Studio photo gallery

A gallery of images from some of the studios Vangelis owned or used over the years.

Nemo studio - London, 1974 / 1987

Nemo was Vangelis' legendary studio located in London, near the Marble Arch. He recorded most of his albums in the seventies and eighties at the location, but also helped other artists recording and releasing albums by lending them studio time or helping them produce work. He had spend some rented studio time in London working on other people's albums during '74 when - funded by RCA - he managed to buy an old filmstudio, previously used for shooting commercials. He transformed it into his personal music laboratory and used it until he left for Greece in 1987.

The building that housed the studio (on the 2nd floor) was then swiftly demolished and replaced by a new building.

Sound Studios - Athens, 1987?, 1991?

Somewhere in the late eighties, after Vangelis had left Nemo studios, he took up work in a floor on Athens' Sound Studios complex, where he recorded the album "Direct" and possibly worked on a number of albums and concerts in the early nineties.

Epsilon studio - Paris, 1992 / 1993

Vangelis' brief early nineties period in Paris resulted in a very remarkable studio environment, most notably because the walls and ceiling where mostly made of glass. In this open environment Vangelis and his team would work during days or nights, being visible from the outside for anyone who cared to take a look. The studio got some exposure because around the initial release of the 1492 soundtrack album several TV interviews were recorded there (including the BBC's "Pebble Mill" and the French "Musiques Au Coeur de Vangelis" interview, while material shot for "Pebble Mill" show was used for more promotional material used internationally) and it appeared in Conquest of Paradise's much broadcast music video clip.

Vangelis left the studio in 1993. Rumors that the construction was torn down are false, the glass space where Vangelis had his studio can still be seen on top of the building, which is surrounded by high rise apartments and offices. / Spotted instruments Studio photo gallery