somewhere in the early nineties.

Vangelis and Milva.