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This update: December 28, 2002

Mythodea on German TV (WDR)

Vangelis' Mythodea concert will be shown on German TV again, this time on a public TV station, without commercial interuptions. It will air on Tuesday January 7, starting at 23:50 on the WDR channel, which reaches the western part of Germany.

Thanks to Frits Couwenberg / Stichting KLEM.

Anthem sheet music

A second version of sheet music for the "World Cup 2002 Anthem" has been released. This time it's the orchestral version adapted for organ. The transcription was officially supervised by Vangelis himself. It's been printed in a book including transcriptions of (pop) music by various artists.

   Title:          Kasori Yasuyuki
   Edition Number: GTE744310
   Price:          JPY2600

There's also a release with sheetmusic of Takkyu Ishino's remix of this track, but this was transcribed without Vangelis' supervision. Completists can find it in this book:

   Title:          Vol.29 Sports Theme Songs
   Edition Number: GTE743880
   Price:          JPY2300

Japanese fans can find these books in any good music (instruments) store. Non-Japanese keyboard players might want to try, also for the aforementioned piano sheets.

 Title:          PIANO mini ALBUM / ANTHEM
 Edition Number: GTP255260
 Price:          800yen

Thanks to Seiya Hirano for all information.

This update: December 13, 2002

Voices music video on Classic FM TV

Brittain's biggest commercial radio station, Classic FM, is currently setting up a new TV station called Classic FM TV, which aims to become the MTV of (popular) classical music. While preparing for the station's official launch, the sattelite band is being used for a test run, which continuesly plays a selection of video clips that fit within the station's format. One of these clips is Vangelis' Voices (the title track of the album). It seems to play approximately once per hour, or perhaps once in two hours.

This official video was very rarily shown on TV upon its release, especially since Germany, where the track briefly appeared in some charts seemed to use a locally made video instead. The official clip did play at least once on Greek TV, and portrays an athlete running through landscapes and picture frames.

The Classic FM TV test runs can currently be seen in Europe, at least on Sky Digital's EPG number 464. It is not scrambled, so no decoder is needed.

Other satelite dish owners may have use for the following data:

   Frequency:   11.488 
   Polarity:    V
   Symbol Rate: 27,500  
   FEC:         2/3

The channel will officially start next Tuesday (December 17). Let's hope the Voices video is a good omen for what the programing will have to offer.

Thanks to Patrick Gleeson!

This update: November 15, 2002

Blade Runner Music Interview

French science fiction magazine "L'Ecran Fantastique" decided that Blade Runner's 20th anniversary was a great excuse to publish a new article about the movie, including a section about its music in particular. This 2 page section was printed in the November issue (nr. 227) and should still be on sale in French magazine shops. The article contains interview cuts with Vangelis, and seem to be either new or unpublished.

Thanks to Antas!

Anthem Sheet Music

Vangelis' Anthem's musical notes have been released as sheet music in Japan. It's been arranged for piano and is included in 2 variations of difficulty, plus a version for 4 hands. An arrangement for electronic organ is scheduled for release inside a sheet music book containing music by various other artists as well.

Thanks to Seiya Hirano for his post to the Direct mailing list.

A Vihar performances

The Hungarian staging of "The Tempest", accompanied by original Vangelis music, has again been planned for new performances. It has played in the past few days (November 10, 12, 14) and will again on November 16. Next month it's planned for December 4.

But be sure to contact the theater ( for details, before you travel to Budapest.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

This update: October 25, 2002

Vangelis on Norwegian TV

Apologies for the late notice but the Mythodea concert will show on Norwegian TV tonight. It starts at 21:00 airing on public station NRK2.

Thanks to Mattias Hällsten and Morten Stenshorne for their posts to the Direct mailinglist.

New release of "Entends Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" (Ignacio)

The CAM label, notorious for releasing goofed CD versions of the albums "Entends Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" and "Fete Sauvage" (accidently exchanging parts of each works across the two albums) recently released a corrected version of the "Fete Sauvage" album, and has now also finally released a corrected version of "Entends Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?".

The CD can be ordered from their web site at, but it has yet to be confirmed if this is indeed a correct version. Also should be noted that their previous versions lacked the pitching down opening of Ignacio's B side, and it's not certain this is included on this version. But fact is that the CAM versions always featured a much better sound quality than the Barclay and Polydor versions did.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim for the tip.

Re-issues of Cosmos products

Although Carl Sagan's official site has stopped selling them quite a while ago, both the Cosmos 2CD (with Vangelis' unreleased Comet 16 theme) and the DVD of the revised series (including more unreleased Vangelis music, but not as much as was previously featured in the '86 version of the series) have had a new sales impulse this month because they were reissued and are now offered by more US stores and online shops. So anyone who was still searching for those releases could try again now. Note also that the price of the DVD set has been reduced quite drastically.

Thanks to John Norfolk and Ian Smith for their information.

This update: October 7, 2002

Cousteau on RTL4, Dutch TV

Dutch fans may want to wake up very early next Saturday (October 12), when commercial TV station RTL 4 will offer a rare chance to see Jacques Cousteau episode "Indonesia - The Devil's Orchard", one of the few Cousteau television productions that contains an original Vangelis score. Although RTL4 often cuts out the main titles which contains Vangelis' recognizable theme for 'his' Cousteau episodes, but there is plenty of intriguing yet unreleased music left in the background of various scenes.

There was a part 2 about Sumatra, but there's no sign of RTL4 broadcasting anywhere soon.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

This update: October 4, 2002

Caballé sings "March with Me" at Brandenburger gate

Montserrat Caballé sang Vangelis' "March with Me track" at the Brandenburger Gate, when the building was reopened on the 12th anniversary of the German reunion.

After the historic building was uncovered from the white cloths that protected its renovation work, Gerhard Schröder, Johannes Rau and Bill Clinton opened the building. Then Montserrat Caballé appeared and sang Vangelis' track, backed by a spectacular light show. Approximately a million German's witnessed the event on location, while the proceedings were broadcast live on German national television. Several news programs mentioned the song to be Vangelis' composition.

Thanks to Volker Rapp, Samuel Gomez, Andreas Heinz and Falk Fiedler.

This update: September 21, 2002

BR Music strikes again! ...Aphrodite's Child on DVD

Don Fennimore reported on his Vangelis Collector site ( that BR Music has released a new DVD featuring an unknown Aphrodite's Child video. As it turns out, while nobody was watching they have been releasing a whole series of nostalgic DVDs of which several issues contain Aphrodite's Child videos. All of them previously unreleased on VHS or DVD!

Chances to buy Vangelis for your TV screen have always been very scarce. Apart from the Mythodea concert, the only chances to see him were on BR Music's Demis Roussos DVD (4 Aphrodite's Child videos) and about a minute of studio footage on the very expensive Japanese "Antarctica" DVD.

So now BR Music has done it again. With "Remember the 60's Volume 1", "Remember the 60's Volume 2" and "Remember the 70's Volume 2" finally these unique recordings can be seen by everyone. The quality is great for such old recordings, certainly way beyond the quality of the VHS dubs that some fans have managed to gather over the years. It's amazing that so much of this material has survived so long and is even being officially released now. A unique oppirtunity and a must-buy for all fans.

These are the relevant DVDs and their Vangelis related tracks:

Remember the 60's Volume 1 (BR Music BD 3001-2)

   17. Aphrodite's Child - Marie Jolie 4:37

This clip - contrary to the others - is not a genuine presentation originating from the time of its release, but it has been assembled especially for this DVD. Although some material comes from the other videos, there is also some unique footage in here that has never been seen before.

Remember the 60's 2 (BR Music BD 3003-2)

   12. Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears 3:10
   17. Aphrodite's Child - I Want to Live 3:50

This is the second clip of Rain and Tears that has been released so far, the other having appeared on the famous Demis Roussos DVD. There's actually a third one still hiding in the archives. Hopefully, one day...

I Want To Live, certainly also different from the one found on the Roussos DVD. This one features exterior shots, including Vangelis with a dog.

Remember the 70's Volume 2 (BR Music BD 3004-2)

   1. Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock 3:28

A promo clip in black and white, showing the band in a studio with Vangelis playing the keys. He was already stacking various keyboards.

The series can be ordered at BR Music's own site (, or through various other on-line retailers, including (click on the round "En" button near the left top corner to browse in English).

Another DVD, Remember the 70's volume 1 (BR Music BD 3002-2) does not contain any Vangelis related material but completes the series (so far). BR Music is planning on releasing more volumes, and there are hopes that another unreleased TV version of "Spring Summer Winter and Fall" will be included on a new "Remember the 70s volume". More details here, when the news breaks.

Thanks to Bert van Breda and Don Fennimore.

Aphrodite's Child "666" reissued on LP

More unexpected releases that almost went by unnoticed. Luckily the Vangelis Collector site (Visit at paid attention so now we know that Universal (previously Polydor) has recently reissued 666 in Germany. Not on CD, but on the good old vinyl format called LP. And then of course Universal carefully forgot to tell anyone about it, so that not even the fans or audiophile vinyl fanatics knew to look for it.

The double LP was issued in July this year and can be ordered at specialized stores in Germany and some surrounding countries. It's likely to be a very limited print. More details will follow in updates to come.

Thanks to Don Fennimore.

Record Collector poll

The world's most important record collecting magazine, the UK based "Record Collector" conducted a poll among its readers (collectors, traders, shops) to find out who are this year's 500 most collectable artists. Vangelis turned up at 158 and was announced to be the biggest climber, leaving behind names like Sting, Dire Straits, Kraftwerk, jean Michel Jarre, The Orb and Maria Carrey.

The current (but soon to be previous) issue, No 277, September 2002, publishes the results (see images) and can be bought in shops throughout Europe or ordered online at

Thanks to Patrick Gleeson.

This update: September 16, 2002

A Vihar

There are 3 more performances of Shakespeare's The Tempest (A Vihar in Hungarian) being performed next month in Budapest. These performances use recordings of original music Vangelis wrote for this staging (see updates as well as this site's feature on A Vihar), and might be the last chance to hear the music, for anyone who is still doubting whether or not to go and see.

The play is scheduled for October 7, 23, and 31. Contact the Hungarian national theater (Nemzeti Szinhaz) for more details and confirmation. Their web site can be found here:

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

This update: September 9, 2002

Belgian radio: Bittermoon

Belgian TV presenter Danny Wuyts ("De Notenclub" on public station TV1) apparently worked on Bitter Moon, performing the piano player's role on the movie's cruise ship. On Belgian radio show "De Nieuwe Wereld" he spoke briefly but enthusiastically about his meetings with Vangelis.

For those who understand the Dutch/Flemish language, this episode can currently be listened to online:, more specifically: But be quick because this location is updated daily with the latest episode of the radioshow. Wind to 13:45 to hear the 4 minute part.

Thanks to Gunther Simons!

This update: August 17, 2002

Greek press

Of interest to the article collectors amongst us: Vangelis appears in the Greek press again. The weekly insert "The Protagonists" of tomorrow's (August 18) issue of Sunday newspaper "Ta Vima" has a page about Vangelis, featuring a portrait picture dating back to the days of the Mythodea 2001 concert.

The series contains articles that tell the story of Greek as well as international people who - according to the newspaper - played a leading role in the 20th century. Other protagonists in this week's issue are Melina Mercouri, Umberto Eco, Henry Kissinger, Mao Tse Tung, Salvador Dali, and others.

"Ta Vima" is for sale throughout Greece.

This update: August 11, 2002

Australian DVD

The "Mythodea" concert DVD has since August 8 finally been released in Australia, in the region 4 zone.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

Cover versions

Because there is no sign of any other news to report, fans might be interesting to learn about two cover versions that stand out. First of, a while ago Czech classical label "Supraphon" released a live CD called "Koncert Hvezd na Zofine" featuring four opera singers performing both classical pieces and songs from musicals. Two tracks on this album are covers from Vangelis and Montserrat Caballé tracks "March with Me" and "Like a Dream". They are performed by Eva Urbanova, with a live symphony orchestra, and were orchestrated as almost exact copies of the Vangelis versions, with every note finding representation somewhere in the orchestra. "Like a Dream" however is performed at a much slower pace. It might be interesting to many to hear how these pieces could be performed by other classical performers. The lyrics were either translated or rewritten in Italian.

Germany in the mean time saw the release of a new remix of Blade Runner. "Taurus vs Laurent" go techno on the end titles, not using samples but replaying the famous melody. A CD maxi release contains 8 tracks (over 42 minutes in total) and one particular edit has appeared on dance compilation albums.

Thanks to Matthias Eislöffel.


In the German Milva TV special, which was also shown on local German regions' TV stations, Milva did talk about Vangelis for a few seconds, but there was no music or other related content in the show.

Thanks to Walter Wachauer.

This update: July 21, 2002

Milva on German TV

German TV channel ORB will broadcast a special about Milva, next Tuesday, July 23. Milva made two albums with Vangelis: Ich Hab Keine Angst contained some covers of Vangelis hits plus new material composed by (but not performed with) Vangelis, and a few years later they collaborated on "Geheimnisse" / "Tra Due Sogni" for which Vangelis wrote all the music and arranged / performed /produced three of the tracks.

The special will include photo's from Milva's personal album and she will talk about topics including famous colleagues and of course her music. So chances are there will be something of interest for Vangelis fans.

The special is called "Milva - Artisti", and will air on 20:45 local German time on ORB.

Thanks to Walter Wachhauer.

Japanese Charts

While the World Cup Anthem may now be slowly fading from the Japanese charts, it did make it to the 5th spot at the top of its carreer. The single must have sold about 150,000 copies. The only other succes was in Greece where it did not surpass the 11th spot on the singles sales list.

Thanks to Seiya Hirano.

This update: June 27, 2002

Anthem CD-single at nr. 6 in Japan

Vangelis' World Cup Anthem has raised its position to nr. 6 on Japan's most important singles chart (Oricon).

Thanks to Seiya Hirano for the information.

This update: June 24, 2002

French Vangelis interview


A while ago, French film score magazine "Dreams Magazine" printed a large Vangelis interview. It wasn't reported here at the time, but many of us might be interested to hear that this magazine can be easily ordered - internationally - for a very fair price.

The interview is 6 pages long and although there aren't any new pictures, this leaves all the more space for the well written text. Vangelis was very willing to go into details about a large number of topics, which makes this counts as one of the best interviews that Vangelis gave around the Mythodea concert. Make sure though that you are aware French magazines write in the French language.

Other interviews in this issue include Enya (!), Charlotte Church, Howard Shore and James Horner.

To order this issue, nr 26 (February / March 2002), send an international postal money order of 5.70 EURO per issue (including postage) to:

    91090 LISSES

Also, the preceding issue, nr 25, included a review of the Mythodea album and is also still available for the same price.

Thanks to Annie Vincent.

Fete Sauvage confirmed

Just like the CAM label promised, their latest reissue of the Fete Sauvage CD is all correct, no tracks from Ignacio this time and the track order follows the original LP.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

Mythodea DVD in Australia

Although Sony previously claimed that the Mythodea concert would not be released in Australia, they have finally put it on Australian release lists, to appear in shops around July 22. It's a PAL encoded disc, for the region 4 area.

Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim.

Chart success Anthem

Vangelis' World Cup 2002 Anthem has celebrated some chart success in various countries. Most appropriately in Greece where it floated around the 13th place for a while some weeks ago in the national singles list. And more importantly in Japan, one of the two countries that host the current World Cup games, which also makes for a music market of considerable proportions. Now, Japan is a difficult story to explain because they have several charts and work with daily, weakly as well as monthly figures that can differ very much, but on some weekly lists it rated as high as 11, and 14, and it has been at even better positions on certain days . Japan also has a separate CD single of the Takkyu Ishino remix which has also appeared on some lists but always considerably lower than Vangelis' single with the original orchestral and synthesizer recordings.

Thanks to Seiya Hirano and Sufian.

This update: June 18, 2002

Ship Christening

A little over a week ago, Vangelis became the Godfather of Greece's latest new luxurious cruise ship, the Olympia Explorer. Vangelis had the honor to baptize the ship during a ceremony in Athens' harbor of Piraes. See pictures below.

The ship, sailing under Greek flag, run by Royal Olympic cruises can carry 836 passengers on 6 passenger decks, and together with its sister ship the Olympia Voyager it's the fastest of its class in the world.

Details of the ship, plus maps of the decks, etc, can be found at

A press release about the ship and its inauguration ceremony can be found here:


Thanks to Sufian, Yannis and Chryssoula Dakaki.

CAM reissue of "La Fete Sauvage"


The CAM label which previously released 2 CDs of Fete sauvage that mixed up parts of the album with parts of "Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer" (aka Ignacio), is now reissuing this album with the promise of finally getting it right. Find confirmation here as soon as someone confirms the track selection to be correct and in the right order.

CAM is also planning to re-issue the "Entends-Tue Les Chiens Aboyer" album (also known as Ignacio), hopefully also in a corrected version. A release date has yet to be set.

Interesting about the CAM CDs is that they sound considerably better than the earlier (and in Fete's case quite rare) Polydor issues.

Thanks to Antas.

Chinese concert performance

According to Greek press Vangelis was among the 4000 spectators of last weekend's performance by China's National Traditional Orchestra, that was part of the annual Athens Festival. Chinese TV reportedly interviewed Vangelis, so fans in China should keep their eyes out for a rare possible appearance of Vangelis on Chinese TV.

Thanks to Sufian.

This update: June 5, 2002

Status magazine interview


It's probably been more than 10 years ago since a Vangelis interview of this magnitude was published. Not many will be able to read the Greek text, but the publication is so filled with pictures that any fan will regret skipping this magazine for his collection. Greek lifestyle magazine "Status"'s current June issue has a leading 9 pages interview article, cover photography and an editorial, all about Vangelis.

The pictures, almost all never seen before, range from all time eras, even featuring a picture of a 6 year old Vangelis in Greek traditional outfit. Another picture of the main set of the Mythodea concert is spread all over 2 pages, the only size to do any justice to the scale of the event.

Unfortunately this issue is mostly sold in combination with a luxurious hotel guide which makes the issue more expensive to buy or send, yet no less unmissible to collect.

Thanks to everyone inside and outside of Greece who send in tips, scans, descriptions, etc. on this subject. Each and every e-mail was dearly appreciated, but there were too many to name names!

Mathieu movie


Last week the new 35mm print of Rossif's Mathieu movie was presented for the first time on a special occasion in Paris. The Cinematheque Francaise, across the Seine next to the Eiffel Tower, was visited by a great number of guests. The documentary was introduced by organizers Yves Rescalat and director Jean Charles Tacchella (Cousin, Cousine). They explained that Vangelis was sorry that he could not make it to this premiere but he send his very best wishes for the evening. Rossif's movie was preceded by a similarly themed film about the same French expressionist artist.

French actress Nathalie Nerval, who provided the film's voice overs in 1971 publicly read a letter, written by Mathieu to Frederic Rossif shortly after the movie was finished, thanking him for the poetic quality of the movie.

"Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Etre" is not only interesting because it features an early original score by Vangelis (1971, one of the first Frederic Rossif films Vangelis' composed for), but it is extra special because of Vangelis' appearance in the movie itself. The scene is presented as the closing part of the film and last maybe more than 10 minutes. Vangelis plays flute, synths, percussion, etc. The camera follows Mathieu's work on the painting but also cuts to Vangelis (close-ups on fingers, face, etc) and he can often be seen performing in the background, always playing the music live and real-time. This presents a unique opportunity to see Vangelis - particularly early in his solo career - perform his music live. Especially on the big screen!

The picture quality of the movie is amazing, especially for a film that was produced more than 30 years ago. Enclosed pictures (below) are NOT from this new print, as they would then look much better. The sound gives away more clues as to its age. The music itself however is as effective as it ever was, featuring large abstract movements, but also enchantingly mysterious parts that sound almost religious in nature. Some of the music may be familiar to those who have seen "Au Pays des Visages", or "l'Apocalypse des Animaux", since Rossif's habit of re-using small parts of music from earlier project has also made him grab back from the score of "Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Etre".

If and when the movie will play in French (Paris?) cinemas, the details will appear on these pages. Vangelis' fans in Tokyo may get a chance to see these unique images as well, since the film is possibly being presented in the capital of Japan later this year.

Special thanks to Yves Rescalat.

This update: May 22, 2002

Music video clips for Anthem

Sony has produced 3 music videos for the World Cup 2002 Anthem. Vangelis' synthesizer version and the JS-16 remix have a similar video both showing players flying through the air to reach the ball. The Takkyu Ishino remix is different showing a computer animated ball flying across the field with different special effects. The clips have been distributed to Japanese TV stations and may possibly also show up on European television soon.

Thanks to Seiya Hirano and Sufian.

Mythodea on Polish TV

The "Mythodea" concert can be seen on Polish public TV channel 2 on Sunday, May 26. The show starts at 23.35 local time. Remember that the TV version of this registration differs from the DVD so fans may want to use the opportunity to record these sort of broadcasts.

Thanks to Monsoon.


Britain will see the release of "The Best of Vangelis" around now, yet another compilation album selecting tracks from the RCA albums. This time "Heaven and Hell", "Albedo 0.39", "Spiral" and "Page of Life" provided tracks. The artwork displays a picture of Vangelis hands playing the keyboard, well known from the Direct photo shoot.

A 2CD compilation called "Cosmos" was released earlier this year in Belgium and some other countries, also pulling tracks from the RCA classics.

The Mythodea DVD is appearing in more countries eventually, the release dates are too scattered to keep track off. The same goes for the Anthem single and the World Cup album, it's best to say they have by now been released in most of Europe. Ask your local CD store for details on your country. For Vangelis fans the single could be recommended over the album because it contains both Vangelis' versions as well as two remixes (European single), while the album in general only contains the orchestral Vangelis version as well as the JS16 remix.

Thanks to Patrick Gleeson and others.

This update: May 9, 2002

Vangelis NOT to direct 2004 Olympic ceremony

It was announced today who will direct the 2004 Olympic Games that are to take place in Athens and contrary to popular expectations it will not be directed by Vangelis. After directing (and composing for) the 1997 Athletics World Championship ceremonies it was widely believed that no one else but Vangelis would be appointed to direct the 2004 ceremonies. Vangelis also composed music for events leading up to the games, and directed the flame handover proceeding at Sydney's Closing ceremony, so for some his involvement seemed already set.

There is no word out yet as to who will compose the music for the show. This could still be Vangelis.

Thanks to Sufian.

Tickets for Mathieu screening

The first new screening of Rossif's "Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Etre" (see earlier reports for details) will, in addition to a list of invited guests, also be attended by a public audiance, as a number of tickets will be sold that evening, at the entrance of the "Cinémathèque Française" starting at 8:00 PM, while the event starts half an hour later. There will be no reservation option, so tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will cost 4.7 Euro. The address for the event is:

    Cinémathèque Française,
    Salle du Palais de Chaillot, 
    7 avenue Albert de Mun 
    75116 Paris

World Cup releases

Vangelis' World Cup 2002 Anthem has been confirmed on sale as single in Sweden and Greece, and is probably out in much of Europe by now or very soon.

Thanks to Fredrik Magnusson and others.

This update: May 5, 2002

European World Cup 2002 Anthem single


The European version of the single of Vangelis' "Anthem" contains both Vangelis versions of the track, as well as the Takkyu Ishino remix (radio edit) and the JS16 remix (radio edit). The tracklist indicates that these are mixes of the Orchestral version, not the synthesizer version.


  1. Anthem (Orchestral Version)                          4:32
  2. Anthem (Synthesizer Version)                         3:30
  3. Anthem (JS16 Remix of Track 1) (Radio Edit)          3:44
  4. Anthem (Takkyu Ishino Remix of Track 1) (Radio Edit) 3:38

Catalog: Sony Classical, SSK 89991

The single is packaged in an album jewelbox, and the artwork's font colors have slightly changed from the Japanese CD single.

It has reportedly been released this week in Italy, being spotted in CD shops in Rome.


Mathieu picture

Enjoy a picture of Vangelis and George Mathieu in 1973, on the set of the "Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Etre", which will soon play in French cinemas, starting with a special screening for guests on May 28 (corrected; not May 18). See April 30 update for details.

Click for a larger image.

Mythodea on Australian TV

Mythodea will be shown again on Australian TV, a few weeks from now. On June 1, it will air around 7:00 in the evening on SBS. Please check for details the SBS site:

Note that it's likely to be the TV version of the concert, which differs from the DVD/VHS version.

Thanks to Max Fazio for the Italy report and Sufian for the Australian TV info.

This update: April 30, 2002

George Mathieu

As reported last year (see October 26 update), the Frederic Rossif movie "Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Etre" ("Georges Mathieu or the Fury of being") (1973) will be shown again in French cinemas this year. It's not yet clear when it will be shown publicly in French movie theaters, but the first showing will be a special event that will happen on May 28 at the prestigious French Cinematheque Institute. The movie will be shown for the first time from a brand new 35mm print that has been produced especially for the occasion.

This opening event is sponsored by French TV magazine Tele 7 jours, and will be attended by many invited guests including VIPs from the French art cinema and media. French director Jean Charles Tacchella ("Cousine Cousine") will be president of the evening, which will also be attended by George Mathieu himself as well crew members who worked with Rossif on the documentary.

Of course, Vangelis wrote music for this documentary, as he did for related films about George Braques and Picasso, but what makes this one extra special is that he's also featured himself briefly in the movie, where he can be seen improvising music while Mathieu is painting a new work on a huge canvas, called "Necessity of Hope".

The screenings of the movie coincide with a retrospective exhibition of Georges Mathieu's paintings in Paris' famous "Jeu de Paume" museum of modern art, runing from June 17 to October 6 2002.

Release date

"Babylon the Great": An Introduction To Aphrodite's Child will be released in the UK on May 13, and should also become available throughout the rest of Europe around the same time. Read more details in previous news updates.

FIFA World Cup 2002 album

The title "Fever Pitch", for the official World Cup 2002 album - which contains Vangelis' orchestral Anthem as well as a remix of this composition by Finish DJ "JS16" - is only being used for the Japanese market [Note afterwards: And the US market]. In Korea the album was released several weeks ago, and this version contains the title and artwork that are being used internationally, basically everywhere except in Japan [Note: and the States, actually there are a lot of different types of artwork for this album]. The album will be released during the month of May throughout the football (soccer) minded countries of the world. The European version of the single of the Anthem is expected for release in May, probably May 13. This version contains both Vangelis versions as well as two remixes: the Takkyu Ishino remix as well as the JS16 remix, both in their radio edit versions.

Thanks to Mr. Kim for the World Cup 2002 album scan.

This update: April 25, 2002

"Babylon the Great": An Introduction To Aphrodite's Child

The name of Universal's upcoming Aphrodite's Child compilation album (See February 17 update) reads in full: "Babylon the Great: An Introduction To Aphrodite's Child". The "Introduction to..." series are meant to introduce the casual listener to "the other side" of an artists perceived persona, and as such will avoid focussing on the usual hit singles. The total duration of this disc is a full 72 minutes and 39 seconds. It includes several special versions as well as one completely unreleased (instrumental) track of 16 minutes in duration.

The full track list:

  1.  The Other People            3:07 B-side of Mercury 40536
                                       Released October 1968
  2.  You Always Stand In My Way  3:57
  3.  Valley of Sadness           3:12
  4.  The Grass is No Green       6:06
  5.  Day of the Fool             5:57
  6.  The Shepherd and the Moon   3:02 Taken from "End of the World, 
                                       Rain and Tears"
                                       Released as Mercury SMCL 20140
                                       October 1968
  7.  Magic Mirror                2:52 B-side of Polydor 56769
                                       Released June 1969
  8.  Funky Mary                  4:11 B-side of Polydor 56791
                                       Released January 1970
  9.  Let Me Love, Let Me Live    4:41 A-side of Polydor 56785
                                       Released October 1969
  10. Chackachak                 16:01 Previously unreleased
  11. Loud, Loud, Loud            2:42
  12. The Four Horsemen           5:54
  13. Aegian Sea                  5:20
  14. Lament                      2:45
  15. Break                       2:52 Taken from "666 The Apocalypse 
                                       of John"
                                       Released as Vertigo 6673 001
                                       February 1972

Universal is also preparing a remastered version of Aphrodite's Child's album "666". This album was originally released as double LP and also a double CD. However for this release all tracks will be pressed on one disc. The sound will be remastered from the original first generation master that Universal has dug up.

This update: April 16, 2002

No Arion award

Vangelis did not win the first Greek Arion award for best instrumental composition, as it went to Stamatis Spanoudakis instead. Just before the announcement cheers from the audience called for Vangelis to win, but the jurors had decided otherwise.

This update: April 15, 2002

A Vihar official opening

On April 12, the delayed official opening of the play "The Tempest" took place in Budapest. Public performances had commenced a few weeks earlier. Read this site's new feature on the play and its music, including an interview with director György Schwajda, to be found in the "Other works" section (or to access directly, click here).

Tickets to the entire show for this season have been sold out, but the same staging will also be included in next season's program, so anyone interested to see it will have a new opportunity after the current season.

German release date for the Anthem single?

May 13 has been mentioned as release date for Vangelis' World Cup Anthem CD single release on the German market. No further details are available so far. German shop Amazon offers it for pre ordering at 6.99 Euro. Be careful though, This shop has had some complaints on international orders for Mythodea when Germany was first with the Mythodea release.

Thanks to Dietmar Paul for his info.

South African print of Mythodea

Although the Mythodea CD was sold in places in South Africa before, Sony has decided to step up distribution of the CD and produce it locally from now on. It should be on a more general release as of today.

Neuronium remaster

In 1992 a single was released by Neuronium with his 1982 Nemo jam session with Vangelis for a Spanish TV show called Musical Express. In 1996 he released a CD called "A Separate Affair" which offered 3 edits of the track. Now he's releasing a "remastered" version of the track, called "In London - The Platinum Edition". See his web site at for more details.

Thanks to Samuel Gomez for his post to the Direct list.

This update: April 8, 2002

Mythodea nominated for Greek award

Vangelis' Mythodea has been nominated for the first Greek "Arion" music awards, which will be presented in Athens' Fever nightclub on April 16. The event will be broadcast live on Greek television by the MEGA channel, starting at 21:00. Vangelis is up for the category "Best instrumental music". The nominees in this category are:

1. Stamatis Spanoudakis - "For Smyrni" album
2. Mikis Theodorakis - "Mediterraneo" (soloist Nikos Hantzopoulos)
3. Vangelis - "Mythodea"
4. Michalis Nikoloudis - "Deja vu"
5. Saleas - "Fasma" (soloist Vassilis Saleas, many composers)

More details can be found at:

Thanks to Sufian.

This update: April 1, 2002

Overview of FIFA World Cup 2002 releases

With the World Cup 2002 Anthem having been released on CD single in Japan, it's time for a short overview of what sort of releases are upcoming related to this new composition.

First off, realize that there are two proper Vangelis versions, the orchestral version and the synthesizer version. Both versions however have Vangelis playing on synthesizers. The orchestral version is longer, has a majestic opening with choirs and emphasizes its orchestral sound (The London Metropolitan Orchestra and choir, conducted by Blake Neely), while the synthesizer version focusses only on the happy theme with more synths and sort of a dance beat driving the track. The CD single that was released in Japan last week contains both of these proper Vangelis versions. There will in fact also be single releases outside of Japan, more particular in Europe. But details like contents and release dates are unclear, so we have to wait to see what that will bring.

The official album for the World Cup is called "Fever Pitch" and will contain a number of pop songs commissioned by FIFA or inspired by the World Cup event. Among these tracks is the orchestra version of Vangelis' Anthem. The same as you find on the CD single. But the synthesizer version will not be included. Instead, a DJ remix of this track will be included, created by Finish musician JS 16. Note that this album will be released internationally, so there's no need to order this from Japan. Release dates may differ per country, but Japan expects it on May 2.

A Japanese mixer, Takkyu Ishino was also commissioned to remixed the track, his work will be released in Japan both on CD single and 12" vinyl maxi single. Each will contain both a radio edit and the full version of this mix. Expected to be released only in Japan.

The radio edit of this remix will also appear on a special local FIFA album, called "Songs of Korea / Japan", to be released in the two countries organizing this World Cup competition, being Korea and indeed Japan. The Takkyu Ishino remix will be the only Vangelis related track on this particular album. Expected to be released only in Korea and Japan.

A promo single (not intended for sale), released in Japan earlier this year, contains Vangelis' synthesizer version of the Anthem plus another World cup track (Boom, by Anastacia) and interestingly enough the Anthem track differs slightly from the retail version. A number of parts (instruments) heard in the retail version are not present in this (presumably earlier) version of the track.

Be careful when ordering releases from Japan: There are also some confusing titles out there that have nothing to do with Vangelis. There's an album called "Football Songs 2002" by GOTA YASHIKI that has a track called "FIFA ANTHEM", by Lambert Franz - NOT Vangelis!!! - and there's a single with various versions of this same "FIFA ANTHEM" that are all not Vangelis related at all. Beware for this confusion!

For more details on the official Japanese World Cup releases related to Vangelis, please visit a special site about this, created by Seiya Hirano, located at

"The Tempest" details

As reported earlier, the official premiere of the Tempest, originally scheduled for March 23, has been postponed and is set to happen on April 12. All public performances as of March 25 however did or will happen as planned and changes in the schedule are left to a minimum.

The ambitious stage play is performed at the impressive new national theater in Budapest, possibly one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and fitted with very impressive and unique technical stage equipment, allowing for instance the floor to change to a different shape in front of the audience's very eyes at any time during the performance. The tempest is traditionally a piece with lots of audio visual effects, making a colorful score like Vangelis wrote for this play all the more fitting.

Vangelis' wonderful score for the play includes many medieval themes, and makes use of mostly semi-traditional sounds, but played and arranged in a familiar lush and sensitive Vangelis style. Comparisons with El Greco might be possible at some points, but the music is more frivolous, alive and fast paced, as well as mixed with an occasional more electronic flavor.

One finds dark pieces, mysterious tones, frivolous passages and for instance a magnificent wedding dance.

So far, there is no reason to believe that there will ever be another way to hear the music than to go and see the play in Budapest. Highly recommended for anyone who is in the lucky position to be able to go there.

This site will soon feature a detailed story about the music, the play and the theater, including an exclusive interview with director György Schwajda. For now, visit the play's official web site in Hungarian, at and most recommended its feature about Vangelis (

World cup Anthem released in Japan

In Japan, the single of Vangelis' Anthem for the 2002 soccer World Cup has been released. As reported earlier, both an orchestral version and a synthesizer version - with poppy beat - are included on this 2 track single.

Later this year a remix CD single is also expected, featuring a version handled by Takkyu Ishino plus another remix. This combination will also be released on a 12" vinyl maxi single, apparently as: File Records, SYUM0225


This update: March 21, 2002

"The Tempest" play delayed

Unfortunately, for reasons so far unknown, the staging of the play "The Tempest" in Hungary's new national theater - for which Vangelis wrote the original new music - have been postponed. No further details are known yet. If you have bought tickets or booked A trip to Budapest, please call the theater first to find out if you need to change plans.

The first staging was originally planned for March 23. More details or news when it becomes available.

DVD in Germany, Norway, Slovakia and expected in the UK

Germany, Norway and Slovakia (March 7) can be added to the list of countries where the Mythodea concert DVD has been confirmed to have been released. In the UK in the mean time sales are expected to start on May 6.

Thanks to Willie Donald, Reinhard Rehner, Sergej Azor and Elf.

This update: March 11, 2002

Mythodea DVD releases

In addition to the States and the Netherlands, the Mythodea concert DVD has been confirmed to have been released in several European countries: Austria, Italy, Spain and Sweden (February 18, apparently). But in some of these countries it might take a bit of searching before it can be found. Orders reportedly can also take unexpected long times.

Thanks to Dietmar Paul, Mikel Carrion Etxebarria, Fredrik Magnusson, Mattias Hällsten and Dan Ferna.

This update: February 27, 2002

DVD released in Europe

The Mythodea DVD was released also in at least some countries in Europe this week. As it turns out, the Netherlands officialy say the release on February 25 and although many shops did not yet receive their ordered copies, one should be able to find it when calling or searching enough.

Germany reportedly expects the disc on March 4, next Monday. All other countries are as yet unconfirmed. Feel free to report domestic release dates to

As for the regioncode of the DVD: At least the European disc is set to all regions, which means there are no limitations. One can freely import his Mythodea DVDs from anywhere he likes, as long as they fit the local TV format (PAL, NTSC, SECAM or MESECAM).

Snapshots from the DVD

As for the content of the DVD, both picture and sound quality are absolutely perfect. Reactions of fans so far hail the results for being so technically top notch but also for the show to be so warm and moving to watch. The first Vangelis concert ever released prooves to be as good as it gets. It was certainly worth the longwait.

Click on the images for larger versions.

This update: February 26, 2002

World Cup Anthem details

Japan will see the release of the World Cup 2002 Anthem CD single on March 27 (previously announced as March 6). It's not clear yet if it will be released in other countries later on. Catalog number: SICP-102. Official track list:

  1. ANTHEM / 2002 FIFA World Cup(TM) Official Anthem 
                                        (Full Orchestra Version)
  2. ANTHEM / 2002 FIFA World Cup(TM) Official Anthem 
                                        (Synthesizer Version)

The orchestral version was conducted by Blake Neely (Mythodea), performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra (Mythodea), choir, Vangelis and featuring Kodo and Kim Duk Soo on percussion.

Mythodea DVD artwork

Thanks to Seiya Hirano for the World Cup Anthem information and to Don Fennimore for the Mythodea DVD scan.

This update: February 22, 2002, updated!!

Mythodea on Portuguese TV

Portuguese TV station TV2 will broadcast the Mythodea concert tomorrow night from Saturday to Sunday, starting at 1:15 AM Sunday morning.

[Warning: the station's website lists it as starting from 00:50 until 2:10, a total of 25 minutes earlier. Thanks for this info to Manuel de Freitas on the Direct list]

Thanks to Nuno Bandeira for his post on the Direct mailinglist.

This update: February 19, 2002

Mythodea DVD released in the United States

As of today, the Mythodea concert DVD and VHS are on general release in the United States. More regions will follow.

The DVD contains the show as it was broadcast in Greece on January 1, earlier this year. This makes the show is edited quite differently compared to earlier TV broadcasts in countries like Hungary, Germany, Australia, Canada and some regions in the US.

Similar to the Greek TV broadcast, the show is presented in 16:9 format that is optimized for widescreen TVs, and lasts approximately 76 minutes, presenting the entire Mythodea work preceeded by a short new opening title piece and followed by Chariots of Fire as encore.

The sound of the DVD is included in two variations, to be selected by the viewer. The default channel is a normal stereo configuration stored as PCM data, which provides for the very best of uncompressed audio quality, slightly exceeding the technical limitations of audio CDs. There's a second sound channel included that contains the concert in a spectacular 5.1 mix. This means that with the proper surround Hifi soundsystem, the sound will seem to totally surround the listener.

The "Making Of" feature, that was broadcast on Greek TV is included as an extra on the DVD, showing behind-the-scenes footage of preparations and rehearsals, as well as the press conference of June 27 and interview snippets with Vangelis and other people.

More DVD extras - as reported earlier - include the video clip (presented in widescreen, 16:9) made for the Mythodea Special Edit, a combination of the last two movements previously available as a CD single and included on some of the CDs as bonus track.

Sony Classical SVD 89189

Thanks to John Norfolk for his information!

This update: February 17, 2002

Upcoming Aphrodite's Child releases; Previously unreleased track

Universal Music (formerly Polydor) in Britain is planning to release two Aphrodite's Child CDs. One of these will be a remastered version of 666, the other will be a compilation album called "An Introduction to...". Most notably this disc will contain a so far unreleased piece called "Chackachack". The almost 15 minute instrumental track is said to be reminiscent of "Sex Power", featuring heavy percussion as well as jazz influenced piano. More details here as soon as they become available.

Mythodea DVD

Sony has supplied US shops with Mythodea DVDs and VHS tapes, to be sold on its February 17 release date, next Tuesday. It seems this time the States are first with the new release. Europe will have to wait some more, although certain Scandinavian shops have expressed their expectation to be able to supply the DVD somewhere next week. There are however no official details on this from Sony.

Those who intend to import the US version of the DVD should be careful realizing that there might be technical consequences. The region code limits this edition to Canada and the US (unless you own a region free player), and the TV system this release (both DVD and VHS) is made for is NTSC (US, Canada, South America and Japan) which is not necessarily playable on European players and TVs. Await your local release if you want to be sure to get the most easily played DVD and the best optimized quality for your region.

As for those who doubt between the VHS and the DVD releases: Details on the video are not in yet but it is expected to miss out on the extras including the "Making of" special, the video clip as well as the photo galleries that the DVD is blessed with.

Mythodea "gold" in Greece

Sony Music Greece announced that domestic sales of Mythodea have awarded the album with a gold disc, while a platinum disc is expected to be due in the near future.

The Tempest update

Director György Schwajda has explained on Hungarian radio that although Vangelis retains all his rights and control over the music, he has decided to waive his financial commission for use of the music in the play. Tickets for the play in the mean time have sold out up to March 13, but for double seats adjacent to each other, one currently has to book as far back as March 23.

World Cup Anthem

Part of the Vangelis performed version of the World Cup 2002 Anthem can be heard to accompany a special Flash (internet) version of a Sony TV commercial for this music, online at Also - even though this site takes no responsibility and wishes not to endorse any web shops - popular demand begs for hints on how to order the CD single of this track from any English language online shops. One could try his luck at this Japanese store:

Thanks to Vili Maunula, John Norfolk for their help and information. Also thanks to Imre Olajos Jr. and Seiya Hirano for their posts to the direct mailinglist.

This update: February 10, 2002

The Tempest, confirmation and time tables

Information leaflets for the Hungarian National Theater confirm that Vangelis contributes musically to the upcoming Hungarian "The Tempest" performance. He is credited amongst János Mira for stage design, Ildikó Debreczeni for Costume design and György Selmeczi as musical director.

Also, Krisztina Csucs, PR manager of the theater, wrote in response to inquiries: "The music for the play 'The Tempest', to be premiered on March 23 in the National Theater was indeed composed by Vangelis. His composition has been made specifically for this play and the audience will hear it here in Budapest in the National Theater on March 23 for the first time. We also think it's a great honor that the world-famous composer accepted our request."

The first three performances of the play are going to be accessible for invited guests only. Tickets for the other nights are for sale in Hungary. The following table shows the nights that have currently been planned, but please realize that these sort of time tables are subject to constant change. Do not travel to Budapest without checking with the theater first.

March   23    Saturday       19:30  [Invited guests]
March   24    Sunday         19:30  [Invited guests]
March   25    Monday         19:30  [Invited guests]

April    6    Saturday       19:30
April    7    Sunday         19:30
April   12    Friday         19:30
April   13    Saturday       19:30
April   16    Tuesday        19:30
April   17    Wednesday      19:30
April   21    Sunday         19:30
April   22    Monday         19:30
April   23    Tuesday        19:30
April   29    Monday         19:30

May      1    Wednesday      19:30
May     12    Sunday         19:30
May     13    Monday         19:30
May     16    Thursday       19:30
May     17    Friday         19:30
May     18    Saturday       19:30
May     19    Sunday         19:30
May     23    Thursday       19:30
May     27    Monday         19:30
May     28    Tuesday        19:30

June     1    Saturday       19:30
June     2    Sunday         19:30
June     8    Saturday       19:30
June     9    Sunday         19:30

Contrary to what was reported here in the previous update, prices range all the way up to 10000 Hungarian Forints (Euro 41, US$36) for the most luxurious seats in the theater. See the picture above for a seating map (click to enlarge).

The theater has a web site at, but the entry on "The Tempest" is still empty while it is being constructed.

Thanks to Vili Maunula, as well as Lala for his post to the Direct list.

Scorpion King trailer

The upcoming Hollywood spectacle "The Scorpion King" is currently being promoted with a trailer featuring "Mythodea" as most important background music. Movie trailers are often fitted with unrelated music because the production's original music is usually unfinished by the time the promotion starts. The film's official web site prominently credits the music to be Vangelis' Mythodea.

This particular trailer was prestigiously aired as commercial during the broadcast of the Superbowl in the States.

New Age Voice article online

New Age Voice has now presented their Vangelis coverstory article on their web site for online reading, to be found at The article was written by John Deliberto but is completely different compared to his former (online) article as well as the radio broadcast.

This update: February 6, 2002

Vangelis interview in "New Age Voice" magazine

Vangelis on the cover of a magazine, it has probably been since 1996's rare Greek "Musikos Tonos" music school magazine that we had the opportunity to buy such a magazine. An interview with Vangelis features as cover story on the February issue of "New Age Voice" magazine.

The magazine is for sale in the United States, while the article's text will soon ("by the end of the week") appear online on the magazine's website, located at: Back issues for your collection can soon be ordered from

Tickets to "The Tempest", Budapest

Tickets to the Shakespeare play "The Tempest", to be performed at Hungary's new national theater in Budapest, came on sale on Monday. Newspapers in Hungary announced a while ago that Vangelis has been asked to write music for this play, but nothing official to that extend has been announced so far. So rushing for tickets might not be such a good idea at this particular point. If however you can't wait to buy them, the only place selling them - by tradition - is a small carriage in the middle of town. Sales are expected to continue at least up to June. Nevertheless, long queues were spotted having formed already Monday morning at 6 o clock, 2 hours before the sales point opens. Even on Tuesday a queue of about 50 meters was reported at 11:00 in the morning.

It's said that the first three performances in March will be dress rehearsals for VIPs only, and every performance afterwards is open to the public. Ticket prices range from 1500 HUF (Euro 6.17) up to 3000 HUF (Euro 12.35) for the best seats. More information expected soon.

Special thanks to Vili Maunula.

This update: January 27, 2002

World Cup Anthem

Japanese online shops have started to offer the announced CD single of Vangelis' World Cup Anthem (FIFA) in their pre-order catalogs. The single, issued under catalog number SICP-102, is expected to be released on March 6, and includes at least two versions of the track. This would be the orchestral version that will also appear on the album (April this year) as well as Vangelis' original synthesizer version or possibly a remix based on that. There is still no sign that any country other than Japan will see the release of this single. The track however, that has been playing in the background on Japanese TV for weeks now, is also slowly starting to appear on Korean TV shows. The World Cup tournament that this theme has been created for is being organized by these two countries in quite a unique cooperation. The official World Cup album will however be released worldwide, as its nature would indeed seem to dictate.

The Troyans

Irene Papas performed last year in Sagunto, Spain a spectacular staging of the play "Las Troyanas", using original new music by Vangelis. The same play is going to be staged again this year in the city of Rome, Italy, bearing the title "Le Troiane Di Euripide". It will be performed at the University Of Tor Vergata, somewhere later this year. It is expected to be reperformed once more in Athens, when the 2004 Olympic games are nearing their start.

"E Tu" in a magazine

More from Italy: The weekly magazine "Tv Sorrisi & Canzoni" can be bought with a CD, which this week (up till Wednesday January 30) contains Claudio Baglioni's 1974 album "E Tu", famously arranged by Vangelis and with a large set of its instrumentation being performed by Vangelis. The CD is accompanied by an article inside the magazine with references to Vangelis' input on the album. Completist collectors migth have an interest in the disc since edition has been pressed to accompany the magazine.

Thanks to Marco Negri, Umberto Calonaci, Robert Eichelsheim and Mr. Kim, as well as Harada Yasuhiro and Seiya Hirano for their posts on the direct mailinglist.

This update: January 16, 2002

DVD releasedates?

The first credible DVD release notices are appearing in music shops. A store in Itally expects the DVD as early as January 25, while two online shops in the States now take pre-orders for an apparent February 19 release. More info when it arrives, and feel free to e-mail release dates for your country to

Fifa theme single

Sony Music Japan recently made mention in their FIFA press release of an upcoming single of Vangelis' World Cup 2002 Theme. They say it will be a version performed by Vangelis himself, on synthesizers. This would be different from the orchestral version that was presented in an earlier television broadcast and is expected to be released on the official Worldcup album. No other Sony department has mentioned this news so far, so it's wise to take it with a grain of salt.

Mythodea concert versions

The Greek TV broadcast of the Mythodea concert recently on ET1 turns out to have been a different version. The tracklist was the same as what was broadcast in other countries so far, but this particular version had a large number of visual changes in the editing, replacing certain shots with other angles, changing sequences, lengthening a few passages as well as inserting some of the projected background designs. The credits for this newer version are longer, and each new part is announced on-screen by its Movement name.

Canadian broadcast reminder

Canadian fans should be reminded that CBC will broadcast "Mythodea" on Thursday January 17. Warm up your VCRs, and remember that with 2 different edits existing so far (see earlier in this update), there's a chance this program will differ visually from what the DVD will show when it has finally been released.

Thanks to Giovanni Benzon, Sufian, Harada Yasuhiro and Seiya Hirano.

This update: January 6, 2002

Hungarian play

A Hungarian news article claims that Vangelis will record new music for a staging of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" in Budapest's brand new National Theater. Rehearsals for the play, directed by György Schwajda, may have started already since January 2 and the performance will premiere on March 23.

The article in Hungarian can be found at:

Fifa theme on Japanese TV

A different version of the World cup 2002 theme that Vangelis wrote for the FIFA, has been appearing on Japanese TV broadcasts, in the form of short clips and in the background of certain sport news shows.. This version - driving on a fast dance beat - sounds like it's a remix of Vangelis' piece. It is however clearly based on electronic recordings by Vangelis (CS80 synth, typical sampled orchestral percussion) rather than the orchestral version conducted by Blake Neely at the recent FIFA Final Draw ceremony in Busan, Korea.


"Inside Borders", a free magazine distributed by the US bookstore chain "Borders" includes a small interview with Vangelis. The interview can also be seen online at

Thanks to Harada Yasuhiro, John Norfolk and David Balogh for his post to the Direct mailing list.

This update: January 1, 2002

Greek Mythodea broadcast

The Greek version of the Mythodea concert included the same selection of music, but was followed by a (separate) "The Making of Mythodea" documentary with an approximate duration of about 20 minutes. This was the same program as was aired unexpectedly two days earlier. See previous update. / news: < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >