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This update: December 25, 1999

Vangelis (Aphrodite's Child) on a Roussos DVD

Somehow there never was any video release in any form containing interviews or performances with Vangelis. He could sparsely be seen in rare TV appearances, but nothing to buy or rent in any country at any moment. Finally this will change with BR-Music's long prepared Demis Roussos DVD that is expected to be released at January 26.

DVD is the new CD-like medium that can contain many hours of music, video and interactive menu's with all sorts of multimedia and is about to replace the VHS VCR machines as a standard for rental and retail video software.

The Demis Roussos DVD (BR MUSIC DVB 2000) will contain no less than four Aphrodite's Child video clips, all showing Vangelis at work posing or miming to the music. Very early examples of the medium that these days makes the business in pop music. In addition to these four video tracks with Vangelis there will also be video material for the songs "Lament" and "Race to the End" from the album "Demis". Both songs were written by Vangelis and originally recorded in his Nemo studio. There's also the "Because" track from the "Magic" album, again full of Vangelis' input.

The new DVD will be released by BR-music, the team that produced such gems as the Aphrodite's Child compilation "The Complete Collection" that contained a lot of rare AC material, presenting on 2 CDs almost all the songs the group ever produced. Other examples are Roussos' Attitudes album that contained bonustracks from the Vangelis produced "Reflections" album, and Demis' "Magic" on CD, with more bonustracks. BR releases always are gems to obtain, because of consistently well documented linear notes with background information, discographies, anecdotes, etc, always added with rare photographs and cover designs.

This release will be related to the 4CD boxset of Demis Roussos that BR-music released in 1998, which also featured an extensive booklet full of detailed text and never-before-seen pictures, some of them showing Vangelis or the Aphrodite's Child group. The cover of the DVD will be similar to the boxset release.

Extra features on the DVD will include a new interview with Demis Roussos, an extensive Demis discography, biography and sleeves section, a photo gallery, plus additional French subtitles for the interview. The information will be searchable.

The total playing time will be 105 minutes, with Dolby digital stereo sound. The format is the European PAL format, but DVD players can usually play any format on any system. On top of that the DVD will be coded as "all region" which means this DVD will not be limited to Europe, but can be played with DVD-players of all continents.

BR-Music has its own online store that delivers throughout the world, and the DVD can soon be ordered directly from them. Keep an eye on their website, which can be reached at It will also be available in shops in Holland and most likely in more European countries.

   1.  RAIN AND TEARS                       3'10	
       Promofilm May 1968
   2.  I WANT TO LIVE                       3'30
       Tv Show "Smet" with Johnny Halliday 
       - 7/5/1969 - France 1 -INA
   3.  IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK                    3'29
       Sacha Distel Show - 10/12/1969 - 
       ORTF - INA
   4.  SPRING SUMMER WINTER & FALL          4'57
       Promofilm June 1970
   5.  WE SHALL DANCE                       3'33
       Hits A Go Go - September 1971 - NDR 
       - Studio Hamburg
   6.  MY REASON                            3'58
       Nightclub - 17/3/1972 - ORTF - INA
   7.  FOREVER AND EVER                     3'38
       Promofilm March 1973
   8.  GOODBYE MY LOVE GOODBYE              3'55
       Promofilm BRT - 9/8/1973 
   9.  MY FRIEND THE WIND                   3'52
       Toppop 15/10/1973 - Athens 
       September 1973 - AVRO/NOS Sales
   10. SCHONES MADCHEN AUS ARCADIA          3'20
       Toppop 12/11/1973 - Athens 
       September 1973 - AVRO/NOS Sales
   11. MY ONLY FASCINATION                  3'42
       Toppop 13/5/1974 - AVRO/NOS Sales
   12. WHEN FOREVER HAS GONE                3'01
       Top Of The Pops 21/10/1976 - BBC
   13. BECAUSE                              4'17
       Promofilm March 1977
   14. LIFE IN THE CITY                     3'33
       Promofilm May 1978
   15. LOST IN LOVE                         3'31
       Promofilm May 1980
   16. RACE TO THE END                      3'47
       Toppop March 1981 
       (never broadcast) - AVRO/NOS sales
   17. LAMENT                               3'09
       Promofilm February 1982
   18. FOLLOW ME                            4'40
       Toppop 6/11/1982 - AVRO/NOS Sales
   19. ISLAND OF LOVE                       3'43
       Toppop 7/3/1986 - AVRO/NOS Sales
   20. ON ECRIT SUR LES MURS                3'34
       Promofilm January 1990

Albedo issue 8

The Vangelis fanclubmagazine "Albedo" reached its eight issue. Inside are various articles and opinions on Reprise, an item on "Francesco" (1989 film with Vangelis score), a condemning review on the recent American Vangelis tribute CD "Chariots of Synths" that indeed should best be ignored and forgotten, a transcription of an interview (that can be found on some websites as well), a review of the Reflections II CDrom, and the usual items like a competition and small trade ads. The news section lists all the recent rumors and events, but no new surprises this time.

It also announces an Albedo convention to be held in London on April 22, 2000, including an evening concert by ex-Vangelis engineer Raphael Preston. Entrance is limited to 150 people and will cost $25 (prepaid), or $20 at the entrance if still available.

The issue arrives with a load of leaflets promoting sales of expensive Vangelis CDs, and other non-linked artists.

This update: December 18

Forminx CD

Vangelis' first commercial successes in music where with a Greek college band called "the Forminx" in the early and mid sixties. A new CD with music from by the Forminx will be released in February by the Greek radiostation Radio Gold that presently holds the copyrights to the recordings. Recently a 5CD box set was released containing most of the Forminx songs, but some Christmas songs and other recordings where missing from that package. It seems that on this 2CD set the complete catalogue (more than 30 songs in total) by Vangelis' folkrock band will be represented.

The release is targetted at the international market, probably with Vangelis' international success in mind. The CD will become available via Ecommerce on the station's website at


The Reprise 1990-1999 compilation CD is being well promoted in certain countries like Spain and South Africa, as well as the Scandinavian regions. Sales are doing very well and it has been received with mainly positive reviews throughout the world.

In the mean time a big boxset of Milva CDs has been released in Italy, as was announced earlier in this section. But sadly it does not include any Vangelis related albums. Hopes were high that it would include the "Tra Du Sogni" album, Milva's most interesting cooperation with Vangelis, which on CD has become a real rarity these days.

Earth out of print

It seems that Polygram Greece's Earth CD, the only legal version of this album on CD, has recently gone out of print. The shops in Greece still have CDs in the bins but say they can't order any new items. Earth was for long only available on LP and bootleg CDs, untill the Greek Polygram department decided to released it on a well mastered CD in 1996. Around the same time also the two Aphrodite's Child albums that had never appeared on CD were released on the Greek label. These two albums were out of print as well for a while but are again available, so hopes are not all lost of the Earth CD.

Thanks to Henk Engelen for the Forminx release info, Enzo Casiraghi for the Milva info and Kees Aarts for the Earth news.

November 25: The November 23 update has been corrected, as at one point the new newsgroup was mentioned being "" while it definately should be (as the included link said).
Thanks to Gabi Brenners for the correction!

This update: November 23, 1999

Vangelis newsgroup and Reprise releases

First some internet news. Finally a newsgroup has been created to discuss the music of Vangelis, share info, news, chat about the topic, etc. Newsgroups are like message boards on the internet, that can be read with software like most up-to-date Email readers. But you will need to have a connection to a newsgroup server. Most internet providers will have one for you. The difference with a mailing list is that these forums are much more open. People don't need to receive a lot of Emails in their mail boxes to read the messages, and it's possible to just have a quick sneak. They form entirely different communities.

Vangelis' music was often discussed in groups like and, as well as in newsgroups for related topics like Blade Runner or Yes. There was however never a newsgroup that was totally dedicated to Vangelis, even though newsgroups for comparable artists always were rather successful.

The newsgroup for Vangelis that was now created is If you don't have connection to a news server you can still follow and join the discussions by using a WWW facility like and you can see the group and participate in the discussions directly at

A last note in newsgroups: Sometimes it can take a while before servers catch up on the latest newsgroups. Especially in the alt domain. It usually helps sending requests to providers. It will certainly help get the newsgroup going.

In the mean time, Reprise has been released in many more countries including Israel and South Africa. The latter has a domestic pressing of this CD, which always interests certain collectors. Also nice to note is that Reprise has been eleased on the Minidisc format (catalog 984298288). In the past there was a release of "Themes" on the other digital home recording system called DCC, and 1492 was released on the more successful Minidisc system in some European countries.

Thanks to Peter Ravn, Paul Poroshin and Foster Cullen

This update: November 12, 1999

Theme for Olympic closing ceremony in Sydney, 2000

It was announced today in Greece that Vangelis will be composing the theme for the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Summer games in Sydney Australia. In this ceremony the olympic flag will be hand over to Greece, in reference to the upcomming Olympic games in Athens 2004. For this ceremony in Sydney, to be held during the Summer of 2000, Vangelis will write a special 10 minute theme. This will be a recording. It will not be performed live by Vangelis.

After the music for the Olympic emblem last month this proves again that Vangelis is still involved in the olympic movement and many hope this is only forplay for things to come in 2004. But at this point anything would still be speculation.

The earlier report that Vangelis was writing music for an event in the USA seems false, this must have been Sydney Australia.

This update: October 28, 1999

Canadian / Japanese releases date Reprise

The release date "Reprise 1990 - 1999" for Canada is November 2, on the East West label, as in Europe. Japan will get their local release (no doubt with OBI and extra Japanese linear notes) on November 9.

Thanks to Gilles Bedard and Seiya Hirano

This update: October 27, 1999

Release dates and Cavafy

In France the releasedate for the Reprise compilation album has been set to November 15.

If you have other release (date) information for other countrys, please feel free to mail them to So that I can report them on this website.

On Friday night, October 29 there will be a screening of Cavafy at the New York University, and after the the screening director Iannis Smaragdis will be answering questions from the public. The music for this rare Greek film (1997) was composed by Vangelis which resulted in publicity and instant success in the Greek cinema's. A rare chance for some people to have a look at the film, hear the music and even question the director.

Thanks to Jérôme Olivier for the release data information and to Don Fennimore for his post about Cavafy to the Direct mailinglist

This update: October 24, 1999

New studio album in preparation - and other news!

Well, after a long period of silence it seems the news just can't stop flowing in. After the release of "Reprise 1990 - 1999" in Europe, which to Vangelis is a rather personal release to end a period of 10 years of working with Warner music, he is now preparing a new album for release somewhere in 2000. Details of this album are not yet available, but fans should prepare for this to be "very surprising".

Previous rumors about Vangelis working on a techno album or collaborating with Barbra Streissant and/or Sarah Brightman can (again) be written of as completely false.

Vangelis will be writing a short piece of music for a ceremony to be held in the USA next year. No details are available yet.

Sources have also confirmed again that Vangelis has a finished recording (but not mastering) a complete work with Montserrat Caballe but, sadly, it seems that this is not intended for release in the following year. This highly anticipated work has been popping up in rumors and news for years now, without actually showing up on an album. More patience will be required.

Vangelis' engineer Frederick Rousseau - whose's own critically acclaimed releases and soundtrack works have charmed many Vangelis fans in the last few years - is about to release 5 new albums during January 2000, in a series called "Terres De Legendes", as well as a separate album about space to be released later on. These works are bound to be worthy of attention.

Milva, the German female singer with whom Vangelis cooperated on several albums in the eighties is about to release a box-set in Italy, and it is possible that this box set will contain the "Tra Du Sogni" album. This album was released in 1986 and CD versions of this album are very rare. It contains various songs written by Vangelis (from her German language album "Geheimnisse") and one stunning song written and performed by Vangelis. If this box set will indeed contain the Tra Du Sogni album on CD you will of course read about it here later on.

Special thanks to Antas for the Vangelis and Rousseau news, and thanks to Enzo Casiraghi for the Milva news.

This update: October 23, 1999

Jon & Vangelis clip on BBC2

The Top of the Pops videoclip of "I'll Find My Way Home" by Jon and Vangelis will be shown today on the repeat of "TOTP2" on BBC2 at 1640 Hrs (BST), the 23rd October. Keep your video machines ready!

Thanks to John Reed for the tip!

This update: October 22, 1999

Reprise 1990 - 1999 released

The new compilation album has been released today in Holland, and probably also in other North European countries. Release dates like the 25th of October were mentioned as well, so it could take a few more days for several areas. The United States, along with some other continents will have to wait longer, as no release details for them have been published yet.

The two unreleased tracks on the album are both different from the original recordings used in the films, similar to the unreleased tracks on the Themes album in 1989. It could also be that new overdubs and edits are responsible for the differences in sound, arrangement and structure.

The other tracks have been nicely melted into each other, sometimes using a few new sound effects or a newly dubbed instrument. But mostly they just fade into each other.

This update: October 19, 1999

Reprise cover

Online CD-store Boxman ( in the UK has the image of Reprise on their website:

The album is still slated for October 25 in most countries in Europe. The Bittermoon track is the opening track of the film, not the closing track. The Plague track is said to be from the middle of the film, a scene where a boy sings the main theme that also features in the endtitles.

Thanks to Michael Williams for his mail to the Direct mailinglist and to Jussi Jakobsson for additional information.

This update: October 6. 1999

Albedo issue 7

The latest issue of Mark Griffin's Vangelis fanzine "Albedo" has been sent out a while ago, and most subsrcibers should have it by now or recieve it soon. The news section has not much news to report, most of it was copied from the Elsewhere newssection. The news about Reprise 199--1999 came from Albedo originally, but a magazine is too slow of a medium to reach everyone in time. That's why it is good news that a website is being set up at Other entries in the news section include the rumours of an upcomming work with Barbra Streisand and Sarah Brightman. These rumours however are false. Also Mark reports that the earlier reported preparations for a possible 4CD box set that is to include unreleased music from the past are still in progress, with negotiations going on. So we can all keep hoping.

Other parts of this Albedo include the rectified Rousseau interview, a section about the "Eureka" concert in Rotterdam 1991 including the interview about it that was copied from this website, a review of the abominable Eureka bootleg from he Highland label, an item on Cosmos and its soundtrack CD release as well as reviews from other artists music released by Griffin's own label.

Release date confusion

The slated release date of October 25 for the upcomming Reprise compilation album seems to be still flexible as dates like October 22 are also mentioned for Europe, while a shop in Canada claims it will have the CD on October 12 already. Time will tell!

Thanks to Henk Engelen as well as Nicolas Sabourin for his post to the Direct mailinglist

This update: October 3, 1999

Images from the Athens 2004 Olympic emblem presentation

The following images are from the eleven and a half minute presentation film that introduced the Olympic emblem for the 2004 games in Athens. Vangelis' music was semi symphonic, somtimes bombastic, but sometimes very subtle. Real choirs added to its warmth of the sound. The style can be compared to the Athletics worldchampionship openingceremony in Athens '1997.

The images are presented here in chronological order from left to right, top to bottom.

Special thanks to Octavian Buda for grabbing and providing these images.

This update: October 1, 1999

Emblem presentation

Vangelis wasn't (openly) present at the hour long happening, but it was directed by him, and his music played an essential part. He wrote an 11 minute piece that was accompanied by spectacular visuals directed by Angelos Hatziandreou.

The broadcast started earlier than was announced at forehand. Not only did the national channel ET1 broadcast it but its international version "ERT SAT INTERNATIONAL" made it possible for satellite viewers in many other countries to follow the presentation.

Thanks to Daoud Ibrahim Ahmed and Andreas Smagadis for their mails to the Direct mailinglist
(where tempers have calmed down due to moderation and thus peace has been restored since a while now).

This update: September 28, 1999

Emblem presentation broadcast with new Vangelis music

The new emblem for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 will be presented on Thursday September the 30st. It will be presented in a happening that is fully directed by Vangelis, and for which he wrote new music. The event will be broadcast live on Greek national television (ET1) at eight o clock local time in the evening.

Thanks to Diego Lugon for his post to the Direct mailinglist

This update: September 27, 1999

Reprise catalogue number

The upcomming "Reprise 1990-1999" compilation album is still scheduled for release in Europe on October 25 by record label East West. The Catalogue number is:

East West 3984 29828 2

This update: September 9, 1999

Upcoming compilation: Reprise 1990-1999

Vangelis' label East West is about to release a new Vangelis compilation album featuring a selection of the works that were released on this label during the nineties. Among the recordings on this album will also be two previously unreleased pieces of music, both from film scores that Vangelis did in the early nineties.

The first new piece is the stunning theme for "the Plague", hopefully the endtitles recording. The plague was a French/Brittish/Argentine film from 1992. Vangelis initially insisted on his soundtrack work to be uncredited, but later releases on video did feature his name prominently on the packaging. The second will be "Bittermoon" (aka "Lune de Fiel"), Roman Polanski's erotic drama from 1992.

The full tracklist of the album will - according to Mark Griffin of the Albedo fanclub - be:

  1. Bon Voyage - Oceanic
  2. Dreams of Surf - Oceanic
  3. Opening - 1492
  4. Conquest of Paradise - 1492
  5. Monastery Of La Rabida - 1492
  6. Come to Me - Voices
  7. Light and Shadow - 1492
  8. Fields of Coral - Oceanic
  9. Movement 5 - El Greco
  10. Movement 6 - El Greco
  11. West Across the Ocean Sea - 1492
  12. Theme from Bitter Moon
  13. Rachel's Song - Blade Runner
  14. Movement 4 - El Greco
  15. Theme from the Plague - The Plague
  16. Dawn - The City 
  17. Prelude - Voices

It seems it will be a long album, focussing mainly on the more quiet, slow tracks of the East West albums, with the balance favoring 1492, El Greco and Oceanic.

The album is planned for October 25 in most Western European countries. Details about distribution are not available yet.

Thanks to Mark Griffin for his post to the Direct mailinglist.

This update: August 17, 1999

Montserrat Caballe: Greek Olympics and work with Vangelis

In an interview with French magazine "Point de vue", Montserrat Caballe answered to a question about her projects in the third millennium:

"Le ministre grec de la Culture m'a proposé de participer à l'organisation des Olympiades d'Athènes. Quelle joie et quel espoir pour la musique après l'exemple de Barcelone. Pour fêter l'an 2000, je prépare une oeuvre magnifique avec le compositeur Vangelis PAPATHANASSIOU. Je créerai aussi un nouveau Donizetti."

She says the Greek ministry of culture proposed to her to be involved in the organization of the Olympic Games, which she enjoys, since the example of Barcelona. It could be speculated that her attachment is tied to Vangelis, with whom she performed at the opening ceremony of the 1997 athletics Word championships in Greece.

Also she mentions again that she's preparing a "magnificent" work with Vangelis. This work has been mentioned many times in the past, mainly by Caballe, but has never been a sign of an upcoming release of this work.

Thanks to Alain Guillem for this information

This update: August 15, 1999

Olympic emblem presentation

On September the 30th the Greek olympic committee will be presenting in a special ceremony the new emblem for the 2004 Olympic games that are to be held in Athens, Greece. This ceremony, as it has been announced, will be generally supervised by Vangelis. The new emblem has been approved, unanimously, by the Board of Directors of the Organizing Committee.

This implies that Vangelis is still attached to the Olympic movement in Greece, and raises hopes for Vangelis involvement (or more) in the eventual opening ceremony of the games itself. But that's purely speculation at this point.

In the past Vangelis was involved with the Olympic Games, particularly when he performed a concert show in 1991, "Song for Athens", supporting Athens as choice for the games of 1996. Later when he organized and performed at the opening ceremony of the Athletics World championships in 1997 the quality of the show helped a lot in the process of getting the 2004 games to Athens.

Thanks to Noel Koetlis for this news.

This update: August 13, 1999

Mailing list

No real Vangelis news since months now, but the internet mailing list about Vangelis, Direct, has been resurrected at a new address. More info in the links section. Shortcut: click here.

This update: June 18, 1999

Albedo rectification

The sixth issue of Vangelis fan magazine "Albedo" (Feb/Mar 1998) featured articles and interviews on Vangelis' engineer Frederick Rousseau. Parts of the article were taken from an interview made by and for this website (presently being available in the main index of this website [shortcut]). The parts however that Albedo copied into their article were used out of context and contained a number of inaccuracies.

Albedo will therefore print the only official interview text in their next issue and retract the parts of the article in the sixth issue.

The Elsewhere site apologizes to Mr Rousseau and Vangelis for inconveniences that this may have caused. The text Albedo got was used by them without our permission and was not the correct final version.

This update: May 26, 1999

Forminx in CD box-set and Greek award

Forminx box set released
The Forminx was Vangelis' first serious encounter with the music industry and has received way too little attention on this website so far. It was a student band in the mid sixties, partly founded by Vangelis. They composed and played a range of 60s pop songs and gained unexpected popularity with them, to the extend of being idolized by the Greek youth of that time. The music ranges from sentimental to childishly happy and is always incredibly naive. Old fashioned at its best.

A CD collection of some of their songs has been available in the past in Greece, but it was taken of the market after a very short while. Now finally 18 of their songs are going to appear on CD again, this time on a CD that is part of a 5 CD box set with legendary Greek pop songs. It's called "The ultimate Greek pop" and more info can be found at

CD 3 of the set also contains "Oldies but Goodies", by Zoe kouroukli, with Vangelis and "Marina" by George Romanos, with Vangelis.

Vangelis received olympic award
On May 26 Vangelis attended the opening of an olympic building in Athens, and received there an honorary award from the president of the Greek Olympic committee. Vangelis supported the Greek olympic movement a lot in the last decade. First in 1990 by doing a a concert in an attempt to help Athens win the Summer Olympic Games of 1996 (failed, went to Atlanta, USA) and later in 1997 again by organizing and performing at the Athletics world championship opening ceremony that played a pivotal role in securing the 2004 Summer Olympic Games for Athens.

Thanks to Henk Engelen for the Forminx news and Andreas Smagadis for his post to the Direct mailinglist about the Olympic award.

This update: April 25, 1999

Concerts rumors were false?

It seems that the past rumors about El Greco being performed live in the near future are false. Various sources dispute this story, which first appeared in a Greek newspapers causing hopes to be raised among fans.

Various unconfirmed reports

On a more cheerful note, more unconfirmed reports (so these have to be treated as no more than RUMORS) say Vangelis will be compiling music for a new studio album during the next couple of months. There is no release planned yet so it is not certain that this will lead to a new album soon.
Other reports continue claiming that Vangelis might switch to another label for future releases. The 'new' El Greco was still on the East West label (like the City, 1492, Blade Runner, Voices and Oceanic) but since '97 there have been stories that he will move. Time will tell.

Copyright issues

A small Vangelis website that each month offered Vangelis music online via the use of compressed MP3 sound files for free public download has been approached about this legally by the National Music Publishers' Association, Inc. (NMPA). The website changed each month a selection of MP3 files containing a complete work by Vangelis. This was extensively promoted on Direct, the EMail discussionlist about Vangelis (see links section).
Most works offered were not commercially available but the site got criticized in the past for providing complete works instead of excerpts or just tracks.
Vangelis' publisher Spheric BV has warned in the past of intend to act against websites featuring copyrighted Vangelis music and seems to have made its first official move.

This update: April 11, 1999

Direct mailing list

Those subscribed to the Direct mailing list have no doubt already noticed that it is currently not functioning. Keith Gregoire, the creator and list manager of this list will contact his service provider about this. He says there are only technical difficulties and he hopes the list can be restored before the weekend is over. But nothing can be promised.
[Note afterwards: The mailinglist was up and running again by Sunday evening]

This update: February 22, 1999

666 in Q

British music magazine Q lists "666" as one of the best progressive rock albums of all time, in their March 1999 issue. The album is reviewed shortly and Vangelis is mentioned. A rare example of Aphrodite's Child featuring in trendy literature.

Domestic notice: Due to some traveling, news updates during the month of March will be maintained by "guestreporter" Michael Thomas Roe. Any hints, tips, information, etc. should be E-mailed to him at during the period between March 3 and March 31.

Thanks to Hans Dool for the info about Q magazine

This update: February 4, 1999


False or true? Not sure, but a mention of this occurred on the DIRECT Vangelis mailinglist (a public Email discussion forum about Vangelis) being posted by a serious Greek member who has proved to be an excellent source of information in the past cannot be ignored like any other rumour:
Mentioned are three possible concerts that would be in preparation for performance in Greece, Italy and Spain. El Greco would be performed live. It's not the first time rumours of possible live performance of El Greco are mentioned among fans. No dates are announced yet. No further details. When they become available they will be posted here as usual.

Thanks to Spiros Liolis for his post to the Direct mailinglist

Hungarian bootlegs

Apart from the recently mentioned "Dragon" CD bootleg that appeared in Hungary, also the albums "Earth", "666" and "Apocalypse Des Animaux" have appeared there at the same label. Both Apocalypse des Animaux are normally availeble CDs elsewhere so technically these are 'counterfeiting' material, as happens more often in certain Eastern European countries. "Earth" is harder to find but in Greece it is also on general release.

Strange about "666" is that they pressed it on a single CD (it was a double album) and credited it as "Vangelis, featuring Aphrodite's Child".

The thing with those albums is that they were illegally produced by big companies. The CDs are availeble in big stores like the Budapest's Virgin Megastore. Distributer telewestel has a website in Hungarian at The publisher calls himself Euroton. Catalogue numbers: Dragon: WL111, "666": EUCD0061.

Thanks to Zoltan for his information

Ridley Scott films

Public rumours have been persisting that Vangelis could be in the running to do a score for Ridley Scott's (director of Blade Runner and 1492) production of "Gladiator". These rumours seem unfounded and other composers like Hans Zimmer have been named as well. Another rumour seems less wild a guess saying that Scott and Vangelis agreed to the intention of having a Vangelis score for Scott's pet project "Tristan and Isolde", based on the ancient celtic tale. There's probably some speculation involved here but this film's development will be interesting to follow. With all the best hopes up.

This update: January 20, 1999

More bootlegs

More Vangelis bootlegs have been released. Bootlegs are illegal CDs that are sold as if they are regular releases. They feature however music that has not been released in that specific form before.

Event of Excellence
In Japan the bootleg label that recently released "Another Page of Life", calling itself Highland Records has now released a CD called "Event of Excellence" (Highland Records HL264). This CD features in awfull quality (noise, drop-outs) Vangelis' Eureka concert in Rotterdam, 1991. It was sampled badly from the live TV broadcast in the Netherlands.
This concert mainly featured prerecorded tracks (bad weather, difficult organisation) in exactly the same sound as you find it on the albums. Special were Hymne (released in a slightly different mix/edit on Portraits) which featured choirs and a new arrangement and the short opening track that was written for the event.
The booklet uses images of the "Song for Athens" concert in Athens' instead of Eureka.Surely this is one of the poorest and most shamefull Vangelis bootlegs released so far. Sadly, the label succeeds in distributing it pretty well in Japan.

The Dragon
A CD of "The Dragon" has appreared in Hungarian shops. It seems to be released by a rather serious production company. Whoever released it however, it can't be with consent of Vangelis and his publishers, since they succesfully had this recording banned when it was released on LP. It contains a recording of jam sessions in the early seventies and was released in various countries to cash in on Vangelis' increasing popularity.
This CD (bootleg or counterfeit) seems "apparently digitized from an LP and digitally corrected thereafter, at least this is what the remnants of noise suggest." as Zsolt Kemeny writes for this news section.

Thanks to Roland Weissflog for his details about and scan of "Event of Excellence" and thanks to Zsolt Kemeny for the details about the Hungarian "Dragon" appearance.

This Update: December 31, 1998

Technical matter

No Vangelis news for now but a little technical matter concerning this site. It has moved to a new server at a new location with a new URL. To visit the Elsewhere Vangelis site as of now please go to (or instead of the old I hope this is an improvement.

The pages at the old place will soon disappear, leaving only referrals to the new server, where the site will be significantly expanded in content and functionality soon.

This Update: December 29, 1998

January 19

It seems earlier rumors were true (a rare event): Atlantic records pushed forward the release of El Greco in the USA to January 19, 1999. A little late for Christmas but music of this quality does not need snow to set the mood.

Thanks to John Norfolk again for keeping us up to date.

This update: December 25, 1998

El Greco in the USA

Vangelis' label in the USA now promotes the imminent release of El Greco in that area. See for yourself at

The catalogue number will be Atlantic 83161. No date is provided.

Thanks to John Norfolk for his tips

This update: December 22, 1998

Release in the USA and various

The American musical charts magazine Billboard reports that a new Vangelis release will appear in the USA at February 2dn 1998. This will probably be El Greco in some or another form. Other rumors reported January 19, but this seems unlikely.

On another topic: a famous bootleg label has widely released in Japan a CD called "Another Page of Life", which features tracks from the first demo's of that album, as well as the famous 1986 demo tracks by Jon and Vangelis. Be aware that this is a bootleg, an illegal release, and sound quality therefore is not of the same standards as official CDs have. Also it is illegal to sell those CDs and buying them does not support the artists or other involved parties.

Thanks to John Norfolk for the information about El Greco

This update: November 28, 1998

"The Prayer" in Europe

Montserrat Caballe's new album featuring Vangelis' "The Prayer" has not only been released in Spain under the tilte "Con Todo Mi Corazon" but has appeared or will also appear in other European countries, perhaps named in different languages. It has been spotted in Germany for instance, but in several other countries there's no sign of it at all.

Besides the Vangelis track (which closes the album) the CD contains a collection of classical excerpts from opera's and vocal arrangements of instrumental classics including Bach's Air and Saint-Saens' Le Cygne.

Thanks to Balthasar v. Weymarn and Samuel Gomez

This update: November 18, 1998

More details on the new Caballe album

The full and correct title of the new Montserrat Caballe album that contains Vangelis' "The Prayer" is "Con todo mi corazón". It has been released in Spain by BMG Classics on its RCA Victor label. The catalogue number is 74321 63707 2. The information inside the booklet is all in Spanish. It is not known yet if this album has been or will be released in other countries than Spain. Tips of sightings are welcome at

As a reminder: this album contains the first ever release of "The Prayer", an opera song Vangelis wrote for and performed with Montserrat Caballe and her daughter Montserrat Marti. This song was first heard being performed by them at the opening ceremony of the Athens athletics world championships in 1997

Thanks to Samuel Gomez for the scan, additional info and help

This update: November 14, 1998

"A Prayer" released on Montserrat Caballe album

While El Greco has been released in Canada and will soon see the light in Japan (December 23), a surprise appeared on the brand new album by Montserrat Caballe. The track "The Prayer" (3:37) appeared on her album "Con todo mi corazon" (With all my heart). This is the previously unreleased song she sang with her daughter Montserrat Marti at the Vangelis opening ceremony to Athens' athletic world championships in 1997. It was composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis. It is in this original recording that it appears. She has sung it in another way at several occasions including a historic concert at Moscow's Red Square where she was accompanied by a symphonic orchestra.

The name of this tracks has caused some confusion being announced as "A Prayer" to TV reporters for the Athens '97 concert, while it seemed to be announced by Caballe as "The Prey of the World" during the show. Surely a mistake meaning "Prayer for the world"??? Now it seems to appear as "The Prayer" on this album.

More info soon.
Thanks to Samuel Gomez for his post to the Direct mailinglist

This Update: October 23

New El Greco in European stores

After getting an early release in Scandinavian countries on Monday October 19 the new commercial release of El Greco is gradually reaching stores in other European countries, including the Netherlands. It will arrive later this month in France and will also be released in Canada in a few days from now.

The three new tracks are blent in with the tracks of the previous version of the album. In general the old tracks have not been tampered with, the appear in pretty much their full length. They have however received a little bit of overdubbing near their start and end to fit the new blending of the tracks.

Whether the new material fits in is material for discussion. They seem a bit more playfull but sloppy and even blunt in certain passages. Anyone who paid the full amount (or more) for the original version however will certainly be willing to pay for the new material again.

Those who get this album for the first time miss of course the wonderfull book about El Greco's paintings that was shipped with the limited version from 1995. The would do well to try and find some paintings of El Greco, for instance in any nearby library, as it definately adds to the music, like the music adds to the paintings.

For those residing in the USA or other areas where this CD will not be sold, it can be ordered at online stores in Europe, like or another store at

In the mean time you can listen to a real audio file of an excerpt from one of the new tracks at East West's website at:, where you should browse to the jukebox.

This update: October 18

Fifth Albedo fan magazine about to be issued

The fifth issue of Albedo, the fan club magazine is about to be sent out to it's members. It's a very well focussed issue, and it proves that the time has come for those who have hesitated to see what it would become to join the club by subscribing to the magazine. (For Email address see below)

This issue is focussed on Direct, in this case referring to both the album that was released 10 years ago now and the custom build tool that Vangelis has used to compose, record and produce for all his work since he got hold of it.

Remarkable insight into this somewhat mysterious device is given by the second part of the Bill Marshall interview that was spread over this and the former issue. This time Bill, who developed the device to Vangelis' specific and demanding needs, talks about the functionality of the machine as well as the period he spend designing and building it. Very revealing stuff.

Another gem in this issue is an interview with Vangelis from 1979, that has not appeared anywhere on the web yet. Vangelis talks mainly about his Beaubourg and China albums, and this also is very enlightening.

The timing of the issue is perfect since it already gives a complete review of the new El Greko album, and it prints the cover art in black and white. No less than breaking news at this point of time.

In the news section an older topic that caused much anticipation in the past is briefly touched: the process of assembling a box set of Vangelis music is still in progress. Rumor has it that it will be a 4CD box set anthology with well known songs but also with completely unreleased tracks. The point is that it seems to be that BMG has in its vaults no less then twelve unreleased albums, including the famously retracted "Inner Data" and "Symphony 3" Arista 'releases'. BMG now wants to involve Albedo founder and editor Mark Griffin in selecting this material. This will no doubt be a task subject to a lot of envy from other Vangelis fans.

Related to the new Albedo issue: it seems that, despite semi-official reports on various occasions claiming the old El Greco at the museum has been sold out, it seems that again (or still?) they can deliver them, and moreover they have agreed with the Albedo fan club on a deal to have Albedo distribute them. For the price of only a 100 pound sterling Albedo will get the original limited Foros Timis Ston Greco package for you. The only thing is that it could take a while, since Albedo will try to manage several orders simultaneously. It is however by *far* the cheapest option, since commercial companies have been selling it successfully for double that price. Albedo can also offer other rarities, some of them for very favorable prices, like for instance Riccardo Cocciante's Concerto per Margherita CD which was arranged by Vangelis showcasing many familiar synthesizer sounds.

Now, to join Albedo, or to order from their catalogue you should contact editor Mark Griffin by Email at: Subscription fees are only 5 pound sterling within Europe or 10 US dollars outside of Europe. And to order from their catalogue you don't even need to be a member.

El Greko in Canada

Also it is confirmed that the new El Greko will also be released in Canada, by the East West label. So by now Europe and Canada are confirmed, and the USA is confirmed to NOT get it, at least yet. It will however be available as import and there are internet stores that already list it for ordering.

Note by the way that the track list in the former update missed a track, and has now been corrected. The total length of the album is approximately 72 minutes and 36 seconds!

This update: October 16, 1998 [CORRECTED Oct. 18]

El Greko track list

It's still vague if the title will be "El Greko" (Greek) or "El Greco" (English) It does not include the "Foros Timis Ston" bit. ("A Tribute To") The catalogue number is known now: East West 3984-25107-2. The CD will be longer than the original album, adding to its classical posture. The track list was sent to the Direct mailing list by Don Fennimore:

     Movement I          10:06
     Movement II          5:19
     Movement III         6:49
     Movement IV          6:26
     Movement V           4:26
     Movement VI          7:54
     Movement VII         3:20
     Movement VIII        9:44
     Movement IX         11:58
     Movement X-Epilogue  7:00

Suggesting a total playing time of 72:36 while the original album was 58:53. Since early reports said that the order of the tracks has changed we can't conclude which tracks have changed in length yet. If indeed the order has changed it will there will be a lot of confusion about the track names no doubt, having different movement numbers on the different albums.

In the meantime the release dates in Holland seem to be set at October 23.

Thanks to Don Fennimore for sending the tracklist and catalogue number to the Direct Mailinglist

This update: October 10, 1998

El Greko press release

The release date for El Greco is supposed to have been set to a nearer date than the former "2 November" statement, with the new date being October 26. We'll see when it happens. Here is the full official press release for the upcoming new El Greko release as issued by Vangelis' usual label East West:

El Greko is the new album by Oscar-winning composer Vangelis- a stunning continuation of the astonishing career of one of the major figures in contemporary music. Following on from such recent works as 'Voices' and 'Oceanic', it once again asserts Vangelis as an international artist with few peers.

For his latest ground breaking album, Vangelis has embarked on one of his most challenging projects to date. The original version of 'El Greko' was first conceived and composed in 1995 as a direct response to the quest of the National Gallery of Greece to acquire the painting of 'St. Peter', one of Domenikos Theotokopoulos's (El Greko's) finest works. The master painter of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries was born in Crete but eventually settled in Spain, and most of his work remains outside his homeland. Vangelis immediately became involved in the attempt to secure the painting for the Athens Gallery, first by encouraging public subscription, and then by composing an entire musical work, dedicated to El Greko. The recording, produced in a special, boxed limited edition of 3,000 signed copies was made available through the National Gallery. Enthusiasm for the project was enormous and the painting has remained in Greece as a result.

Inevitably, there has been a huge demand for the commercial release of this recording. After much consideration, Vangelis has reassembled the movements of the original composition and has added three new pieces to expand his original conception and place it in a fascinating new light. The result is a profoundly beautiful meditation on the life and work of El Greko, which is unquestionably one of Vangelis's most powerful works.

Besides Vangelis's sumptuous scoring and ravishing orchestral textures, the music is further enhanced by the presence of the magnificent soprano Montserrat Caballe, whose contribution adds a further emotional dimension to an already formidable conception.

In the 90's, Vangelis has already scored one of his grandest successes with "1492", the soundtrack for Ridley Scott's $50 million Columbus epic, which was, if anything a bigger success than its host film. In Germany, the accompanying single 'Conquest of Paradise', became the biggest -selling single in that country's chart history, shifting 1.5 million copies and spurring knock-on effect across Europe, topping the charts in several countries. The soundtrack album followed, achieving a million sales in Germany and being certified gold or platinum in 17 countries including Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Austria, the U.K. and Canada. This is, however, only the latest success in a career studded with notable achievements. In 1972, Vangelis began writing scores for the short wildlife films of Frederic Rossif, which were collected together and released as the album "L'apocalypse Des Animaux". It was the first of many such commissions, Vangelis showing himself to be a gifted and sympathetic collaborator with an uncanny ability to bring filmmaker's visions to vivid aural life. "Working with directors is a question of compatibility," he says. "You need a positive exchange of ideas to achieve the correct result. One thing I like to see happen with films is for the music not to be treated as just one more ingredient but as an integral part, due to its capacity to affect the mood of the movie. It is only then that the music will work at its best."

Moving to the U.K. in 1974, Vangelis built his own studio in London and set about recording the concept albums "Heaven and Hell", from which was taken the theme tune for Carl Sagan's groundbreaking series "Cosmos", and "Albedo 0.39", the latter using the sampled voice of astronauts landing on the moon. In 1978 he recorded an album of traditional Greek songs entitled "Odes", with the actress Irene Papas, before embarking upon a successful liaison with former Yes vocalist Jon Anderson, who had earlier sung on "Heaven and Hell". Jon & Vangelis scored several hit albums in the U.K. in the early Eighties, though it was Vangelis's solo work at this time which cemented his reputation as one of the great modern composers. His score for "Chariots of Fire" began its 97-week stay on the album charts, and besides being a worldwide hit, the main theme of the movie went on to become universal shorthand for noble endeavour and slow-motion athleticism.

Several other movie scores followed, for films as disparate as "Missing", "Antarctica", "The Bounty" and "Bitter Moon", while snatches of other Vangelis tracks were used to add atmosphere to films he hadn't been originally commissioned for, such as "The Year of Living Dangerously", which by using the track 'Hymn' from "Opera Sauvage", resulted in the album belatedly reaching the US Top 20, six years after it was recorded. The most significant of his movie commissions in this period, however, did not see the light of day for another 12 years: now regarded as a ground-breaking work which prefigured both techno and ambient music, Vangelis's score for Ridley Scott's proto-cyberpunk masterpiece "Blade Runner" was eventually released in 1994 to universal acclaim, Empire magazine calling it "a long-lost classic of symphonic techno whose time, it seems, has finally come".

Again, it was his extraordinary, simpatico way of matching music not just to the mood of films but to their underlying meanings which made "Blade Runner" a success: from the looming autocratic power of "Main Title" to the pounding electro-pop surge of "End Title", to the oceanic, new-age environs of "Blade Runner Blues" (which has indeed been used in the 'chill-out' rooms of many a rave), the music mirrored the film's concern with the nature of humanity and the validity of artificial emotion. Elsewhere on the album, "Rachel's Song"- sung by Mary Hopkin- prefigured the breathy atmospheres of Enya, while Demis Roussos other-worldly vocal on "Tales of the Future" added a cosmopolitan tone to the proceedings which reflected both the world-music crossovers of the later Eighties and the melting-pot world depicted in the film. Overall, the "Blade Runner" soundtrack sounded as modern as tomorrow when it was released to accompany the video release of the Director's Cut of the film.

Vangelis is also renowned for his work for the theatre and ballet. In 1983 he wrote the music for Michael Kakayanis' staging of the Greek tragedy "Elektra", which again featured Irene Papas and was performed at the open-air amphitheatre at Epidavros in Greece. In 1985 he composed the music for "Frankenstein-Modern Prometheus", and two years later scored the music for "The Beauty and The Beast", both of which were performed by the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, London.

Recent years have seen Vangelis moving into new areas of expression. In 1991, he directed a huge outdoor event in Rotterdam in celebration of the Eureka Project, attracting a live audience of over 200,000 people. The following year he was invested into the Chevalier Order of Art and Letters, one of France's highest artistic honours. In addition, following the acclaimed work on three Jacques Cousteau TV programmes, Vangelis composed the music for his documentary "We Cannot Permit", which was premiered at the Rio Earth Summit in front of the world's heads of state. "There is no one area, musically, that I work in constantly," says Vangelis. "I compose for films, concert, theatre, etc. To be caught in the same area of expression for long periods of time make it difficult for me to function properly."

The 'Voices' album was another impressionistic triumph for Vangelis. A highly atmospheric and evocative work, the album was composed and recorded through the spring and summer of 1995, and featured vocal contributions from Stina Nordenstam, Paul Young and Caroline Lavelle.

For his 1996 album 'Oceanic' Vangelis created a shimmering work- a mesmerising series of tone poems with the broad-brush context of the earth's oceans. 1997 saw him tackle another monumental task when he was commissioned by the organisers of the IAAF World Athletic Championships in Athens to create the opening ceremony for the games. Composing new music and a spectacular visual show with all the national flavour of Greece to be transmitted live on television around the globe was no small task, but it was accomplished triumphantly. Vangelis also performed live with Montserrat Caballe in the packed stadium, and his was a significant contribution to an event which was hailed as a tremendous success for Greece across the world.

Vangelis explains the contemporary affinity he feels to the subject of his latest work 'El Greko' thus- "I pay tribute to Domenikos Theotokopoulos, because whether one realises it or not, we are living in troubled and uncertain times, through which the visions of this man shine like a beacon. This is because his genius has always held out a torch towards the cosmic ethos, transformed today into a ray of hope."

September 1998

Thanks to Don Fennimore for providing the textfile

This update: September 15, 1998

El Greco: delayed

Mark Griffin sent some more info to the internet forum about Vangelis, the Direct Mailinglist. He sais Warner Music delayed the release of Vangelis' new version of "El Greco", now scheduling it to November 2. Apparently because of "sleeve problems"...

There are 3 new tracks but they do not feature Montserrat Caballe as reported earlier. Mark describes them as "...a harp based piece rather like Oracle of Apollo on Direct.", "...a gorgeous piano piece, very playfull with harp again." and "...rather like a renaisance baska (dance) - with choir and some mellow minor chords."

He also tells that the album will be promoted in classical magazines rather then popular magazines, presenting it as classical, not electronic. Which seems like a wise choise for this type of album. For promotion on TV an interview with Vangelis was filmed in El Greco's home in Toledo, Spain. It has been very long since Vangelis gave an interview on TV outside of Greece.

Furthermore it seems that it will not be released on a classical label, but on Vangelis' regular "East West". This is positive for its pricing, since classical CDs usualy ar priced in a higher category. Also it seems the full title of this album will be "El Greco", contrasting to 1995 box release that was called "Foros Timis Ston Greko", or "Tribute to El Greco". What the track titles will be remains to be seen. Since the order of the tracks has changed, the Movement 1 to 7 titles can hardly be maintained. Time will tell.

This update: September 8, 1998

El Greco in October?

An excellent source in Finland says the commercial release of "El Greco" is indeed the next upcoming release and is expected there most likely on October 12.

The CD will be marketed as classical CD. It probably means a bit higher price as well. The music is a reworked version of the 1995 album, including three new songs with Caballe. It is not known if these are the two songs that appeared on BMG already, and the Prayer for the world song that was performed by Caballe and her daughter Marti in the past.

Thanks to Jussi Jakobsson for his post to the Direct mailinglist and to Mark Griffin for further info.

This update: August 30, 1998

Sheet music released in Italy

A little earlier this year a book with piano transcriptions of Vangelis' music was released in Italy. It's called "Vangelis, the best of..." and has the following tracks, all for piano with two hands: Alpha, Antarctica Echoes, Titles from Chariots of Fire, Closing Titles from the Bounty, Conquest of Paradise, Deliverance, Dervish D, Five Circles, Hymn, La Petite Fille de la Mer, l'Enfant, Main Theme from Missing, Memories of Green, Pulstar, So Long Ago So Clear, Theme From Antarctica, the Dragon.

It is being distributed by Nuova Carish. Copyright 1998. They have a website at [Corrected!] or in English and an address in Italy:

  Nuova Carish s.r.l.
  Via Campania 12
  Zona Industriale Sesto Ulteriano
  20098 S. Giuliano Milanese (MI)
  Customers bureau Phone: +39--298221212

Thanks to Enzo Casiraghi for his information

This update: August 19, 1998

Continuing rumors: El Greco on worldwide release

Rumors keep persisting that the legendary 1995 album El Greco will get a general release next October. Actually, it seems beyond the rumor stage as Vangelis' manager Andrew Hoy confirmed to the Albedo fanmagazine that they are working on this release.

El Greco was released in a limited edition in 1995, being sold only at one museum in Greece packed in a luxurious box with a book and an authentic autograph by Vangelis on the disc. It had a high price tag and all the money it earned (all, as the material had been donated by banks and record companies) went to the museum to preserve Greek art.

Fans who managed to get the album received it very well and praise its serious attitude, which was like the opposite of that years easy going "Voices" album. Also the Greek press was very positive about both the music and the benefit project it was connected to.

The CD will now be published as a normal album. No book, no autograph. The artwork will be different. Word also goes that two tracks will be added. Since the album was about an hour in length it is not unlikely that if this happens, there will also music disappear from the original release.

The release will be on the East West label which released all recent Vangelis albums in Europe and Canada and some other places. The USA was covered by Atlantic, but there is no sign yet that they will also pick up this release. If they will, it will take time, like in previous occasions.

Thanks to Don Fennimore and Mark Griffin for their posts on the Direct mailinglist.

This Update: August 14, 1998

Early appearance released on CD

In Greece a new CD was released called "The Jazz Group Of George Theodosiadis" and it credits Vangelis as playing the vibraphone and was recorded in 1964 and 1965. This is absolutely unique, dating back from before his days with the Forminx. More information, plus a scan and a real audio sample can be found at the website of Trehantiri where the CD can be ordered as well: and their Vangelis section at

Thanks to Aki Pattalis for his Email.

This Update: August 10, 1998

New Albedo magazine out

The fourth issue of Vangelis fan magazine Albedo has been sent out to its members. The good news is that the price for Europeans outside of Great Britain has dropped from 6 to 5 pounds sterling. Also editor Mark Griffin hopes to up the release rate to 4 issues per year without raising the subscription fee this year. Very nice.

Since it wasn't very long ago that the last Albedo was issued, there isn't much shocking news in this issue. No items that have already featured here in the past.

The rest of the issue includes an old interview with Vangelis (which can be found also on the web at the Inerson homepage), a short review of "Threads" and "Fly By Wire", which are two CDs composed and privately released by a group of Vangelis fans on the Direct mailinglist, some letters of fans reacting on the new Page of Life CD and the legal trouble around it, the regular item highlighting a particular Vangelis fan now deals with editor Mark Griffin himself, an interview with former Vangelis engineer Bill Marshall only focusing on his own album "Ankh" as released in cooperation with Albedo editor Mark Griffin again, a review of this very album, the usual letter section, an article by Don Fennimore focussing on the history of Vangelis compilation CDs with full discography of them, an article about Demo Art (Completely Vangelis unrelated electronic music), a few nice rare pictures, an adds section, another item about ex Vangelis engineer Raphael Preston's own work (see last Albedo magazine) and a competition.

Well, it seems Albedo is loosing a bit of focus in this issue, due to the substantial number of loosely or unrelated topics. But not every issue can be up to its predecessors, so we can eagerly await the next issue.

Albedo's subscription fees:

  UK                        5.00 GBP      Cash, Check or Postal Order,
  Rest of Europe            5.00 GBP      Cash (Sterling) or Eurocheck 
                                          (in Sterling), 
  USA/Rest of the World   $10.00 US       Cash (Dollars) or Check 
                                          Dollars) on a US Bank Account
(Checks and postal orders must be payable to "Mindwork Ltd"!)

Send with your name and address to:

  Albedo,  c/o Mark Griffin,  Smithy Croft,  Ythanbank,  Ellon, 
  Aberdeenshire, AB41 7UA,  Scotland GB

This Update: August 8, 1998

Caballe performance in Moscow

News is coming in slow these days, especially since confirming rumors of a supposed to be upcoming worldwide release of the "Foros Timis Ston Greco" album is not easy or maybe impossible. Possible more about this later. If not, than regard it as untrue.

So, in the mean while this may be a bit of interest: On July 31 Montserrat Caballe gave a concert in Moscow, where she (as announced) performed some Vangelis songs. Vangelis sadly did not perform at this event. It is said he is currently on holidays.

The concert was performed at the Sobornaya Square, which is a typical medieval setting. It was a charity concert for invalid children. Newspapers report that a choir of 400 children supported Caballe and the orchestra. Apparently Vangelis wrote extra music for the bells of the Kremlin to support the "Prayer of the World" song [Correction afterwards: It was "March with me" that was rearranged, "A Prayer" was not performed at the concert at all], which is known from the Athletics Opening Ceremony in Athens, 1997.

Thanks to Noel Koutlis for his tip and to Oleg Shutov for his post to the Direct mailinglist.

This Update: June 25, 1998

Interview with Jon Anderson

Not really a news update, but I'd like to use this place to call your attention to an addition to this website:
Three exclusive MP3 soundfiles of a new interview (April 24) with Jon Anderson are added to the interview section of this website. (GO!) The files are the Vangelis related selections of an interview, which will be broadcast on Radio Romania - Musical Channel, early July. It is part of a series called "fascination of sound", produced by Florian Lungu. Octavian Buda (the interviewer) will be present as guest in this broadcast.
The text will also be printed in the next Albedo magazine, the international club for Vangelis fans.

Another recent addition of interest may be the trader page which enables you to place or read ads for Vangelis material. You'll find it in the index of this site, as well as in 3 other websites, with whom this service is shared.

Thanks to Octavian Buda for the exclusive soundfiles and information.

This update: June 23, 1998

Cavafy on video

A VHS video version of the Greek film "Cavafy" has been released for rent in Greece. Cavafy of course, is the Greek arthouse film from 1997 for which Vangelis wrote the original score. It was received very well in Greece and praised at several European film festivals.

The video is available in the PAL format, which makes it unusable for countries like France, Japan, USA or Russia. Most of Europe can play it however, and so can various other countries.

It has only been released in Greece, but perhaps something can be arranged when contacting the company which owns the video rights of this film. The address of this company is:

  4A Matzariotaki Street,
  Kallithea, Athens
  tel. (301) 957-8604/5
  fax 957-8605

There are still persistent rumors of the possible imminent release of the soundtrack album to this film, but Alexandros Film can not confirm it yet. They would however very much like to do so.

Also it is still not sure if Vangelis will write the musical score for the next upcoming Iannis Smaragdis film about the life of El Greco. The rumor was (as mentioned in the April 3 update) that Vangelis has already signed for this, but official announcements about this cannot yet be made.

Thanks to Diego Lugon and to Elsa Arapi for additional info.

This update June 16, 1998

Fete Sauvage mistake

I received word that previous information about the new "La Fete Sauvage" release by CAM was incorrect. My sincerest apologies for publishing this mistake. Apparently the new Fete Sauvage CD is AGAIN not correct, and is only different from the old CAM CDs by switching the order of the tracks.
So again this album contains the B side of Ignacio and the B side of La Fete Sauvage. They really make a mess of it at CAM.

The June 10 update has now been rewritten, with all the false information corrected. Also updated is the table with one more version and images inserted representing the covers of the versions.

Again, apologies for the misinformation

Thanks to Antas for the correction

This update: June 10 / June 16, 1998

New release of "La Fete Sauvage" in France (CORRECTED)

The French CAM label has released a new CD of Vangelis' 1975 release "La Fete Sauvage". This will however introduce a lot of confusion, to an already confusing issue.

The old situation
Polydor and Barclay both had CDs and LPs of "La Fete Sauvage" and LPs and CDs of another album called "Ignacio", which is also known as "Entends-tu Les Chiens Aboyer".
In 1993 The CAM label released them as well, but those feature a major mistake. The label released both the "La Fete Sauvage" and "Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer" albums, but for some unknown reason they mistakenly switched halves of the albums. Both albums feature two tracks representing the sides of the LP versions. The CAM CDs however each feature one side from "Ignacio" and one side from "La Fete Sauvage". To have all the music on both the albums you need to have either both CDs from the CAM label or both on the original Polydor/Barclay releases. The advantage for CAM is a slightly better sound quality, the disadvantage is the wrong placing of the tracks.
Alternatives are the Polydor and Barclay versions of the albums, which feature all the correct music on the correct CDs.

The new situation
For the new CAM CD of "La Fete Sauvage", they rearranged the tracks again, but only adjusted the order of them. So, it is (contrary to what was reported at this site and in other media) still partly Ignacio, partly Fete Sauvage. It's the same incorrect two tracks, in a different order.

To clarify all, and avoid more confusion, here's an exact list of all the released CDs.

TitlenumberCoverMusic from original sidesSndDetails
Ignacio(Barclay) 813 042-21. A+B from Ignacio-Cover in two variations
(picture in middle (as
shown here) or picture
to the left)
Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer
(CAM) CSE 0051. A from Ignacio
2. A from Fete
Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer
(CAM) 743211307021. A from Ignacio
2. A from Fete
Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer
(CAM) EPC 478498 21. A from Ignacio
2. A from Fete
+Spain only
La Fete Sauvage(Barclay) 823 756-21. A+B from Fete-/
La Fete Sauvage(Polydor) 841 198-21. A+B from Fete-/
La Fete Sauvage(CAM) CSE 0671. B from Fete
2. B from Ignacio
La Fete Sauvage(CAM) 743211307121. B from Fete
2. B from Ignacio
La Fete Sauvage / Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer(Epic) EPC 481001 2 Spain 19951. B from Ignacio
2. B from Fete
3. A from Ignacio
4. A from Fete
+Both albums on one disc, Spain only
La Fete Sauvage(CAM) CSE 800-0671. B from Ignacio
2. B from Fete
+The new CD version.
A unique new order
of tracks, but the
same wrong combination
as previously.

Finally here's a description of the start of each track:

  • Ignacio, side A
    Very slowly some notes fade in, with some pinging sounds, and after a long while a romantic melody starts. Other facets of the track include piano notes, choirs and a church organ near the end. The first theme reappears several times.
  • Ignacio, side B
    (Starts at about 21:30 on one track CDs) Starts with a piece of very fast notes, and various interwoven solos jamming energetically. Followed by a free piece on percussion and also contains theremin cues and mandolin-like synth sounds to an electronic organ rhythm.
  • Fete, side A
    Starts with percussion and some synth sounds. Repeats quite some time with a few additions, then gets into some seventies TV tune style combination. Also contains African drumming, animal sounds and a lonely piece on the flute.
  • Fete, side B
    (Starts at about 18:10 on one track CDs) Starts with a short pinging intro leading quickly to a warm romantic melody (French erotic style a la Francis Lai), sung by Vana Veroutis amiable voice. Also contains spacy music build from pitching sounds, and the romantic theme reappears in even softer variations.
Thanks to Antas for the news and Peter Dekker and Samuel Gomez for additional information and images.

This update: May 28, 1998

Details about upcoming album with Caballe and Marti

A local newspaper in Madrid printed an article about Montserrat Caballe on the occasion of her performance there. In this article she is quoted, talking about here upcoming album with Vangelis. She reveals quite a few details:

The projects of Montserrat Caballe and her daughter are increasing. (...) They are also together in a symphonic-ecological play that Vangelis has composed. "It's a wonderful and very spectacular piece that includes a chorus of 240 people and an orchestra with 110 musicians, apart from himself, who is like an orchestra", she says. "The meaning of the play is very beautiful", she continues. "It's about the deterioration and the aging of the Earth, from which remains a new nature will grow", she explains. "Of course, I am the old land and Montsita [her daughter] is the new one". The great diva brings it with her typical sense of humor.

Thanks to Samuel Gomez for his translation and for posting it to the Direct mailinglist.

This update: May 15, 1998

Concert by Caballe

Greek news showed items about the Caballe and Marti concert where they were to sing three new Vangelis songs. It is not yet confirmed that they did in fact perform those Vangelis songs, but Vangelis was present in the audience, watching from the first rows.

The concert was sold out, and the stage was strangely empty and minimalist, with only Monsterrat Caballe, Montserrat Marti and a pianist on stage. No further decorations. This fit well with the sad theme of aids against which the raised money.

Thanks to Noel Koutlis

This update: May 11, 1998

Caballe will perform new Vangelis songs

On Thursday May 15 Montserrat Caballe will perform a concert at the "Megaro Musikis " in Athens, together with her daughter Montserrat Marti. The good news is that she will perform three new songs from her upcoming album with Vangelis. Vangelis will however not perform at the concert. There will only be a piano on stage. The profits of the concert will be donated for research against aids. All tickets are sold out.

This upcoming opera album by Vangelis and Caballe has still no release date set. Apparently Monsterrat and Vangelis finished recording it quite a while ago now, but there is no deal yet with a label. Vangelis' contract with East West records has ended and he and his management seem to be still looking for a suitable follow up. Rumors say they're also considering setting up their own label.

Thanks to Noel Koutlis

This update: May 5, 1998

Page of Life deleted??

Rumors persist that Higher Octave music has deleted (or is to delete) its US version of Jon and Vangelis' Page of Life CD. Ironically, since many fans seem to agree the new version of the album was a better total result than the original release, even though it missed some classic tracks.

This new version was released by Jon Anderson and his label but found resistance from Vangelis and his management, who still haven't published their position officially.

Early signs for Higher Octave's decision to withdraw the release were the fact that the CD disappeared from their website. It's still for sale in a lot of US shops. Fans who are interested should try to get it as soon as they can.

This update: April 28, 1998

Demis box set

As announced earlier on this site BR music has now released a 4 CD box set of Demis Roussos music and a new double CD. The box set contains no new unreleased Vangelis related music, but there are some pictures in the extensive booklet which show Vangelis.

The DVD about Demis Roussos which was planned to be included in this release (see November 11 update) is still in preparation and will be released separately. Not in the box-set as initially planned. This DVD will in fact contain rare Vangelis related scenes.

This update: April 22, 1998

Much news this time. Be sure not to miss any of the topics:

Page of Life dispute

This topic is actually older, but at request it was kept quite by all "knowing parties". However, Mark Griffin broke the news on the Direct mailinglist after hearing about it from Jon Anderson himself. Since the news is out now and the rumor kept popping up via various sources there is no reason not to publish it now.

What's the problem? The recently released US version of Page of Life (Higher Octave on their OMTOWN label) was originally approved by both Jon and Vangelis' managements. However, it seems there have been some mix ups and Vangelis is said to be most unpleased with the release. They now consider legal steps against Higher Octave and Jon's management in an attempt to stop the sale of this CD. Actually, the details are a bit unclear and again, mainly based on rumors, as Vangelis' management has not yet given out any official statement yet. But Jon confirmed the trouble and the stories all have the same core.

It would hereby be a good advise to get the new "Page Of Life" CD as soon as possible if you ever want to have it. Remember, the CD contains unreleased tracks ("Change we must" in its original J&V recording (a shorter 6 minute edit) and "Wisdom Chain" with its full grandiose 6 minute instrumental opening.) and some edits in the other songs. It was extremely well received by Vangelis fans.


Mark Griffin's privately published book "Vangelis, the Unknown Man" is being translated into various foreign languages. These include German, French and Spanish versions. It can take however quite a while and it is not known when they will ever be released.

New Albedo magazine released

The new (3rd) issue from the international fanmagazine "Albedo" has been sent out. This marks the one year anniversary of the fanclub (Vangelis international appreciation society) and editor Mark Griffin has already lots of plans for improvements, including better printing and a three times per year cycle of issues. This edition however is printed in the old style of the magazine, in black and white, filled with articles and information.

The style has become a bit more loose it seems, with a bit of humor here and there and a writing style which is less formal. One of the ingredients this time is even a corny little cartoon making fun of Vangelis and UFO hypes.

Interesting mentions:

  • An anecdote about a cat Vangelis apparently owns or owned, called "Albedo"
  • The news which appeared in Greek newspapers that Vangelis has married 27 year old Greek celebrity lady Laura Metaxa are NOT confirmed by Vangelis' management. [Note: These stories appeared in various Greek news papers last year, to Vangelis' apparent agitation, and keep persisting. However, Vangelis privacy in this should be respected.]
  • Apparently there is a rumor that Demis Roussos will perform this summer with Vangelis at the Athens Herodium theater. [These rumors did not seem to appear anywhere else yet. It seems very unlikely.]
  • A rare Vangelis connected single has been 'discovered', being "Notturno" by a band called Panda. Vangelis arranged and his brother Nico produced.
  • A new engineer has been added to Vangelis recording team. His name, most confusingly is "Vangelis".

Other articles include two fan profiles, the second part of a translation from the French "Musiques Au Coeur de Vangelis" TV interview, a review of the new Page of Life, a reprints of the Sound on Sound article "Recording Vangelis" and a reprint of editor Griffin's own Vangelis article for Record Collector, a review of the Themes 2 bootleg which appeared in the US (Do not confuse with the official French/Belgian Polydor release) and perhaps most interestingly an exclusive interview with Raphael Preston who worked with Vangelis as engineer on countless albums from Vangelis' Nemo studio's period. Preston answers questions about recording with Vangelis and some things about his own recent solo albums which are reviewed in this issue as well and can be ordered via Albedo.

So, concluding, another interesting issue, which at present is the only printing which binds Vangelis fans over the world. Not to be missed by any fanatic, on-line or not!

This update: April 10, 1998

Magic: more details... And Tanto.

This release deserves a little more attention than the short note in the April 3 update. It has been released by the Dutch BR Music label, who already released quite a lot of Aphrodite's Child material and also the Demis Roussos CD Attitudes which contained bonustracks of Vangelis produced music.
This new release, the long awaited CD version of Demis' '77 LP "Magic" has much greater significance for Vangelis fans. It was completely recorded in Vangelis' Nemo studio's in London, with Vangelis as producer and keyboard player. He also co-wrote the successful single of the album, the sentimental "Because". All these songs are of course in the typical seventies style of Demis Roussos, but a lot of sounds will be very recognizable for Vangelis fans. His presence is obvious on most tracks. Also the help of Guy Protheroe with his English Chamber Choir (Heaven and Hell, Mask, 1492) is recognizable.

In addition to the tracks from the old album however, BR Music has added no less than 8 bonustracks, including two unreleased songs written with Vangelis ("the Promise" 4:57 and "Song For You" 4:47) and one produced by Vangelis ("Bambina" 3:24).
For the finishing touches to this 75 minute CD (!!) there are linear notes by Bert van Breda, two pictures of the recordings both including Vangelis and it is priced in the midprice range. This proves again that a BR Music release can never disappoint any collector.

Details: Demis Roussos "Magic", Polygram France (1977), this compilation BR Music (1998). BX 523-2
Released in Holland.

Also find more details at the extensive web-site of BR Music located at:

Tanto: Also, about the Tanto CD (Patti Pravo) which was reported in the April 3 update: This one has indeed been released in Italy, but only as part of an (expensive) 10 CD box set featuring all the albums by this Italian Vocaliste. Nothing is known of a possible separate release of this album, which is a shame as Vangelis' sounds on this album are a great pleasure.

This update: April 3, 1998

Various topics

Sorry, but first a technical note. It seems many people still try to reach this site via the old URL. For these people Elsewhere has been unreachable for the last few weeks. This old URL is technically defunct, and only works on occasion. I notice that in periods where it doesn't work much less people reach here, so it's important to check if you have the correct URL in your bookmarks or links. It should be: [Note afterwards: It's now] and not contain "ft.hse". This is especially important if you have not been able to reach this site in the last few weeks. It was not off-line, only the old domain name was.
Again my apologies for this inconvenience.

Now the news:

El Greco film

Don Fennimore was able to report on the Direct mailinglist that Greek director Iannis Smaragdis, who directed the successful Greek biopic "Cavafy" will now direct a new project about the life of El Greco. And, as was the case with "Cavafy", the original soundtrack will be composed by Vangelis.
Note that in the past Vangelis made a CD about El Greco which was released in limited quantities to raise funds for a museum in Athens.
You can find info in Greek about this new project at


On Monday April 6 a CD will be released of Demis' Roussos album "Magic". Vangelis produced this album, arranged it and played on it. Also he co-composed the song "Because".
I don't know where this will get released. I am only sure about the Netherlands

Furthermore it seems a box set will get released with Demis Roussos albums, containing some Aphrodite's Child tracks, but no new or rare ones.
Also in Italy a CD seems to have been released of Patti Pravo's "Tanto" album. Vangelis arranged it and played on it. Many sounds are very recognizable.

This update: March 11, 1998

Cinemusic festival

It now appears that Vangelis has been, or is, or will be a guest at the cinemusic festival in Switzerland which is now taking place since March 7 and will continue until March 14. It is not at all clear what he does there. He does not appear to be on the program of the event, but the organization refers to him as guest. One of the other main guests is director Roman Polanski, for who's film Bittermoon Vangelis wrote the score.

There is a website about the event at

Thanks to Simon Walmsley for his post to DIRECT.

This update: March 10, 1998

The Caballe show on France 2.

The show at France 2 last Sunday was not canceled this time and did indeed feature a song written by Vangelis. But he did not appear himself and the music was performed by an orchestra instead. The orchestra was the "Orchestre regional de Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur" directed by Jose Collado. It was sung by Montserrat Caballe with her daughter Montserrat Marti.

This song, called "Prayer for the World" (or in French "Priere pour le monde") was also performed at the openings ceremony of the WC athletics in Athens, 1997. The programs at this event called it simply "A Prayer".

It's not the first time Caballe performs one of her Vangelis compositions publicly. She has also sung "Like a Dream" in public and there were vague reports of "El Greco Movement 3" being heard in France a few years ago.

Thanks to Antas for his confirmation.

This update: March 2, 1998

Musiques Au Coeur de Monsterrat Caballe rescheduled

A few updates ago a TV show about Montserrat Caballe on France 2 was announced here, because it was said to contain at least a song by Vangelis.

The show was canceled then, because the station preferred to broadcast images of the winter Olympic games in Nagano, Japan. It has now been rescheduled for broadcast at France 2 on Sunday March 8, 1998. Don't miss it if you can.

Thanks to Antas for his post on the Direct mailinglist.

This update: February 26

No Grammy...

Vangelis did not win this year's Grammy for Best New Age album, for which he was nominated. The album "Oracle" by the late Michael Hedges won instead.

This update: February 25

New "old" Page of Life released in US.

As promised by label Higher Octave Music the new US release of "Page of Life" is available in US shops as of yesterday.

This never before released version of the CD is closer to the original work as it was planned for release in 1990, before it was changed to the now common European CD (1991). It lacks a few tracks and has finally the original Jon & Vangelis version of Change we Must (as opposed to Jon's orchestral re-recording on his album "Change we Must") and a long intro to Wisdom Chain. This makes this version a must for completists and serious fans.

The CD has all new artwork (see update of January 19) and a little comment from Jon:

"This album is dedicated to my love, Jane, and the divine mother. To meet and sing with Vangelis was just so wonderful in this lifetime. He was my mentor. He showed me the truth to music which opened my heart and my soul."

xo, Jon.

It's not clear whether Higher Octave really only releases this in the US. If anyone has spotted a domestic version in another country I'd appreciate to hear about it.

Thanks to Anthony Novo for his confirmation and extra information.

This update: February 17

Mark Griffin reveals

Okay, as usual all the latest info comes straight from the Direct mailinglist, the biggest forum of discussion and news about Vangelis.

This time Mark Griffin, author of the book "the Unknown Man" and editor of the fanmagzine "Albedo" has revealed a few very interesting rumors and facts.

First there is the news that the new album by Vangelis and Montserrat Caballe is finished. But it doesn't get released just yet. Mark speculates it may get premiered in Athens during the summer, with full choir, symphony orchestra and of course Montserrat Caballe..

Furthermore: Finally a box set with portions of the giant archives of unreleased Vangelis music is being considered. It seems John Martin who was Vangelis studio assistant for a long time is currently preserving the precious mastertapes and is looking also for bits of useful music which could eventually get released in a box set or something. A long time dream of many Vangelis fans.

Also: It seems Vangelis has been toying with some new gear lately. Apparently he bought a new drumkit and played a lot on it lately. It has been long since real played drums appeared on his albums so it could be rather refreshing for his music.
Also he seems to have been toying with some Yamaha gear which is techno oriented (Yamaha AN1x????), which can sound rather different from the sound his recent albums have displayed.

More info can no doubt be found in the next Albedo magazine. The topics will also be hot for discussion on the Direct mailinglist.

Thanks to Mark Griffin for his post on Direct

This update: February 12

Montserrat Caballe on French TV

A TV program will be shown on French televionstation France 2 on Sunday, February 15.

It's something about Montserrat Caballe and word is that at least one Vangelis song will be performed. Could be interesting. It starts at 23:50 local French time.

Note afterwards: this show was canceled to make way for airing of the winter Olympics, and it is not yet clear if it will be broadcast at a later time.

Thanks to Piet Verhoeven for his post on the DIRECT mailinglist.

This update: January 19, 1998

Page of Life details

It seems the new "Page of Life" will be the official domestic release in the US. People from other countries who are interested probably need to look for imports of this new "old" version.

The website of higher Octave music gives the tracklisting:

           1.Change We Must (6:28) 
           2.Anyone Can Light a Candle (3:43) 
           3.Page of Life (3:17) 
           4.Money (5:43) 
           5.Little Guitar (1:42) 
           6.Garden of Senses (6:32) 
           7.Genevieve (3:45) 
           8.Shine for Me (4:01) 
           9.Wisdom Chain (10:44) 

Peculiar is that the original version of Change we Must was longer than the listed 6:28. A shorter edit? That would be a shame.

This update: January 16, 1998

Page Of Life Remixes

The Jon and Vangelis album "Page of Life" was originally, before its release, a bit different. A few tracks were different/longer, two tracks weren't on it at all (Jazzy Box and Is It Love [corrected]). the most important difference was the inclusion of the track "Change We Must". For some unknown reason this track was deleted from the album. A year later it did appear in a completely different form on Jon's album "Change we Must". This version was remade by Jon himself with a symphonic orchestra.

A copied tape of the "Page of Life" album in its original form did appear and was exchanged by fans and perhaps even appeared on bootleg. But in very bad quality.

A few years ago Jon Anderson mentioned already to some people that he had the intend to release the original versions of the songs soon. For a long time this didn't happen.

Now it seems things will change as Mark Griffin, writer of the book "Vangelis, the Unknown Man" has been informed by the Higher Octave label that they will be releasing Page of Life remixes which will be including at least the original Jon and Vangelis version of "Change we Must". Release is expected late in February 1998.

Higher Octave has a web-site at

Thanks for Mark Griffin for his post on the DIRECT mailinglist.

This update: January 7, 1998

Grammy Nomination

Finally a little more news:
Oceanic has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best New Age album. The Grammy Awards are the most important American music prices and are awarded each year to the best of 5 nominations in each category.

Among the other nominees in this years new age category are Enigma and Mike Oldfield. Earlier winners in the new age category include Enya, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream and also some genuine "New Age" (meditative music) musicians.

The winners will be announced and presented the awards on February 27.

This update: November 22, 1997

New Albedo magazine (2) released

Members of the only international Vangelis fanclub ("appreciation society" as it is officially called) have by now or will soon receive the latest edition of the magazine.

No doubt the most interesting of all articles is a letter sent by Andrew Hoy, one of Vangelis' cooperatives. It is in reaction to the first issue of Albedo which was sent to Vangelis. Hoy forwards Vangelis' best personal wishes for the magazine and seems justly delighted by the fact that a magazine like this (finally) exists.
He adds a few pieces of information, including a short overlook on Vangelis' history in opera music, regarding his new songs with Montserrat Caballe. Interesting detail is that he wrote a complete work for her in 1994, arranged for full orchestra, choir and electronics, which took over a year to write. They still hope to perform and record it some time in the future.
Finally he also tells about a contact address for Vangelis. He says they were alarmed when they heard of worry amongst fans that letters for Vangelis would not actually reach him. Therefor a postal box has been set up in London which garantees that letters reach Vangelis. But he also adds that Vangelis can not listen to demo tapes or recordings, if only for legal reasons. So only letters are allowed. The address is below in this article.

The news section of Albedo 2 is pretty big but doesn't break any news this time for those who keep up with the DIRECT mailinglist or this newssection. It is however a nice collection of facts and trivia.

Other items include a translation of (part of) the Musiques Au Coeur interview (the one posted to Direct in 1993, and again later) a review of Friends for Life (Caballe), an article about the two best known Blade Runner bootlegs, a column by Paul Campbell about motivations to record and to release focusing on the differences between them, a drawing of Vangelis, a review of the Athens concert for the Athletics WC (using passages of the text on this site), a short article about Rick Wakeman including interestingly a very short questionnaire answered by Wakeman about Vangelis, letters by Members and a fan profile, this time of Don Fennimore. He is the worlds biggest Vangelis fan. A statement which can probably be proved scientifically.

Anyway, a big magazine, lots of stuff, and a necessity for any vangelis fan who can afford it. Would be worth it if it were for the Andrew Hoy letter alone.

Finally, the contact address for Vangelis:

   Miss Sharon Chevin
   PO Box 14846
   NW2 4WU
   Great Britain

Don't send recordings!

This update: November 12, 1997


Currently the Greek film Cavafy, for which Vangelis wrote the original score is being played at various film festivals around the world. This film has up till now been very hard to attend outside of Greece, because it did not get properly released in other countries.

Apparently Vangelis' score has won awards at two film festivals: One in Belgium at the "Gent Film Festival" and one in Spain at the "Valencia festival".

Still no news of a possible release of the soundtrack. There were various rumors some they have not proven right as yet.

Thanks to Diego Lugon for his post to Direct.

This update: November 11, 1997

Demis Anthology

BR music, the Dutch record label which was responsible for Aphrodite's Child releases like "Greatest Hits" and via Mercury also for "the Complete Collection" are currently developing an anthology for thirty years of Demis Roussos.
Demis Roussos worked a lot with Vangelis in the past, as they were both key members of Aphrodite's Child in the late sixties and Vangelis also helped with some solo works by Demis.
BR music plans to finish this anthology around March or April of 1998. Interesting fact is that this project will include a DVD (digital video disk), which will almost certainly be of interest for Vangelis (Aphrodite's Child) fans as well.
This is all not definitive, but under development at the moment. More at these pages if more news or info about the Vangelis content appears.

New bootleg

In the US a new bootleg with Vangelis music has appeared. It is not just a private release with rare recordings but a rather well distributed CD with well known recordings as well as some rare stuff.
It is confusingly called "Themes 2", but has nothing to do with the official, legal, regular release with the same title.
The more rare tracks are from "the Bounty", "the Plague", "Bittermoon", "Sex Power", "Francesco" etc. The CD looks rather professional. I have no information about the sound quality yet, but usually bootlegs do not sound very good.

Beware if you buy this CD: It is not legal, this is not an official release.

Thanks to Patrick Runkle for his Email to Direct.

This update: October 27, 1997

Sound on Sound

The sound on sound magazine with an article about the recordings in the seventies and eighties in Vangelis' Nemo studio has been out for a few days now. It is the November issue. It's a very interesting article including new photo's.

This site will not feature this article as it is very recent and a magazine like that has to sell to make money.

Blade Runner computergame

A new computergame of Blade Runner has been released on CD-ROM. It does not feature new music by Vangelis, but it contains rewritten pieces of the original score of the film. rearranged and recorded by another musician.

This update: October 22, 1997

Article in Sound on Sound

Finally some more news, straight from the DIRECT mailinglist.

According to Nicholas Kent the magazine Sound on Sound (about synthesizers, audio gear, etc.) will publish an article called "Recording Vangelis at Nemo studio's". Nemo was the name of Vangelis studio in London (near Marble Arch) where he recorded works like Heaven and Hell, Spiral, Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, etc...

Keith Spencer-Allen and Raphael Preston who where his engineers and studio assistants will be talking about his gear and other technical stuff.

The magazine is well spread, and can be found in many countries. You can read it here when the issue becomes available.

The Clock/Our Loves Sleeps On The Water on CD

Vangelis' first solo release was not in fact the rare LP "Sex Power" as many people think, but a single with two happy sixties instrumentals called "the Clock" and "Our Love Sleeps On The Water" (see compilations and singles section of this site). These two tracks have now for the first time appeared officially on a CD.

The CD is a compilation on 2 CDs released in Greece and has a Greek title. It goes something like "STOUV DROMOUV TOU ROCK" (read with symbol font to see the real name). Label: Lyra CD 4873/4 Greece 1997.

Thanks to Nicholas Kent and Don Fennimore for their posts to the Direct mailinglist.

This update: October 2, 1997

El Greco almost sold out

Various sources have relayed the information that the Greek national Gallery now has only a few last copies left of "Foros Timis Ston Greco", the limited edition package containing the CD by Vangelis and a book about the painter known as El Greco.

It can only be bought at the museum, or obtained by contacting Irene Tselepis at the museum. So if you still want it, be quick!

The address was given in update June 3 (see below). It had an error in the postal code. The correct code is: 11610

This update: September 10

Record Collector article

Finally the issue of British magazine "Record Collector" which was announced to include an article on Vangelis has appeared. The article can be found in the September 1997 issue (Nr 217), and is now on sale in the UK and has also reached other parts of the world.

The entire article is 9 pages long. The main part is a text by Mark Griffin and Don Fennimore. Mark is well known for his privately published "Vangelis - the Unknown Man" book and Don is a long time Vangelis fan with the biggest collection of Vangelis related material in the world. Besides this text there is an extensive (but not at all pretending to be complete) list of rare or interesting releases with their estimated collectors values and there are many pictures of Vangelis and record sleeves.

The article is well written (much more readable than the book) and is pretty detailed in its description of Vangelis' very early years with for example the Forminx, Zoe Kouroukli, and Aphrodite's Child. It very shortly touches the period from their to his most recent work and then tells about his latest successes with 1492 and his El Greco project.

The discography is for the advanced fans, as it only digs into rare releases (as well as regular UK albums). It is very interesting for people who want to start an extensive collection to see what to look out for. Important help for this section came from Don Fennimore, the worlds most advanced and knowledgeable Vangelis collector.

The photo's are printed in b/w. There are two photo's of Vangelis and many of sleeves of early singles, and special versions of albums. Photo's were delivered by Don Fennimore.

Record Collector is available in most of Europe, and probably also in other parts of the world, although it may require a good search.

This update: August 12

Adress for Neurenberg video in the US

Derek J. Power mailed that he has the address of the producers of the English version of the "Neurenberg a Neurenberg" documentary about the horrors of the second world war, and mentions that it should be possible to obtain the American video of it there.

Vangelis wrote an intense score for this film, mainly existing of short pieces, used throughout the series (four parts). It also contains a lot of source music from that time.

The address you should try is:

        Jean Noel Frydman
        Prodius Inc.
        6201 Sunset Blvd. 124
        Los Angeles, CA 90028

Note afterwards: It seems this address is no good at all.

Thanks to Derek J. Power for his tip

This update: August 5, 1997

March with Me and Athens

The single of "March with Me" has been released in the Netherlands. It includes the lyrics of the song.
Its number: BMG 74321 51214 2.

Apparently the final ending of the Athens show last week had been cut by the Eurosport broadcast. While it went on with other programs Vangelis set down behind his synths again, and started playing the Greek national anthem. The crowd raised and loved it.

This update: August 4, 1997

Pictures and temporary soundfiles of the event

Vangelis with Montserrat Caballe

The TV broadcasts of the opening ceremony in Athens provided a nice opportunity to show you some pictures to get an overall idea of the event:

[The pictures have moved to the Concerts section]

Also you can listen here to some soundclips in MP3 (MPEG layer 3 Audio) format:


athens1.mp3 Semi-symphonic recording during dances 83 KB (32Kbits/sec), 22KHz, mono, duration 0:20
athens2.mp3 New song by Vangelis with Caballe and daughter 465 KB (32Kbits/sec), 22KHz, mono, duration 1:56

[The soundfiles were temporary and have been deleted.]

To play MPEG layer 3 files on your computer you need a fast computer and a special softwareplayer, or a decoder if you have a computer which is slow. For windows there's for instance a player "winplay3" (shareware) and for DOS (or DOS-box under windows) there is a good decoder called l3dec (shareware) which makes a (much bigger) wav file from your MP3 file which you can play with a normal sampleplayer.

Thanks to John van Houtert for use of and help with his AD converter and scanner.

This update: August 2, 1997

Glorious opening ceremony with Vangelis

The opening ceremony of the Athletics Worldchampionship in Athens has proved to be a spectacular event indeed. Hopefully you'll be able to read some comments from live spectators here soon, but the images broadcast by Eurosport and ERT1 speak for themselves already. Unfortunately the sound on the English Eurosport broadcast left a lot to be desired, for most of the sound came through the distorted telephone line of the commentators. Other broadcasts seem to have had better quality.

The scene was impressive. A giant stadium, filled with a crowd of a 100,000 enthusiastic spectators. A Greek monument impressively lit on one side, a statue, a set of screens, some background scenery and a big orchestra/choir on the top of the other side. A lot of lights and lasers, carefully set up at strategic locations. This in itself can already be called a big success.

Early in the evening, still in full daylight the athletes of each country entered the field of the giant stadium carrying their flags. They were accompanied by music written by Vangelis, performed live by a symphonic orchestra including a line up of synthplayers. The orchestra was conducted by Yvan Cassar, who had previously also conducted the Mythodia concert as well as the choirs on the two Friends for Life recordings with Montserrat Caballe. Vangelis was not yet present himself.
Among this music were familiar tunes like Voices and Hymne in a bit different form, as well as a variation on March with Me (instrumental) and a rearranged Hispaniola. But also featured were some totally unknown (new?) works, in the same semi-symphonic style.

Then the flags were raised. This part was accompanied by a gloriously beautiful theme as only Vangelis himself can write it, combining complexity and simplicity in the best possible way. It starts with some brasses playing a standard Olympic-like tune, followed by a powerful, richly orchestrated, enchanting melody. This piece was to return in various forms during the event.

Then after a few speeches the actual celebration took place. During this part Vangelis still was not present, which seems a wise decision as it would no doubt distract from the actual goings on: various dances to new Vangelis music, as well as a lot of traditional music from various regions. The event had already been livened up by effective lighting and wonderfully organized candles and lightingeffects, but during the dancing this was taken to new heights, particularly impressive due to the lighting and projecting of the entire floor on which it all happened.

After that the final part started, the appearance of Vangelis himself. He entered in a white coat, and black trousers and set down at the piano. He started playing (live) a peculiar, free version of Chariots of Fire. After a while the familiar baseline and horns set in (other players? tape?) and Vangelis continued playing the melody as we are used to it. He made quite a few mistakes but the live character of it was very welcome.

It was followed by Conquest of Paradise, which seemed partly live, or at least different. It was hard to judge from the Eurosport broadcast as picture and sound were out of sync. After that Montserrat Caballe made here entrance. She met with Vangelis affectionately and spoke a few words in English, praising Vangelis and announcing the song she was about to sing: A new duet with her daughter, written for the event by Vangelis, called "the Prey of the World" (or "a Prayer", according to the commentator). The song was surprisingly simple, with a few piano notes and the expected opera singing, but it didn't miss its effect anyhow. It was followed by the concluding performance of March with Me, which was not live at all but sounded like coming straight from the CD, with Vangelis sitting at the piano touching keys. Sometimes it seemed some piano notes did come through. Perhaps it was a mixing problem.

After the final song the fireworks started, and images showed Montserrat and Vangelis looking at the spectacle, apparently being genuinely overwhelmed by it. The recurring glorious theme started again and formed a fitting conclusion for this remarkable event.

More details later, hopefully including pictures and soundclips (MP3).

Many thanks to Wil Senders and Koert van Mensvoort for their unmissable help.

This update: morning of August 1, 1997


This report came in this morning:

Feel like I have to share this. For the last five days we have been constantly rehearsing the opening ceremony. I am one of the four Steadicam operators working in the show, in a total of more than 25 cameras. From what I have seen, it is gonna be absolutely spectacular. Amazing lasers, lights, and huge video-projections. The best part is of course the music.
An elaborate sound system of more than 200 speakers provide the stadium with crystal-clear, intense sounds, yet you can not tell where it is coming from. The source seems to be all around you and from inside of you. I've been very close to Vangelis the last days. He is very precise in what he wants and he is basically running the entire show. Frederick Rousseau is also here, counseling and assisting in every way. Lots of Korgs, the entire T-series for the orchestra and the additional musicians. For Vangelis himself, two or three keyboards (Korgs again) and an incredibly elaborate network of custom-made equipment providing sounds. I am pretty sure that there will be no "canned" music, no hard disc recording systems.
This thing is gonna be LIVE ! Watching him play is wonderful. Lots of new music, composed especially for the opening ceremony. You have to listen to it ! And for me, just being there, working there, inside this spectacular event is one of the most inspiring experiences I have had for a long, long time.

Michael Tsiberopoulos, Athens 31/7/97.

This update: July 28, 1997


First of all make sure you notice the change of URL for this site, by looking at the index page, in case you link directly to this newspage.

About the August 1 performance:
This will be broadcast live on Eurosport (satellite) and ERT1 (Greek public station). Notice that Eurosport will probably interrupt for commercials.
It's not possible to specify the time, because it differs for each country. Here in the Netherlands (CET) it starts at 20:00 at Friday August 1, but this is different at other continents and I think it starts at 18:00 in Athens itself.
NBC caries the rights in the US, but I haven't heard whether they will actually broadcast it.

There is an MP3 sample of the announcements on this event, including new music by Vangelis on Antas' bootleg page, to which you can find a link in the links section of this site.

This update: July 21, 1997

Concert approaching

The opening ceremony at the World championship of Athletics in Athens is approaching. The Greek TV stations have been airing commercials for this event using music by Vangelis. Besides Vangelis it is official that Montserrat Caballe will perform there, out of friendship with Vangelis.

There is an official website about the event at, and it includes a lot of info about Vangelis. It's wise to check it out.

Hopefully there will be TV stations that broadcast the event. Probably the Greek public stations will broadcast it, but there is a big chance there will be more TV stations interested, so it's smart to check out your TV guide. I appreciate any reports on plans on this on all kinds of TV stations, and hope to include them in the newssection a few days before the event.

Mail tips to:

CD single of "March with Me"

A 3-track CD single will soon be released of "March with Me", one of the tracks from Montserrat Caballe's album "Friends for Life". The other Vangelis track from that album is also on this single, which is very convenient for the Vangelis fans, because many will not need the album now. A third track is by Montserrat and Gino Vanelli.

In the Netherlands this single is expected on July 28th. I don't know about any other countries.

Note afterwards: This single was released in various countries but not many and in small numbers. It has very quickly become very rare!

This update: June 13, 1997


A while ago (May 14) you could read here that there were two new bootlegs with music from Bittermoon. It has appeared in the mean time that one of them does NOT exist, and seems to have been the result of a big imagination and lack of sense of humor of someone who posted it to the DIRECT mailinglist.

So: For the record: There is NO bootleg with the music from Bittermoon without soundeffects or Blade Runner tracks, which was supposed to have been sold in Germany.

There is only a bootleg called "Memoires 4" which contains more than 45 minutes of Bittermoon (with soundeffects but no dialogue) and also some pieces from Blade Runner in the same condition.

Beware: Bootlegs are not legal. This is just for general information purposes.

This update: June 5, 1997


Be careful, this is not yet more than a rumor:

It has been claimed that Vangelis contacted a company to provide video screens for a concert performance in Moscow late this year. I hope to get more confirmation very soon. Note afterwards: This was never to be heard of again. It seems this was taken into concideration but not carried out further. Too bad.

This update: June 3, 1997


More confirmation on the concert for the Athletic Championship in Athens (see earlier news items). Apparently Vangelis organizes everything, including lights and other artistic aspects. "Antas" was able to confirm that three songs will at least be played, and mailed this to the DIRECT mailinglist. It is not known if these are previously released tracks.

Note afterwards: There was one new track with Montserrat and her daughter.

El Greco's availability

Contrary to many earlier reports it seems there are still "Foros Timis Ston Greco" packages available at the museum that sold them in Athens.
In the past there were some successfully ordered from there, and this week they again accepted an order.

If you want to try as well, at your own risk, you can contact:
[Corrected October 6]

The Greek National Gallery
Xlexandros Soutzos Museum
att. Irene Tselepis
Michalacopoulos Str 1
11610 Athens

The fax number is 7224.889
The telex number is 222322

Add to that the Greek country number.

Ask to order Vangelis' "Foros Timis Ston Greco" Package. If they still have it, they'll hopefully agree to reserve it for you and you can send the money by registered mail. This supposedly would cost not much more than 130 US dollars.
Beware: This is at your own risk.

Note afterwards: They're gone now.

Many thanks to Piet Verhoeven for his post to the DIRECT mailinglist.
You can find more info on how to subscribe to Keith Gregoire's DIRECT mailinglist in the linkssection of Elsewere, so you can be always one of the first to know.

This update: June 2, 1997

Caballe & Vangelis

The latest news on Vangelis and Montserrat Caballe was sent to the DIRECT mailinglist (always the best and first source of all rumors and facts) by Diego Lugon:

Montserrat has been promoting her "Friends for Life" album in Greece and she has said during these promotions two interesting things:
1. She will perform "March with Me" with Vangelis on August 1 in Athens. A bit confusing is the fact that it was reported they were looking for a location some time ago. Does this mean it will not be performed at the opening of the Athletics World championship which Vangelis 'directs' that day?
2. She is working on a new album, with Vangelis. Hopefully some more things will be known about this great news soon.

This update: May 26, 1997

The first Albedo fanzine

The first issue of the new worldwide fanclub organized by Mark Griffin has appeared. Albedo is the "Vangelis international Appreciation Society", apparently trying to avoid the term fanclub. Albedo strives to a better connecting between fans worldwide and hopes to be more just an informative newsletter.

So, how's the magazine?
Quite pleasing to be short. It has very varied information. It starts with a newssection featuring everything from the biggest stories to the little funny details one might want to know. Any Breaking news stories? Well, it tells the rumors that Vangelis is working on a new score for "In pursuit of Honor", the upcoming Ridley Scott film. This is rather unlikely though. As far as I know this film (which is now retitled to its original name GI Jane, no doubt to be changed again in the future) has been assigned to Trevor Jones for scoring since a few months ago. But Scott was never to shy to fire a composer, even if he'd already finished writing, so there is hope.
Another rumor is mentioned, claiming that Vangelis may give a concert in September in Thessaloniki, in light of the city's status of European City of Culture.

Many more articles are included: a review of Oceanic (extremely positive), two interviews from the past, both I'd never seen before, an article on the Jon Anderson bootleg "the Sky and his Shadow" on which Vangelis is rumored to have played, an article on Anderson's "Olias of Sunhillow", recorded in NEMO studios, some Poetic thoughts by Paul Campbell on Vangelis latest works, a contact list, articles about the El Greco project, the Beauty and the Beast Ballet, the Olympic promotion concert, letters, a competition...
It's all there.

So, is it interesting? Yes it is, mainly due to the variety of content and style (much was contributed by other writers). It has something for everyone, and is quite pleasant to read.
It may look a bit cheap and patched, it certainly does what you can expect from it, and perhaps a bit more. It's far worth it's money. For more details on how to subscribe follow the "Earlier news items" link below.

This update: May 21, 1997

Record Collector

The main global magazine for collectors of records, CDs and other items related to musical artists, "Record Collector", is going to publish an extensive article about Vangelis and collecting his music.

The article will be written by Mark Griffin, who also wrote the fanbook "Vangelis - the Man and His Music" and is the organizer of "Albedo", the fanzine of which the first issue will soon see the light.

An important part of this article will consist of extensive discografical information, including ultra rare items with photos and price indications. The information and photos for this section will be provided by Don Fennimore, who is undoubtedly the biggest Vangelis collector in the world, and therefor the most reliable and unlimited source of factual information.

So keep an eye open for it in your local bookshop. The magazine is at least available in most of Europe, Canada and the USA. I suspect it can be found just about everywhere.

This update: May 14, 1997


Two new bootlegs "float around". Both have music from Polanski's film "Bittermoon" on them. One is called Memoires 4 and has 45 minutes of music in very good quality, but you have to put up with the soundeffects of the film (not the dialogs). There are also 25 minutes of Blade Runner on it, with the same advantage and disadvantage.

The other has been seen in Germany, has only Bittermoon, but without soundeffects. I don't know about the soundquality.
Note afterwards: This last one appears to be not true, it doesn't exist.

A little warning: It is not legal to buy bootlegs.

This update: April 28th, 1997

More about "Friends for Life"

Still no word on release dates for most parts of the world, but since the album is out in some Scandinavian countries a few more details can be given.

"March With Me" (3:45) is a victorious, bombastic track, with a marching rhythm, Vangelis playing orchestra style, Montserrat singing and a choir backing it up. Vangelis' style if very recognizable

"Like a Dream" (3:21) is a more subtle track. Soft and melodic, this piece includes some flute and cello (Vangelis on his keys) and a choir again. Could be described as a middle between "El Greco Movement 3" and "Slow Piece" (CDmaxi Ask the Mountains).

This update: April 19th, 1997

World Athletics Championship

A news item:

Oscar winning composer Vangelis Papathanassiou has been assigned the directorship of the artistic organization and inaugural ceremony of the sixth World Athletics Championship in Athens, August 1-10.
He is offering his services for free.

Sounds like hot news. Hopefully more details soon.

Thanks to Don Fennimore for his post on DIRECT.

This update: April 16th, 1997

More details about new Montserrat Caballe album.

It seems this albums premieres in the Scandinavian countries. It is expected in Finland and Norway, and i suppose some more European countries, but not yet in France, Spain, Netherlands or Germany.

Most songs on it are covers of older songs like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, but the two songs written and performed by Vangelis are new:

2. March with Me
14. Like a Dream

The lyrics were written by Montserrat herself. Both tracks recorded and mixed by Vangelis regulars Frederic Rousseau and Philipe Collona (Philipe is the guy at the mixing table in the Conquest Of Paradise videoclip) and the choir was conducted by Yvan Casar who also directed the choir at Vangelis' Mythodia concert.

Other artists on the album are: Bruce Dickinson, Johnny Logan, Marco Masini, Johnny Hallyday, Gotthard, Gino Vannelli, Khadja Nin, Carlos Cano, Helmut Lotti, Lisa Nilsson, Rene Froger, Die Prinzen and Freddie Mercury. The album is also dedicated to Freddie Mercury.

Caballe was in Oslo, Norway recently to promote this album. She was quoted in a tabloid magazine saying:
"Classical music, which is a minority in music life, must be open to collaboration with the rest of the musical world. We who work with opera, have discovered that it is wonderful to work together with pop-and rock artists. They have singing and emotions in common, but with different ways of expression. We have made a record about life for the whole world with singers from all the world."

There will be a single to promote the album, but it's not one of the Vangelis songs. It's a duet between Caballe and Lisa Nilson.

Thanks to Jussi Jacobson and Hans C. Hoff.

This update: April 11th, 1997

Montserrat Caballe album?

Apparently a new album by Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe (appeared on Foros Timis Ston Greco) has been released or will shortly be released. On this album she sings duets with various other artists.

What makes it relevant is that apparently there are two songs on it that are written and performed by Vangelis. The information is a bit vague at this moment. Are they new tracks? Or older works replayed? Mellina Mercouri (worked with Vangelis in the past) also sings on it. Does she sing on the Vangelis songs? Oops, that turned out to be Freddy Mercury, not Mercouri

The album is said to be titled "Friends for Life". Hopefully there will be more specific details available soon.

Thanks to Jussi Jacobson and Antas for their mails to the DIRECT mailinglist.

This update: 3 March 1997


The info is a bit vague unfortunately, and this would have been reported earlier on, but I had hoped more details would be known soon, especially after the news was broken to the DIRECT mailinglist. Nothing new has reached me since though.

What is known is that at two occasions recently the Greek public TV station ET1 aired TWO Vangelis related items. One late October or early November and the other at December 26th. Apparently they were two concerts, one of which was almost certainly the Mythodia concert (see Concerts section), while the other one is still not clear.

All the major Vangelis concerts in the nineties were recorded for possible television broadcast, and Mythodia was allegedly broadcast already, right after the actual event. Video recordings of it however seemed impossible to be found.

Anyway, more details are not available yet but hopefully will be soon. I would appreciate it if anyone who knows more, or could easily find out would let me know, or even better, send it to the DIRECT mailinglist (See linkssection for Email addresses). The same goes of coarse for information on potential future broadcasts.

Thanks to Octavian Buda for his information

This update: 2 February 1997 (3 items)

Greek interview

As you may know, Vangelis rarely gives interviews.
A magazine in Greece however, Mousicos Tonos, has now printed a new interview in their December 1996 issue (nr22).

Diego Lugon, who posted this information to the DIRECT mailinglist has promised to translate it and send it to DIRECT. It can probably be found on Elsewhere too after that.

International fanclub founded

Mark Griffin, writer of the book "Vangelis - the Unknown Man" has now founded the first ever (as far as is known) fanclub for Vangelis. It's called "ALBEDO", and will produce a fanzine every six months (to begin with).

The fanclub has not been authorized or approved by Vangelis or his management. It is not intended to make profit, and Mark promises that left over money will be donated to charity, although he doesn't specify which one exactly.

The first issue is now being written and will be published around May/June this year. Contributions can be send to Mark by mail or email to 100260.1354@compuserve.COM.

You can subscribe to ALBEDO for one year by sending:

  UK                        5.00 GBP      Cash, Cheque or Postal Order,
  Rest of Europe            6.00 GBP      Cash (Sterling) or Eurocheck
                                          (in Sterling), 
  USA/Rest of the World   $10.00 US       Cash (Dollars) or Check
                                          (Dollars) on a US Bank Account


  Albedo,  c/o Mark Griffin,  Smithy Croft,  Ythanbank,  Ellon, 
  Aberdeenshire, AB41 7UA,  Scotland GB

including your name and address.
Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Mark Griffin (Publications).

Oceanic released in the USA

Oceanic has now been released in the US. It should be availeble in the better CD shops and it can be ordered if you can't find it.

This update: 23 January 1997

Portraits to be released in the USA

The Polydor compilation album "Portraits {So Long Ago, So Clear}" is finally about to be released in the US on the 11th of March 1997, about a year after its release in Europe and other parts of the world.
For more information about this compilation album, which features a new version of Hymne and the first ever release of the endtitles of the 1994 wildlife film "Sauvage et Beau" you can take a look at the "Singles and Compilations" section of Elsewhere in the index.

This update: 16 January 1997

New edition of the book

"VANGELIS : The Unknown Man" by Mark J.T. Griffin

Over four years ago, Mark J.T. Griffin's book concerning Vangelis was published. The first print sold out within 12 months of publication raising over 1500 pounds for charity.

Mark has been far from resting since, as he has been updating his book into a new "second edition", which has now been released.

The new edition is published in glossy softback with a midnight blue cover and in a limited edition of ONLY 1000 copies. It includes many new and never before published photos of Vangelis.

Sadly, Griffin was unable to interview Vangelis himself. Vangelis remarked he can't understand why someone would write a book about him while he is still very alive and active. People who work around Vangelis however did cooperate uncreditted, so this book will certainly reveal a lot of information to those who are interested.

It's 174 pages, and includes collectors reference sheets, equipment lists and an extensive discography and chronology.

The price of the new edition including Postage and Packing is as follows:

UK: £11.00 GBP, in cash, Cheque or Postal Order
Rest of Europe: £12.00 GBP, in cash (Sterling) or Eurocheck (in Sterling)
USA/rest of the world: $20.00 US, in cash (Dollars) or Check (Dollars) on a US Bank Account.

Cheques should be made payable to Mark Griffin and orders can be sent to:

Mark J.T. Griffin, Smithy Croft, Schivas, Ythanbank, Ellon, Aberdeenshire,
AB41 7UA, Scotland GB

The book will also be available via a number of suppliers who accept credit card including C&D Services Dundee (+44 1382 776595) and Trehantiri (+44 181 802 6530) (See also a link to their webpage in the links section)

The royalties are promised to be donated to charity, although which one was not specified further.

This update: 27 December 1996

Expected releasedate in the USA

The album "Oceanic" is expected to be released in the USA finally on the 27th of January 1997, on the "Atlantic" label.

This update: 8 November 1996

Single released

In Finland the "Song Of The Seas" single from the album "Oceanic" has finally been released. It has no unreleased tracks on it. The tracks are:

        1. Song Of The Seas (single version)
        2. Spanish Harbour
        3. Song Of The Seas (album version)

Note afterwards: This appears to be wrong. Not "Spanish Harbour" but "Aquatic Dance" is included. See the Singles & Compilations section for more details.

I don't know about more releasedates. The coverart will be added to this site as soon as I get it or has been released in the Netherlands.
Thanks to Jussi Jacobson for the post to the DIRECT-mailinglist.

This update: 3 November 1996


Although it was announced that the first CD-single of "Oceanic" was to be "Song Of The Seas" and was planned for October 25th, it now appears that it wasn't released anywhere. The official Vangelis WWW site (still under construction, see links section) still announces it for the 25th.
Perhaps it's just a delay, but it hasn't appeared on releaselists yet, so it seems there is no new official date.

The releasedate for the album in Canada is set for the 4th of November 1996.

This update: 28 October 1996

Opinions about Oceanic...

With "Oceanic" out there for three days now, I have checked around for some opinions, and I am glad to find that they are all rather positive.
I think it's indeed an album that is hard to really dislike, and since it seems to have something in there for everyone, this is bound to get rather popular.
The most positive things I have heard concern the calm and relaxed pacing of the album. It seems to have a nice ongoing and balanced quality.
This also seems to be the negative side for some of us: it's very slow and offers little for those who had hoped for a more uptempo album. This is probably the most "new age" album Vangelis has made so far. But we can't have it all.

It's hard to compare it to other albums. It has some of "Voices" in it, but I do think it's a bit more fresh. Some tracks remind me of "Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria" from 1492. The opening is orchestral and bombastic like the opening of Rapsodies. There is a piano track called "Memories of Blue", which is probably a follow-up to Memories Of Green. It's not as dynamic but it certainly has style.

So overall I guess this is certainly something to look forward to if it has not yet been released in your country. I have temporarily [Note afterwards: They're gone now] installed some soundfragments that you can access from the albumssection. "Elsewhere" will of coarse continue to update you on releasedates if I receive them, especially for Canada and the US.

This update: October 25th 1996

Oceanic released in Europe!!

In Europe today Vangelis' new album "Oceanic" hit the stores. It's a calm album with surprising arrangements, a lot of sea samples, many synths, but also piano- and string sounds. And many many harpglissandos.

See "albums section" for the tracklist.

My first opinion: I heard it only once now, but for the curious I'll give my first impressions... He's using a lot of different sounds now. It opens with the familiar timpani roll and analogue synth horns, after which it turns into an orchestral bombastic piece that melodically reminds me of Antarctica and Messages (track 8 from Voices). Than other styles come in. Most are calm and moody, but kind of experimental and certainly not just a repetition of his past work.

I don't think I have ever heard this much harp glissandos in a 'not-harp-oriented' album, but I must admit that it works very well. Every once in a while a noisy sample from waves comes in, and also some analogue wave-sounds, I think.

There are more drumcomputers than on the last three albums. A gentle rhythm here, a rhythmic basis there. But it all sounds very 'new age'.

I do think this album takes some getting used to. I will give more details after the weekend when I've heard it more often and checked some more opinions. Probably I'll also add a few soundfragments temporarily for those who can't wait and can't buy it.

This update: 24 October 1996 (One day to go...)

Official homepage on-line

The official Vangelis homepage is now on-line and reachable at:
It's very much under construction featuring only 2 pages with small texts integrated in pictures, but it promises to become very interesting. It's made by Vangelis his own team and everything will be monitored by Vangelis himself, it claims.

Of course Elsewhere will continue to supply independent information.

This update: 21 October 1996

Tracklist of Oceanic

It has not yet been released, but here comes the tracklist:

       1. Bon Voyage 
       2. Sirens Whispering
       3. Dreams Of Surf
       4. Spanish Harbour
       5. Islands Of The Orient
       6. Fields Of Coral
       7. Aquatic Dance
       8. Memories Of Blue
       9. Song of The Seas

Thanks to Jussi Jacobson.

This update: 15 October 1996

Release dates

To my relieve the releasedate of Oceanic in the Netherlands has now officially been set to the 25th October, like the rest of Europe (Germany, France and Finland being confirmed).
On Direct 5 November was mentioned as releasedate for Canada.

IF the album does NOT get delayed in the Netherlands I expect to add a scan of the cover-art and a quick review on "Elsewhere" early afternoon on that Friday the 25th of October. A more solid description will be added the Monday after. (28th October) Again: IF the album hits the stores at the promised date.

Hopefully the expected official Vangelis homepage (by Warner I believe) will be on-line by that time. If so, a link to it will be installed here naturally.

This update: 14 October 1996

First report on "Oceanic"

On DIRECT (again... the DIRECT mailinglist will always be the most valuable source of information about Vangelis on the internet) the first report on Oceanic was posted by Antas (last name not given). He calls it "Very cool, very 'New Age', very melodic and... very very commercial" and to his opinion it's one of Vangelis' best.
I'd like to note that these are usually the first words when someone hears an album before it's released, but at least it gives an indication of what to expect.
Antas also says: "ALL TRACKS ARE MELODIC, with many oceanic samples and LARGE movements of Synthesizers." It adds up to 60 minutes of music, it has a track called "Memories of Blues", and the last track contains a Spanish guitar.
The cover contains the heads of swimmers in the water.

The releasedate of 25 October is mentioned again, but it's not sure to which countries this applies. Probably not the US. But also some other countries in Europe seem to get it at a later date, including the Netherlands ("not in October") which was first with the Voices and Portraits (Polydor, not East West/Warner) releases...
A huge advertising campaign will support it, for example 2 million Francs (f650.000,- (NL) or $400,000 (US)) in France alone.

This update: 2 October 1996

More about Oceanic

More news on DIRECT about Oceanic. This time Mark Griffin, author of the book "Vangelis - the unknown man" about Vangelis came with the following revelations:

"It was recorded at Vangelis' Greek beach house next to the shore and uses samples from that spot."


"The album was originally going to be called Ocean Stories and folks who've heard the tapes say its "back to form..." and "one of the best yet".

The cover is being co-design with Alwyn Clayden and Greenink who designed the See You Later and original Friends of Mr Cairo covers and who, I think, last worked with Vangelis on Mask.

For the techies out there there is also to be an offical Vangelis Web Page and the address (being nailed down at the 'mo) is to be on the sleeve. I guess by the time folks read this it may have been set up already.

The album and single (triple tracker) Song of the Seas is to be release in the UK on October 20th."

Thanks to Mark Griffin for this information.

This update on: 30 Sept 1996

Rereleased on CD!

The Greek departement of Polygram has finaly released a few old albums on CD, namely Vangelis' "Earth" (even before BR music's long planned Dutch release) and the Aphrodite's Child albums "End of the World / Rain and Tears" and "It's Five O'Clock".

Thanks to Donald Fennimore for his post on Direct


Promocopies of this album have already been circulating inside Warner Music.
Jussi Jakobsson wrote on DIRECT:

I haven't had a chance to listen it yet, but I heard that the representative of Warner Music told that he had listened it and he said that 'the album is instrumental (unlike 'Voices'), it contains some oceanic samples in it and it also contains some "nice & serious tracks". That's all I know ;-)


Apperently in France shops a bootleg appeared with both "the Dragon" and "Hypothesis" on one CD, limited to a 100 copies.

This update on: 17th September 1996

New album's title and date

It seems that the upcoming new album on East West is going to be a new studio work after all. The title "Oceanic" was mentioned by a Finnish spokesman for Warner music. The first single release should be "Song Of The Sea".
There is also a rumored release-date. It was first planned to be released late August. It's now supposedly set for October 25th.
Thanks to Jussi Jacobsson for his messages to the DIRECT mailinglist.

This update on: 16th August 1996

The upcoming releases

Apparently the planned release of "Earth" by BR music is a bit delayed, because they want to avoid colliding with another release by Vangelis, presumably on the East West label. It is not yet known what that will be but the soundtrack-album of "Kavafis" is a possibility (see below).
Furthermore BR music has planned a release of a double CD with music by Aphrodite's Child, including some parts of "Sex Power", which are falsely labeled as being from "AC" in the archives. This probably means the Earth CD will be a "clean" one, without additions from "Sex Power" and the chances of an integral release of "Sex Power" have decreased.
BR music is a recordlabel stationed in the Netherlands. It's not clear yet if the BR releases will be available abroad.

This update on: 21st July 1996

New album release?

Various sources state that a new album will be released in August.

This might involve a release we expect from the label "BR Music". This label intends to release both the LP "Sex Power" and the LP "Earth" on CD for the very first time! Probably on one album. We hope they will be the complete albums, since the original LPs are hard to find. Especially the "Sex power" LP, which could cost you about $1000 US dollars if you want to buy it.

BR music says they will try to release this in august, but fear it might get delayed.

On the other hand, some sources have stated that it will be a East West album that is released in August. This may indicate there are two upcoming releases. But beware, this is HIGHLY speculative.

One thing that could be in East West's pipeline would be the music for the Greek film "Kavafis". Vangelis wrote new music, inspired on his previous works for this Greek film about a poet.

(Thanks to J.W. van Aalst and S. Liolis for additional info.)

New Vangelis and Neuronium release

In 1992 a CD-single called "In London" by Vangelis and Neuronium was released. It consisted of one improvisational track (a version with an additional "radio edit" was also released) reportedly recorded at Nemo studio's in 1981.

Now a new version has been released with 3 different versions, under the title "a Separate Affair".
Tuxedo music TUXCD 5030

According to the KLEM magazine this can be ordered at:
Tuxedo Music
Beamettes 15, Renens
PO BOX 746 Renens,
Lausanne, Switzerland

(Source: "KLEM blad")

Produced by.....

BR music has recently released an LP from Demis Roussos on CD, called "Attitudes". They have included bonustracks from yet another Demis Roussos LP called "Reflection". These bonustracks were produced by Vangelis, as stated proudly on the cover of the CD. / news: < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >